Find Party Houses for 30 guests

Do you happen to be hunting for Party Houses for 30 guests? While hosting 30 guests may feel intimidating at first, there’s really no reason it needs to be. With this list of Party Houses for 30 guests, you’ll be well on your way to planning your event in no time. Take your pick from our selection of large group accommodation for 30 guests!

Kington Lodge

Party Houses for 30 guests8 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-39 | Swimming pool | Cinema room | Hot tub

Kingfisher Estate

Large group accommodation for 30 guests18 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-36 | Pet-friendly | Games room | Spa

Ash Tree Manor

large group accommodation12 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-33 | Hen & stag friendly | Hot tub hire possible | Pet-friendly | BBQ

Elmore Grove

Party Houses 9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-36 | BBQ | Swimming pool | Games room

Woodland Manor

Large group accommodation for 30 guests14 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-35 | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Games room

Memory Manor

Party Houses in Norfolk 12 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-35 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | Games room

St Edmund’s Courtyard

Sleeps 18-35 | 9 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | BBQ

Tenby Manor

Party Houses by the sea 11 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30-34 | Pet-friendly | Games room | Cinema room | Private beach

Pembrokeshire Estate

10 Bedrooms | Sleeps up to 30-32 | Hot tubs | Pet-friendly

Bryony Barn

Party HousesSleeps 30-35 | 8 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Hot tub

Bluewell Farm

Bluewell farm for rent11 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | Cinema room 

Roaches Hall

Roaches Hall in the Peak District13 Bedrooms | Sleeps 30 | Games room | Pet-friendly

Ruby House

Party HousesSleeps 30| 13 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Games room

Bradshaw Hall

Party houses for Hen do near yorkshire 9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 22-30 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | Spa

Pennines Country House

Party Houses9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 22-30 | Games room | Pet-friendly | Hot tub

More about our Party Houses for 30 Guests

family friendly accommodation

Pet-friendly houses


Managing a group of 30 or more guests is no small task, and the last thing you want to worry about is arranging kennels and pet sitters. Thankfully, a lot of our spacious accommodations for groups of 30+ welcome pets, giving you a variety of choices. Opting for a pet-friendly venue will certainly be appreciated by those with furry friends. Just make sure to notify us if pets will be joining your group, and specify how many. Some venues may have limits on the number of pets allowed, such as a cap on the number of dogs. Additionally, a minor pet fee may apply at some locations, so please include all pertinent details when making your reservation.

An ideal venue for any event

Many occasions may call for a Party House suited to accommodate 30 guests, each occasion is unique in its own right. Whether it’s a milestone birthday bash, a long-awaited family get-together, a productive corporate retreat, or a joyous engagement celebration, having a single venue to house everyone adds an extra layer of magic to the occasion. Organising a group of 30 individuals can be a challenge, but renting a Party House simplifies the process. You will not have to worry about managing different groups staying at different houses, and it will be easier to gather everyone for meals and activities. These venues are designed with big events in mind. They have all the space and luxurious features you could need for your event. Whether you need big grounds for a marquee, a house with a swimming pool, or something else entirely, we’re here to help.

celebration cottages

Here to help

Didn’t find a house?

We hope you managed to find the perfect house! But, if you didn’t, don’t give up. We are always adding new venues, so even if we don’t have something right now, we may well have the perfect Party House for your group of 30+ guests soon. Moreover, we may have multiple houses in one area, meaning you could rent more than one house for your group. We’re all about finding solutions, and we will do our best to help wherever we can.

We’ve got you covered!

We have over 10 years of experience in paring guests with the Perfect Houses, and groups of 30 are no exception! Finding Party Houses for 30 guests is a great way to celebrate a special occasion, so send in an enquiry if you need some assistance! Finally, it may be worth investigating one of our larger venues if you haven’t found what you’re looking for. Check out our collections of large group accommodation for 40+ guests for some additional options.