Norfolk Party Houses

With 90 miles of coastline, multiple nature reserves, and countless must-see attractions, it’s no surprise that Norfolk is gradually gaining in popularity as a UK summer holiday destination. The area offers a perfect blend of local entertainment such as fun fares and fish and chips, contrasted by peaceful countryside that boasts some of the most incredible biodiversity. Those who love a little bit of history will be delighted to discover an incredible wealth of attractions. Norfolk is home Burgh Castle, one of the best preserved Roman Forts in all of England, as well as the curious town of Bury St Edmund, and the well-known Norwich Cathedral (which took almost 150 years to build!). If you prefer to skip the history lesson, you could take your pick between boat trips, adventure parks, nature reserves and boutique shops and restaurants. If you fancy an adventure, you could even take a drive to Hunstanton, the only west-facing stretch of Norfolk coastline, to view the sunset and explore the town. Norfolk is a hidden gem for summer holidays, and our Norfolk Party Houses are the perfect place to start.

Party Houses

Robin Cottage

Party Houses in Norfolk

Discover our Norfolk Party Houses

Chapman Country House

large holiday homes in the UK 11 Bedrooms | Sleeps 22 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | BBQ

St Edmund’s Manor

holiday home for rent bury st edmunds9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 18-24 | Games room | Tennis court

Kingfisher Estate

18 Bedrooms | Sleeps 36 | Spa | Pet-friendly | Games room

Cedar Lodge

Cedar Lodge is a large holiday home in the UK 5 Bedrooms | Sleeps 25 | Fireplace | BBQ | Games room | Hot tub

Robin Cottage

UK Party Houses Sleeps 12 | 6 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | Hot Tub

Starling Farmhouse

Starling farmhouse is a fabulous holiday home for large groupsSleeps 12 guests | 6 Bedrooms | Hot tub | Pet-friendly | BBQ

Nightingale Hall

Party Houses for business eventsSleeps 16 guests | 8 Bedrooms | Hot tub | Pet-friendly

Verdant Manor

Party HousesSleeps 12-14 | 7 Bedrooms | Hot tub & woodland spa | Wellness Centre | Breakfast included

St Edmund’s Escape

Rent large holiday homes UK today2 Bedrooms | Sleeps 2-4 | Pet-friendly | BBQ

St Edmund’s House

3 Bedrooms | Sleeps 6-8 | Pet-friendly | BBQ

St Edmund’s Cottage

big holiday houses for rent with Party Houses2 Bedrooms | Sleeps 4-7 | Pet-friendly | BBQ

St Edmund’s Courtyard

9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 18-35 | Fireplace | BBQ | Pet-friendly

Reasons to visit Norfolk

All sorts of activities

Norfolk is a beautiful destination that truly offers something for everyone. Focusing on more urban areas, there is a wealth of entertainment, with plenty of small towns each offering a unique experience. You’ll find everything from stock-standard coastal towns – a stretch of stunning beach with some good-old fish and chips – to the epitome of luxury with grand accommodations, eco spas, wildlife tours and more. Because it remains relatively undiscovered, you’ll get to experience your holiday without being slowed down by troves of tourists, making it a great spot for those who prefer a slightly quieter escape from it all. Activity parks with the kids or long walks along The Broads, a day on the boats or a trip to the beach… the choice is yours! All you need is a lovely Norfolk Party House and you’ll be on the road to discovery!

Party Houses

tennis court

More about our Norfolk Party Houses

At Party Houses, we take great pride in offering a wide selection of venues to suit the diverse needs of our guests. Our Norfolk Party Houses are no exception. Ranging from small-scale family holiday spots like the cottages at St Edmunds, to far grander, luxurious options like Verdant Manor, our selection of accommodations to suit all your needs. Many of our Party Houses offer an impressive list of amenities, ranging from swimming pools and hot tubs to indoor slides and cinema rooms! We’re all about making sure there’s never a dull moment, and our venues are here to prove it.

Almost all pet-friendly

In case you didn’t notice… almost all of our Party Houses in Norfolk are pet-friendly! The only exceptions on this page are Cedar Lodge and Verdant Manor. Now, in some cases, you might run into issues with cats (being territorial creatures, owners who have cats of their own might not be so keen), but generally speaking, you shouldn’t have any trouble bringing your dogs along! Being the beautiful area that it is, we feel that your dogs deserve to explore the countryside just as much as you do. Additionally, this saves you the trouble of finding pet sitters or coordinating with kennels. Overall, this makes the whole experience a lot easier, but in locations like Norfolk, having a pet-friendly venue opens the doors to so many possibilities for adventure. We’ve welcomed 1000s of happy guests over our years in the industry, and many of those guests have been pleasantly accompanied by their four-legged friends.

dog friendly