Party Houses with 10 Bedrooms

When it comes to planning a getaway, there are a number of things to consider. What to do in the local area, what features you feel would take your holiday to the next level and, of course, how many guests your venue can cater to. But number of guests isn’t everything. A lot of venues sleep large numbers of guests but do so with a few dormitory-style bedrooms. Many of us, however, prefer just a little more privacy, and depending on the size of your group, that could mean needing as many as 10 bedrooms! That’s why we’ve compiled this list of all our Party Houses with 10 bedrooms, to set you off to a great start in planning your next adventure. If you find yourself needing more than 10 bedrooms, check out our Party Houses with 12 or more bedrooms.

Find a House with 10 Bedrooms

Stag Party venue for 20 guests near Derby

Hamps Barn for 20 guests

Waterhouses, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 20 Guests,
  • 9 Bedrooms,
  • 64 Dining for
Toft Estate sleeping 20 guests in the Peak District

Toft Hall for 20 guests

Near Macclesfield, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 20 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 20 Dining for

Chapman Country House for 22 guests

Swaffham, East England
  • 22 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 22 Dining for
group accommodation

Tenby Manor for 34 guests

Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • 34 Guests,
  • 11 Bedrooms,
  • 28 Dining for
Large Party House for hire

Amber House for 19-22 guests

Bodorgan, Wales
  • 22 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 18 Dining for
Pet-friendly Party Houses Norfolk

Memory Manor for 20 - 35 guests

Bessingham, East England
  • 35 Guests,
  • 10 - 12 Bedrooms,
  • 36 Dining for
Pembrokeshire wedding venue

Roe Manor for 21 guests

Blaenoffos, Wales
  • 21 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 21 Dining for
Beach house Fistral Beach, Newquay

Sunrise Cottage for 12 - 24 guests

Newquay, South West
  • 24 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 24 Dining for
Greenlane house in Warwickshire

Greenlane House for 24 guests

Henley-in-Arden, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 24 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 25 Dining for
Party house for rent in Scotland

Island Manor for 29 guests

Isle of Bute, Scotland
  • 29 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 30 Dining for
holiday lodge with hot tub in somerset

Joy Cottage for 22 guests

Hambridge, South West
  • 22 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 22 Dining for
Wales group accommodation

Pembrokeshire Estate for 24 guests

Llanfyrnach, Wales
  • 32 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 15 Dining for
party house in Northumberland

Bluewell Farm for 26-30 guests

Hexham, North
  • 30 Guests,
  • 11 Bedrooms,
  • 40 Dining for
Holiday home in Berkshire

The Hoof House for 26 guests

Lambourn, South East
  • 26 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 26 Dining for
party house for rent in Lincolnshire

Silvercoast Mansion for 21 guests

Skegness, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 21 Guests,
  • 11 Bedrooms,
  • 22 Dining for
Large group accommodation for 20 guests in South Yorkshire

Hollow Meadows Hall for 20 guests

Hollow Meadows, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 20 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 20 Dining for
house to rent in dorset with pool

Hambury Hideaway for 20 guests

West Lulworth, South West
  • 20 Guests,
  • 10 Bedrooms,
  • 22 Dining for
Puzzle Party House in Essex

Puzzle Party House for 12 - 22 guests

South East, South East
  • 22 Guests,
  • 11 Bedrooms,
  • 22 Dining for

A bit about us

Pet-friendly Party Houses


At Party Houses, we understand that pets are important family members. We take great pride in offering a wide variety of pet-friendly venues, many of which have 10 bedrooms or more. Be sure to check out our pet-friendly Party Houses! Please bare in mind, that while all of our pet-friendly venues are dog-friendly, it may be worth double-checking about bringing cats. Cats are known for their hunting prowess, which (while mighty impressive) may not be welcome, for example, in areas with lots of birds. It’s not fun for anyone when Snowball comes home with an endangered house sparrow! Always be sure to clarify the details of your group when booking a Party House.

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An Unforgettable stay


At Party Houses, we’re about a lot more than buildings with 10 bedrooms. We’re about the memories you build inside your Party Houses; the fondly-remembered midnight giggles in a dormitory at a hen weekend. The random gust of wind that whisked the tablecloth into the air, or the early morning sighting of a rare bird in the garden. Going on holiday is an experience to be treasured, no matter who you are or where you go. Your Party House with 10 bedrooms is an opportunity to build lasting memories in incredible places, located in some of the most gorgeous settings. We’re always an enquiry away, so if you haven’t found the perfect setting for your next golden holiday moment, let us know. We’ll always do our best to help.