Disabled & Accessible Holiday Cottages

Finding an accessible venue that offers total comfort for all guests can be a struggle. Luckily we now live in a time of lifts, ramps and rails, special parking areas, other adapted facilities and much more in order to make things easier for people with disabilities. If you are looking for a disabled & accessible holiday cottage in the UK countryside, we have a number of options available for you.

At Party Houses, we understand that your holiday cottage needs to be safe and offer sufficient mobility in order to ensure that everyone in your party enjoys their stay. Getting from the parking area into the house not only needs to be possible but needs to be easy. The doorways need to be wide enough for people in wheelchairs to have disabled access and be able to easily move from one room to another.

Accessible-friendly Party housees

Furthermore, the wheelchair-friendly accommodation also needs to feature accessible bathrooms on the ground floor. It’s important for the shower rooms to have hoists and for the shower controls to be within reach, enabling your guests with mobility issues to shower independently if possible. Many of our disabled-friendly properties come with these features and so we have assembled a list of Party Houses which have been built with accessibility in mind.

Unfortunately not all our Party Houses are fully accessible due to their historic nature but please give us a call on 01273 271 332 for recommendations on houses that will fit your needs.

Wheelchair friendly venues

Midlands and Peak District


Accessible friendly party houses

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 7 | *Partially Accessible

Merrymeet comes with 4 ground floor bedrooms and 3 ground floor bathrooms including a wet room. Please find more information on accessibility under the “Access” tab on the Merrymeet page.

Roaches Hall

Accessible-friendly party houses

Sleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 13

Roaches Hall comes with a ground floor bedroom and disabled access wet-room equipped with handrails.  There are two further ground floor bedrooms, which are accessed via a couple of steps (ramps can be organised upon prior request).

Hamps Hall & Barn

Accessible friendly venues

Sleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 18

There is a disabled access wetroom on a ground floor level, this is equipped with handrails. In total, we have 4 ground floor bedrooms and 3 ground floor bathrooms.

Wye House

Disabled friendly party houses

Sleeps: 19 | Bedrooms: 9

One of the bedrooms is wheelchair accessible and step-free to the room and en-suite shower.

South East

St Edmunds Manor

Accessible-friendly houses

Sleeps: 18-24 | Bedrooms: 9

The dining room, family room, formal living room and toilet in the main house of St Edmunds Manor are wheelchair accessible. The guest house at Stow Manor has two wheelchair accessible ground floor bedrooms.

Pulborough Estate

accessible friendly party houses

Sleeps: 42 | Bedrooms: 11 | *Partially accessible

All 3 properties, Pulborough Mill House, Pulborough Hall, and Pulborough Barn have access to downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms, but there aren’t any wet rooms.

South West

Primrose Retreat

Sleeps: 15 | Bedrooms: 4 | Fully accessible

Victorian Rectory

disable friendly party houses

Sleeps: 24 | Bedrooms: 12 | *Partially accessible

There are previously used ramps in the studio and cobbled room. It would qualify as a partially wheelchair-friendly house.

Elmore Grove 

wheelchair friendly houses

Sleeps: 26-32 | Bedrooms: 9 | *Partially accessible

Elmore Grove has a downstairs bedroom and bathroom enabeling but is not wheelchair adapted.

Hambury Hideaway

houses for rent with disabled friendly access

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | *Partially accessible

There is one bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor, which requires no step access, however it is not optimised for wheel-chair users.  Please enquire for more information about accessibility.

Pheasant Hall

wheelchair accessible houses

Sleeps: 30-36 | Bedrooms: 15

For guests with restricted mobility, there is a wet room and wheelchair accessible bedroom on the ground floor. Ramps can be arranged upon prior request.


Pennines Country House

Sleeps: 22 – 30 | Bedrooms: 9

At Pennines Country House there is a ramp leading up to the house and 2 ground floor bedrooms both with en-suite toilets and showers.

Lakeside Hall

Sleeps: 21-23 | Bedrooms: 9 | *Partially accessible

Bradshaw Hall

disabled friendly houses

Sleeps: 26-30 | Bedrooms: 9 | *Partially accessible

Bradshaw Hall has a downstairs bedroom and bathroom but the venue hasn’t been optimised for wheelchair use.

Magnolia Lodge

Sleeps: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 | *Partially accessible

One ground floor bedroom with en-suite shower rooms.

Scotland & Wales

Tenby Manor

Tenby Manor

Sleeps: 28 | Bedrooms: 11 | Wales

Tenby Manor is accessible on all 3 floors by vehicle. A couple of portable and extending wheelcahir ramps are available (not suitable for electric wheelchairs) so please do let us know if this is something you’d require.

Chepstow Manor

Accessible friendly

Sleeps: 22-28 | Bedrooms: 7 | Wales 

 Chepstow Manor has a downstairs bedroom and bathroom convenient for people with limited mobility but it’s not wheelchair optimised.

Kenmore House

accessible houses

Sleeps: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 |  Scotland 

Kenmore House comes with two bedrooms on the ground floor and a bathroom with a shower, this is however not a walk in shower so not 100% suited for wheelchair use.