Castles to Rent UK

Embark on the enchanting journey of castle-themed getaways with Party Houses, where history meets modern luxury. While we don’t offer traditional castles, many of our venues allow you to immerse yourself in grandeur with large, exclusive houses expansive estates with mature gardens and more. Additionally, we offer a number of venues with close proximity to some stunning castles available to the public, which can form part of your exploration of the surrounding areas at your Party House.

Dreamstone Castle

Dreamstone Castle is a positively regal venue, boasting a Grade II listed opera house that was built by the famous Welsch opera singer, Adeline Patti. The castle also features a sun-kissed orangery, a lounge, and a function room, not to mention expansive grounds. Those looking for a wedding venue will be delighted to know that Dreamstone Castle holds a wedding licence, and offers a variety of wedding pages, catering to a range of budgets. Dreamstone Castle is a pet-friendly venue.

Castle for wedding

Dreamstone Castle for 80 guests

Glyntawe, Wales
  • 80 Guests,
  • 40+10 Bedrooms,
  • 120 Dining for

Henry Manor

An 800-year-old, medieval manor that once belonged to Henry VIII himself. Located in South Wales, this beautifully maintained home embraces its history, offering 4-poster beds and ancient stone walls. The house features picnic tables for al fresco dining in the garden! To top it all off, it’s pet-friendly, and hens and stags are welcome, making it well-suited to all sorts of events. Henry Manor is a great option for groups of up to 18 guests, especially for those travelling with pets!

Henry Manor for 14-18 guests

Caldicot, Wales
  • 18 Guests,
  • 5 Bedrooms,
  • 14 Dining for

Roaches Hall

 Once the hunting abode of Sir Philip Brocklehurst, Roaches Hall is situated in the most breathtaking of locations. Nestled beneath the famous Roaches Rocks of the Peak District, this venue shares the grand, historic charm of a castle. Roaches Hall boasts one of the most fascinating histories, having once served as an outpost for the London Zoo!

Roaches Hall for 30 guests

Roaches Hall for 30 guests

Near Leek, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 30 Guests,
  • 13 Bedrooms,
  • 34 Dining for

Goldfinch Lakeside Manor

Grade II listed, this Georgian house dates back to 1827 and sits nestled among 5000 acres of parkland. The house comes with iconic pillars and beautiful antique furniture that add a special touch to the experience. To top it all off, this regal manor is equipped with a hot tub and games room, ensuring both a relaxing and entertaining stay.

wedding venue suffolk

Goldfinch Lakeside Manor for 24 - 27 guests

Saxmundham, East England
  • 27 Guests,
  • 13 Bedrooms,
  • 24 Dining for

Private Estates for your next event

Greenwood Estate

With beautiful surroundings, expansive lawns, and private gardens, Greenwood Estate offers a similar sense of seclusion and privacy one might hope for when renting a castle. The estate features multiple accommodations, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. There is also a tennis court, and ample outdoor space for children to play. Moreover, Greenwood Estate is a licensed wedding venue, making it an ideal spot for those hoping to plan a wedding weekend away.

Greenwood Estate in East Sussex 

Greenwood Estate for 44 guests

Hailsham, South East
  • 44 Guests,
  • 18 Bedrooms,
  • 38 Dining for

Tenby Manor

Tenby Manor may not be a traditional castle, but you’ll feel like royalty with your own private beach. The house offers a modern, luxurious atmosphere, complemented by gorgeous antique furniture. The house is pet-friendly, licensed for weddings, and offers a truly magical place to unwind with the sounds of the sea nearby. The sheer grandness of the venue is hard to beat, and we are confident that this is one you will not soon forget.

group accommodation

Tenby Manor for 34 guests

Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • 34 Guests,
  • 11 Bedrooms,
  • 28 Dining for

Hamps Hall & Barn

Hamps Hall and Barn is a fantastically versatile venue that offers a stunning blend of modern comfort and historic charm. This venue is fantastic for large events, such as birthday parties, corporate retreats, weddings, and family reunions. This is because Hamps is a corkage-free, fully customizable venue. This means you can dress it up to look like a castle! The property includes a large field, which can be used for a marquee with prior arrangements.

Hamps Hall and Barn for 40 guests

Hamps Hall & Barn for 40 guests

Waterhouses, Midlands and the Peak District
  • 40 Guests,
  • 18 Bedrooms,
  • 64 Dining for

The Castle Experience with Party Houses

Why visit a castle in the UK?

Visiting castles can transport you into a realm where the echoes of history resonate in every corner. Though lacking in turrets and drawbridges, our Party Houses present an equally captivating experience. Envision grand architecture, expansive grounds, and interiors that breathe sophistication. While not quite the dwellings of kings and queens, our manor houses and expansive estates were one the homes and holiday houses of lords and ladies, and they share a similar appeal.

The real Tamlin’s Manor

Tamlin’s Manor SJ Maas

Estates with castle-like grounds

Our curated collection of large houses and estates mirrors the essence of a castle stay. These properties offer features reminiscent of traditional castles – regal architecture, vast gardens, and picturesque surroundings. Guests can immerse themselves in the exclusivity of these estates, providing an idyllic backdrop for creating lasting memories. From intimate family gatherings to celebratory corporate retreats, Party Houses offer the perfect canvas for crafting unique and memorable experiences. Each property boasts its own character, ensuring a personalized touch to your stay. Picture strolling through manicured gardens, hosting gatherings in spacious living areas, and relishing the exclusivity of your surroundings – a true escape into the extraordinary.

Luxury Amenities:

While traditional castles may be known for their historic charm, our properties redefine luxury with modern amenities. Private pools, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and sumptuous furnishings await, ensuring that your retreat is not only steeped in elegance but also equipped with every convenience for an unparalleled stay. You don’t need to rent a castle to feel like royalty with Party Houses.

Ideal for Group Gatherings:

At Party Houses, we are committed to creating spaces ideal for group gatherings. Our venues are tailored for celebrations, with our estates offering capacities that go far beyond the ordinary. Venues such as Toft Estate and Pulborough Estate can accommodate over 40 guests, and they are but 2 on a much larger list. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a family reunion, or a corporate event, our accommodations provide the canvas for unforgettable moments.

Kington Lodge with Party Houses

Renting a house near a castle

If your heart is set on renting a castle for the sake of exploring its unique historic charm, why consider renting a Party House near a historic castle open to the public? The UK is dotted with all sorts of historic wonders, so finding a house with a world of history surrounding it is entirely possible. Castle House, for example, is nestled in the shadow of Bamburgh Castle, providing easy access to this frequented landmark. Additionally, many of our party houses are located around small hamlets and villages, with a host of castles for you to discover during your adventures in the surrounding areas.