Discover our houses for 40 guests +

Are you looking for a Party House for 40 guests? Finding houses that can accommodate much larger groups doesn’t have to be difficult. At Party Houses, we have accommodation that sleeps 40, all over the UK! Without further ado, here’s our official list of extra-large venues for groups of 40+.

Hamps Hall & Barn

hamps hall and barn for 4018 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40 | Pet-friendly | Games room | Hot tub

Toft Estate

toft estate 23 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40-48 | Pet-friendly | Games room | Hot tub

Greenwood Estate

18 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40-44 | Hen & stag friendly | Hot tub

Pulborough Estate

Accommodation for rent near London15 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40-70 | BBQ | Hot tub hire

Malthouse Cottage

17 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40 | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Hot tub

Firefly Estate

Glamping Newquay13 Bedrooms | Sleeps 63 | Pet-friendly | Carbon-neutral 

Celebration Suites

Celebration Suites for 40 guestsSleeps 20-57 | 29 Bedrooms | Hot tub | Games room | Spa | Hen & Stag friendly

Regency Villa

Bridgertion filming location21 Bedrooms | Sleeps 40-42 | Pet-friendly | Accessible-friendly

Victorian Barn Estate

hen do party houses uk23 Bedrooms | Sleeps up to 70 | Hot tub | Games room

More about our Party Houses for 40 Guests

All sorts of occasions


There are many reasons one might need a Party House for 40 guests, and each one is unique. From hen dos to weddings, team building to big birthday bashes, there are many moments in life where it’s great to get everyone under one roof. But, when you have to look after a group of 40 people, things can get a little bit more difficult. Renting a Party House that sleeps 40 guests immediately makes life a lot easier for everyone attending. Moreover, you won’t need to worry about finding individual accommodations and can focus entirely on your event instead. Generally speaking, most of the venues on this page accept a wide variety of events and are well-equipped with everything you could need to have a memorable stay.

celebration cottages

Pet-friendly options


Managing a group of 40+ guests is enough work without worrying about kennels and pet sitters. Luckily for you, almost half of our large group accommodation for 40 guests are pet-friendly, so you have a few options. Renting a pet-friendly venue will definitely be a welcomed feature for anyone with furry friends, but do remember to communicate whether your group will be accompanied by pets, and if so, how many. Depending on the venue, you may be limited to a certain number of dogs, for example. Additionally, some venues charge a small fee for pets, so be sure to let us know all these details when you make your booking.

Why choose us


At Party Houses, we take great pride in pairing guests with the perfect venue. With over 10 years of experience in helping guests to find venues that suit their needs, we’re always here to help! If ever you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to send us an enquiry! Additionally, if you have any questions, you can always give us a call. Moreover, if you’re looking for things to do at your Party House for 40+ guests, take a look at our suggested activities and ideas below! Using the grid below, you can find all sorts of services to bring to your Party House. Big events are always easier with a bit of help, so be sure to check them out!

Party Houses for 40+ guests

Activities & Ideas

Haven’t found a house?

We hope you’ve found a venue that will work for all 40 of your guests. In the event that you haven’t, don’t give up yet. While you may not have found your perfect house just yet, that’s not to say it isn’t out there. We have a few venues that are located close to each other. There is always the option of booking more than one house. That way, you make sure everyone has a place to sleep! You can use one house as your meeting place without everyone needing to stay there.

This is a good idea for lots of types of events. If you are hosting a corporate retreat, you could divide into teams for activities based on your accommodation. If you are hosting a sten party, for example, you could put girls and guys in separate houses. Then, you can meet to do activities together. So, if you haven’t found your venue yet, give us a shout and we will do what we can to help you. Happy planning!