Throw a memorable Sten party

The concept of a combined hen and stag party or “sten” / “hag” party is now becoming increasingly popular thanks to the many benefits it puts on the table. The party before the bride-to-be and groom-to-be are sent off into married life can be merged and made even more special by leaving traditional ways behind and making your party bespoke – just the way you want it.

Furthermore, sharing these moments with the ones you love, including your other half, is even better! Not to mention the benefit of lower prices thanks to the shared cost. This is also a fantastic way to merge groups of hens and stags. So how about hiring a sten party venue and having a bunch of activities organised in stunning UK locations?

Sten party venues

sten party venues


Fancy the idea? At Party Houses, we offer numerous hag and sten party venues all across the UK in the Midlands & Peak District, East of EnglandSouth East, South West, North, Scotland, and Wales. With houses in the quintessential British countryside as well as in cities, you are free to choose the kind of venue you desire.

Despite giving you a great deal of privacy, these venues are conveniently situated with easy access to restaurants, pubs, cafes and nightclubs. Celebrate this special occasion in the company of those you love at an immaculate property with an abundance of facilities. Ignite that holiday glee in a home away from home. Instead of hosting just a few hours of a party, make it a sten weekend. After hosting a memorable party, relive the memories the next morning eating breakfast with a view. 

Exclusive Use

Have a venue exclusively for your group to organise a sten party with all the privacy you need and immaculate decor

Activity Provider

Have fun activities organised for you at your Party House thanks to our many partner activity providers

Easy Access

Enjoy a good amount of privacy while having easy access as our houses are in the countryside but yet nearby cities

What kind of Activities?

Party Houses has several activity providers and we assure you that we offer interesting activities for all guests. If you are looking for activities to add on to your stay, you will be excited to know that we offer bodyzorb football, dodge ball, escape room, murder mystery, cocktail making, wine tastings, chocolate making, gin/whiskey tastings, and much more!

If you don’t feel like cooking, we also have several catering partners with delicious food options.

Take a look at our “Activities & Ideas” page for more information or call us on  01273 271 332 and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you out. 


All our sten party venues come with big reception rooms perfect for socialising, relaxing, and partying. Furthermore, you will find enough space for all guests to sit comfortably. All venues come with cosy bedrooms with sheets and linens provided along with fluffy towels and toiletries. Additionally, you will find Freeview TVs and surround sound systems in most of our sten party venues. 

holiday homes for rent

sten party venues

sten party venues

Houses for all

With many entertainment facilities like cinema rooms, swimming pools, games rooms, tennis courts, hot tubs and saunas, indoor fireplaces, gyms and much more. If you have pets, we’re more than happy to welcome them in most houses.

If you are coming with guests with mobility issues, we also provide numerous accessible friendly Party Houses. Our countryside Party Houses come with lots of outdoor space and greenery.

There are BBQ areas and outdoor furniture, perfect for having a day party while drinking some wine and watching the sunset. All kitchens are well-equipped and you will find everything you need to prepare your signature dishes and enjoy it in the big dining areas all our sten party venues offer. Each of these houses is designed to put your comfort first while making sure you don’t spend a second bored. To top things up, you will enjoy breathtaking views from all our Party Houses. 

sten party venues

Midlands & Peak District


Sten Party Venues

Sleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 18 | Peak District


Sten party venues

Sleeps: 24-25 | Bedrooms: 10 | Henley-in-Arden


sten party houses

Sleeps: 48 | Bedrooms: 23 | Peak District



Sten party venues

Sleeps: 26-30 | Bedrooms: 9 | West Yorkshire


Sleeps: 18-22 | Bedrooms: 6 | Northumberland


humber hall

Sleeps: 14 | Bedrooms: 6 | Locolnshire

South East


Sten party venues

Sleeps: 44-50 | Bedrooms: 11 | Hardham Hill


Sten party venues

Sleeps: 16-22 | Bedrooms: 11 | South East

South West


Sten Party Venues

Sleeps: 20-32 | Bedrooms: 9 | Gloucester


Sten party venues

Sleeps: 22-24 | Bedrooms: 12 | Riddlecombe


Chinese elm retreat

Sleeps: 10-18 | Bedrooms: 9 | Somerset



Sten party venues

Sleeps: 22-28 | Bedrooms: 7 | Chepstow


Sten party venues

Sleeps: 28 | Bedrooms: 11 | Pembrokeshire


venue available in summer

Sleeps: 19-22 | Bedrooms: 9 | Wales

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