Find Unusual Places to Stay in the UK

The world is a truly fascinating place, with all sorts of incredible things to see… and the UK is no exception. Between diverse landscapes, quirky villages and one-of-a-kind houses, the UK has some truly unusual places to stay. At Party Houses, we have had the great luxury of discovering some of the most unusual places to stay. We aim to give you the rare opportunity to witness the sheer magic these places possess. We’ve got bubbling hot tubs that gaze out over expanses of land. We have dog-friendly stable conversions with underground disco rooms. We know you’ll be amazed by the quirky, whimsical, and outright incredible dwellings we’ve discovered. These houses take you away from the mundane madness of daily life. They breathe a breath of fresh air and inspiration into anyone who visits them.

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Our unusual place to stay in UK

What is an unusual stay?

We all love the idea of having unique experiences, but what actually makes a stay unique? At Party Houses, we feel there are a few answers to this question. A UK holiday can stand out due to a range of factors, such as unusual buildings, unbelievable locations, or even bizarre interiors with unexpected amenities. We’ve got a few of each, so read on to discover just what unique places to stay there are to be found throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for unusual places to stay by the sea, or searching for unusual dog-friendly or self-catering houses, you can be sure of one thing. Our collection of unusual places is bound to have something that inspires a sense of wonder and leaves you longing for your next adventure.

unusual places to stay by the sea UK

Unusual places to stay by the sea

At Party Houses, we are proud to offer an exclusive collection of coastal venues with their own private beaches! These houses don’t only offer uninterrupted sea views and beach days without another soul in sight. No, these houses are monuments to luxury. You’ll find large mansions like Tenby Manor, with its sun-kissed orangery, cinema area, extended pool table, and more. You’ll find houses with enough features and facilities to compete with the Morecambe Bay sunset. If you’re looking for unusual places to stay by the sea, why not explore Seaview Manor or Hamburry Hideaway? These two venues are truly unusual places to stay, just waiting for you to witness their unique charm! Booking a coastal property is a fantastic way to enjoy an unforgettable getaway.

Unusual places with hot tubs

A house with a hot tub is one of those things that really takes a holiday to the next level. But what if you took that hot tub and added a little twist? Perhaps an unexpected location, or some feature that sets it apart? Take Forager’s Den, for example. This stunning venue is truly unique: a collection of geometric domes, each equipped with a private, wood-fired hot tub. The wood-fired element alone sets them apart, but at Forager’s Den, the magic doesn’t end there. This venue follows a strict lights-off policy, with unnecessary light being forbidden after 10 Pm. While that might sound odd at first, just wait until you see the flickering night sky. With a little less light pollution, they are brighter and clearer than you’ve ever seen…

unusual places to stay uk hot tub

Our Unique Places to Stay in the UK

Puzzle Party House

puzzle party house is an usualy place to stay ukSleeps: 12-22 | Bedrooms: 11 | South East

This unique venue is set up like an escape room! The house boasts a range of amenities, all of which may only be discovered by solving the puzzles and finding the key. Puzzle Party Hosue offers a fabulous 2-night package, including a pizza delivery on the night of arrival, private bar service, a three-course meal on the 2nd evening, and exclusive use of the venue.

Toft Estate

Sleeps: 46-48 | Bedrooms: 23 | Peak District

Toft Estate has gained popularity in recent years as a wedding venue. The space is self-catering and fully customisable, giving you the chance to style it as your heart desires. The property features hot tubs and a games room, as well as ample outdoor space. There is even space for a marquee on the field in front of the house. Accommodating 48 guests, the estate allows additional day guests for a fee of £15 per person.

Victorian Rectory

unusual holiday house ukSleeps: 14-20 | Bedrooms: 8 | South West

Victorian Recotory offers a contemporary, eclectic ambience that makes it particularly memorable. The venue features a solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, infrared sauna, all-weather tennis court, and croquet lawn, as well as a tree house, a snooker table, meadows for camping, and even a helicopter landing area!

Firefly Estate

Newquay glamping carbon neutralSleeps: 63 | Bedrooms: 13 | South West

This unusual accommodation consists of a collection of 13 yurts, set in the beautiful area of Cornwall. The estate is entirely off-grid and has actually never in its history had electricity. The yurts each come with a log burner for staying toasty in the evenings, and a small BBQ and kitchen area. There is a patio with an outdoor kitchen and a communal lounge that work particularly well for hosting events. Firefly Estate is perfect for birthday bashes and festival-style events!

Roaches Hall

holiday homes scotland with games room

Sleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 13 | Peak District

Located at the foot of the Roaches Rocks, Roaches Hall boasts breathtaking views from a house with a very unique history. Once an outpost of the London Zoo, this charming holiday property once housed the famous red-necked wallabies, lamas and yaks that later escaped and lived wild on the Roaches’ rocks for many years. Roaches Hall is a grand destination that offers a luxurious stay in a unique, historic setting. 

Hamps Hall & Barn

Venues with games rooms

Sleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 18 | Peak District

After featuring at the National Wedding Show in 2023, Hamps Hall and Barn has been gaining in popularity for weddings and all manner of events. Much like Toft Estate, Hamps Hall and Barn is self-catering and fully customisable. Located in the Peak District, with expansive grounds and space for a marquee, this picturesque venue creates the perfect backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime.

Starling Farmhouse

unusual places to stay UKSleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 6 | East England

A charming, historic cottage located on expansive grounds, Starling Farmhouse takes you out of the modern world and into now where life moves at a slower pace. Wake up to breathtaking views of the lake, and enjoy a coffee with your loved ones before venturing out to explore the many offerings of the estate. Guests can explore around, discovering the stunning shared swimming pool and tennis court, or take a bicycle ride into the nearby hamlet to find fascinating species of flora & fauna.

