Top Family Party Tips

Over the past 12 years we have hosted lots of family parties, with guests from across the UK and beyond, to enjoy a unique and memorable weekend in the beautiful Peak District. As such we have put together our top tips for making the family party a great weekend away with your loved ones!


A family trip is always such a heart-warming idea. With our lives being so busy and people moving to different places around the country, a good old family get-away is the perfect chance to get all generations together, reconnect, and enjoy unforgettable moments together. Here are some tips to help your organisational process.

1 – Book ahead

Get the best deals and most venue choices by booking as far ahead as possible. This will enable you to really find your dream venue with all the facilities you need for an affordable price.

2 – Choose your venue

Make sure that there is a big enough space to enjoy being together and dining. Check that the bedroom configuration meets the needs of everyone in your extended family or group. Is the kitchen big enough to cook for all and the dining room spacious enough so you can have long family dinners all together? Also, make sure that your venues also has facilities for your kids. Most of our Party Houses come with X-box snugs, games rooms, and lots of private gardens where they can play safely.
It is harder travelling with kids, so consider venues that are not too far away by filtering your search based on location and have facilities also for them.

3 – Helpful Accessories

You have so much to pack when travelling with children! A little help goes a long way. Check that your venue can provide highchairs, cots, baby baths, little stools so youngsters can reach the bathroom sink etc. Most of our venues can provide all of this for you but need to be informed ahead of time so everything can be accommodated according to your wishes.

4 – Plan things to do in advance of travelling

Check out that there are activities close to your venue that you want. At Party Houses, we can help with lots of ideas, including for family-friendly free days out. We’ll also send you a useful information pack before arrival to inspire you with some local sights and activities to enjoy during your stay. Don’t forget to ask your children for their input. They will love giving their ideas and enjoy their holiday even more.

5 – Involve other guests

Do consider your other guests, before booking, agree how to share tasks (such as babysitting), who pays for what and how much time you want to spend together (plus what sort of activities you would want to share).

6 – Delegate

Group holidays are far more fun if you can share the work. Allocate someone to research venues, someone else to be treasurer, yet another to organise activities or buy food, etc.

7 – Plan some treats

Children can get tired easily and we all know that tired equals teary! Plan your holiday so they have some downtime (maybe an hour of their favourite DVD). Routines often change on holiday, so pack some snacks to keep them going through a long day, or to distract them when you check in or want to pack to leave.

8 – Keep the children comfortable

For very small children, pack something familiar – their own blanket or bedding, bowl and spoon and favourite book or toy. For older kids let them bring their iPad or favourite game. They really are unlikely to want to spend all their waking hours talking to their great aunty, however lovely she is!
Also, remember to take with you any medicines and a first aid kit for those little emergencies.

9 – Plan your journey

Try to avoid peak time traffic. Check AA Roadwatch before leaving to see any holdups in live time. Consider leaving just after a meal and plan plenty of breaks (but try not to stop when the children have fallen asleep). For those being potty trained, pack some “Piddle Pads’ seat liners to protect from en-route accidents.

10 – Treat yourself

Remember that you can have a brilliant time too – so why not book a spa treatment to come to your chosen family friendly Party House? Or invite in a Chef? Or have a barrel of ale delivered? Not just your kids but also you and other adults deserve a treat for a memorable and relaxing stay!

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Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing is a form of meditation, relaxation, and self improvement; that has existed long before it was officially named in the 1980’s. In recent years, it has gradually risen in popularity as a way to escape technology related burnout, and to reconnect with forests and nature. Derived from the Japanese term ‘Shinrin Yoku’, it is unsurprising that this unique form of eco-therapy has gained so in popularity. Today’s world does not frequently acknowledge the daily stresses of the technological age, nor our unequivocal need to be connected to nature in ways that modern life does not always allow. _backtothewoods_ hosts 2 hour Forest Bathing sessions for up to 15 individuals at a time; guiding you through this process, helping you to reap the benefits of this time-proven practice. In addition to helping you reconnect to mind, body and soul, Forest Bathing also lowers cortisol levels, reducing stress and anxiety. Take some time to tune in to your senses, be aware of the natural beauty  that surrounds you, and immerse yourself in an abundance of peace, positivity and connection. For those who want to go a little deeper, yoga classes are available on demand as well.


Love Pamper Company

Love Pamper Company is a mobile spa company that offers over 30 indulgent treatments brought to your holiday home, workplace, hotel or even your home. Whether you want to opt for something romantic for two or you’re celebrating a girls gathering, hen party, anniversary, family get-together or merely just a holiday, Lovapamper Company will surely have a package to suit them all. The highly-trained therapists go the extra mile while trying to create a calming spa environment while playing relaxing music and lighting scented candles before starting the luxury treatment of your choice.

Wincle Beer Company

Wincle Brewery is an award winning brewery that is known for creating delicious high quality English Ales. They are even offering to teach you and your mates how to brew beer yourself, so if that’s something that has always been on your bucket list, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Alternatively, if you’d rather skip the brewing part and skip right to the point, they can organise for you to have a keg of ale waiting at your Party House upon arrival!

Glo Pamper

Glo Pamper has been a leading UK provider of beauty and holistic therapists for over 10 years. Starting out in London, today the company works with over 600 talented and friendly therapists all who are carefully chosen to provide you with the best possible experience. Glo Pamper is a wonderful choice for a range of events, may it be a birthday party, hen do, or a corporate event. All of their bookings can be completed easily online, but if you prefer, feel free to give them a call as their team will be more than happy to help.

chris the chef – Peak District and beyond

chris the chef offers a unique food experience for any event you wish to celebrate. Not only will he guide you in creating your dream menu for your special day, but he also offers beautiful set menus with delicious choices in case you can’t decide. From modern British cuisine to an elegant fusion, Chris and his team are ready to provide you with exactly what you desire and assure you with an unforgettable evening. With over 17 years of experience, chef Chris offers flavoursome canapés, bowl food and  3-course meals. He is the perfect caterer if you yearn for the highest quality seasonal ingredients put together to create delightful dishes.

A box of tricks

You have opened A Box of Tricks, inside you will find everything you need for a magical children’s party; magic, fun, balloons, laughter, puppets and giveaways!

Whatever the occasion or size of venue we have the magic to suit. We can mix and match magic shows, puppets, balloon modelling and walk-about magic.

Magician and Children’s Entertainer, David Oakley is based in Stafford, but regularly entertains at venues, large and small in other areas including, Cheshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.