Manors and Mansion Rentals in the UK

If there’s one way to have a luxurious holiday, it’s renting manor houses or mansions. While these two styles of buildings differ slightly, they share some attractive qualities and features. For one, they are striking homes, generally built to be lavish and spacious. They are built to be magnificent. Staying in one of these houses provides a majestic backdrop for all sorts of occasions. You might be wondering by now what the difference is between these two types of dwellings. Let’s take a little dive into what manors are, and the characteristics they share with mansions.

Historically speaking, a manor house is the former home of a lord. Generally, these lords owned expanses of land that extended for miles around the house. Due to the social standing and wealth of lords and their families, their houses were built to be large and luxurious, even regal. Mansions follow a similar set of architectural guidelines but differ slightly. Both are homes built with expensive furnishings and fixtures, but they differ in their history and the area surrounding them.

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Manor Houses | A history of Lords or Ladies

Diving further into the differences between manors and mansions, the most important distinction lies in the house’s history. To be classified as a manor house, a home must once have belonged to a lord and/or lady. These houses are usually set on expansive grounds that extend for miles around the house. Manors themselves are typically large and spacious with luxurious trimmings and high-quality materials. Mansions share the latter traits but differ in terms of their history and the properties on which they are built. Like a manor house, a mansion will be large and spacious, grand and luxurious. Mansions, however, are set on smaller properties and can therefore be found more easily in metropolitan areas.

Mansions lack the historical link to lords and ladies, but the houses themselves share many common features. When searching for accommodation, you are more likely to find mansions for rent when looking for accommodation near cities and major towns. Because they are positioned on large estates, manors are typically set in the British countryside, a beautiful place for a relaxing getaway. Depending on the intention of your getaway, either one could be an attractive option. The key differences lie mostly in whether you’re looking to escape the city or immerse yourself in it.

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Historic Design | Modern Day Luxury

The construction of mansions and manor houses began in Europe as far back as the 15th century. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on modern-day luxuries. When you rent a mansion for a party, it’s natural that you’d want to have all the facilities you’d expect in a new development. Our mansions and manor houses to rent have all kept with the times. They have been restored, refurbished and renovated to give you everything you could need in this day and age. They have comfortable beds with soft linens, end everything from cinema rooms to coffee machines.

When you rent manor houses with Party Houses, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. Our sunny kitchens offer all the trimmings and trinkets you’d need to prepare a delicious meal. Our dining rooms all have their own unique ambience, some sunny and bright, others regal and grand. We have mansions and manor houses with hot tubs and swimming pools, tennis quarts, private bars and more. Renting a manor house or mansion is a luxurious experience. It is an opportunity to live in the lap of luxury. To live like a lord or a lady, with all the lovely things that make up life in the 21st century.

Mansions For Rent

The decision between renting a manor house or a mansion will depend on why you are renting the space. Your personal preferences and what’s available in your desired destination will inform this decision too. Because manor houses are typically set on expansive estates, these houses are better suited to exclusive events with large groups. The expansive grounds make it possible to put up marquees to accommodate more guests for occasions such as wedding receptions and product launches. Additionally, their countryside locations make them peaceful and relaxing. If you are looking to really get away from everything, manor houses will likely appeal to you more.

Alternatively, groups looking for large and luxurious houses close to metropolitan areas might prefer the route of renting a mansion. The two share many similarities. Guests who do not require much outdoor space will be as happy in a mansion as they would in a manor house. Regardless of which route you take, there are a few things you can be sure of with both options. For one, you will be able to gather a large group of people in a shared location. Wherever you end up staying, you’ll be comfortable and entertained by all the facilities and features of your Party Hose. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to appreciate the sheer luxury of staying in one of these houses.


Thankfully, there are mansions and manor houses scattered throughout the UK. At Party Houses, we offer group accommodation throughout the UK, and many of those venues fall into the category of manor or mansion. We have compiled a list of manors and mansions according to region. Here, you can find a number of our manors and mansions, with a brief overview of their various facilities. If you need help finding the perfect venue, give us a call, or send in an enquiry. Our friendly agents are always up to the task of helping you to find the perfect venue for your next event.

Some of our luxury manors & mansions

Roaches Hall

search all venues now Sleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 13 | Peak District

Toft Estate

Sleeps: 48 | Bedrooms: 23 | Peak District

Hamps Hall and Barn

corporate venue hire Sleeps: 48 | Bedrooms: 23 | Peak District

Minimalist Manor

Manor house for rent South West Sleeps: 26 | Bedrooms: 12 | South West

Catweazle Manor

Farmhouse near me to rent UK Sleeps: 16-18 | Bedrooms: 8 | Henley-on-Thames

Chepstow Manor

Party House rentals UK for EasterSleeps: 26 | Bedrooms: 7 | Wales

Swift Manor

Mansion for rent on thames Sleeps: 21 | Bedrooms: 7 | South East

Willow Manor

Large holiday rental UKSleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 8 | North