Glamour House

strange places to celebrate your hen do Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 7 | Peak District

This vibrant and playful Party House was created for pamper parties. Featuring everything from hot tubs to glam rooms and a wellness studio, Glamour House has it all. This colourful accommodation is the kind of place where secrets are shared, memories are made, and friendships reach a whole new level. Oh, and did we mention… it’s even got a silent disco setup!

Robin Cottage

unique Uk places to stay

Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 6 | East England

An interesting moat around a charming red cottage. A hot tub that boasts the most breathtaking views. A dining room that opens up fully, seamlessly blending interior and nature. Robin Cottage is a stunning venue, with eclectic interiors, and historic features that have been proudly embraced. The house itself is truly stunning, but oh, there’s more! This Party House also has access to a shared swimming pool and tennis court!

Flamingo Hall

bests unusual place to stay langportSleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 7 | South West

Flamingo Hall is one of those venues you can’t help but get excited about. From bold, rainbow-coloured walls, to hot tubs and heated swimming pools, this playful property even comes with an indoor slide and ball pit! Flamingo Hall is good fun for the whole family, featuring both a bar area for the grownups and multiple themed rooms (think ice creams, Mickey Mouse and strawberries), this is a house that’s got it all.

Tenby Manor

an unusual holiday house in the UK Sleeps: 28-34 | Bedrooms: 11 | Wales

A luxurious house with stunning sea views, Tenby Manor is one of those houses you won’t soon forget. Offering 10 acres of private gardens and woodlands and your very own beach, this house takes you out of daily life and gives you everything you need to truly relax. The house boasts a long list of amenities, including a cinema room, billiard room, arts & crafts studio, music room, fitness room, and therapy room.

Hambury Hideaway

large unique house for rentSleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | South West

Hamburry Hideaway is a gorgeous coastal property, with sea views and an indoor swimming pool. The house is located overlooking Lulworth Bay, on the famous Jurassic Coast. In addition to its fantastic location, the house features a hot tub, games room and cinema room! This makes it a truly wonderful destination for all manner of events, gatherings, or getaways.

Elmore Grove

group accommodation in unusual placeSleeps: 26-35 | Bedrooms: 9 | South West

Elmore Grove is a fantastic Party House located on the River Severn. Boasting an extensive games room, an acre of grounds, an indoor swimming pool, and even a hot tub, this house has everything you could need for an incredible getaway. Its location on the River Severn gives it a peaceful, picturesque setting, allowing you to really unwind and connect with your fellow guests.

Postcard Place

unusaul party houses Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 4 | North

A charming old inn in with a bar downstairs that is all yours for the duration of your stay. Prior to COVID, this venue served as a local pub and live music venue. In 2023, the entire building was extensively renovated into 3 separate apartments above the bar, which are now rented exclusively in combination for up to 10 guests! This historic, 18th-century building boasts a world of history, complimented by inviting modern interiors.

Amber House Unusual places to stay in the UK Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | South West

Similar to Postcard Place, Amber House is another inn and pub conversion, now serving as an exclusive Party House. This slightly larger-scale property in Wales sleeps up to 22 guests, is pet-friendly, and features a hot tub and pool table to take your experience to the next level. The hose offers stunning old-world charm with tasteful modern interiors. The house has retained many of its original features, and boasts beautiful wooden floorboards.

More about out unusual venues

Dog-Friendly Unusual places to stay in UK

Finding dog-friendly accommodation can be a challenge, but it really shouldn’t be. At Party Houses, we understand the complications of finding pet-sitters, and we take great pride in offering a diverse range of dog-friendly unusual places to stay. Many of our most unusual places to stay are dog-friendly. This means you’ll have a great deal of options even if you’re hoping to bring along your four-legged friends. Venues such as Sunrise Cottage and Flamingo Hall are but two examples in an extensive list of options. These venues, in particular, offer gorgeously unique interiors, with indoor slides, ball pits, and vibrant, colourful, themed rooms throughout.

Unusual places to stay UK: Self-catering

Another factor that makes many of our venues unique is the fact that you have full control. Self-catering options provide a lot of freedom, allowing you to tailor your experience to your greatest desire. Venues like Toft Estate and Hamps Hall and Barn are two particularly unique places to stay due to their scale! Both of these venues accommodate over 40 guests and have been gaining popularity as wedding venues in recent months. Why? Simple. Because you can dress them up to your heart’s content. Both Toft Estate and Hamps Hall and Barn are located in the Peak District, surrounded by breathtaking country scenery. They each offer expansive grounds with space for marquees, as well as stunning nooks and crannies for guests to gather for meaningful conversations. Having a self-catering wedding venue comes with one more plus, and that’s no corkage!

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Why book through Party Houses?

There are numerous reasons why opting for unusual stays can be a truly unforgettable experience. For one, they provide the the opportunity to immerse oneself in an unmatched adventure, creating memories that will a lifetime. Take, for example, Toft Estate and Hamps Hall and Barn, two extraordinary venues located in the stunning Peak District. These venues offer much more than just accommodation; Surrounded by breathtaking country scenery, guests can revel in the tranquility and beauty of their surroundings.

Moreover, many of these unusual places allow individuals to embrace the joy of rural living. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, visitors can unwind and appreciate the simplicity of a slower pace. Furthermore, the expansive grounds of Toft Estate and Hamps Hall and Barn provide ample space for relaxation and outdoor activities, ensuring everyone can find their own slice of paradise.