Perhaps the most fun bit at the start of your planning, if you are a creative-minded individual! If you are handing out or posting invites there are no rules that say they have to be produced on paper. Why not give out balloons (inflated or not) with your invite on, or cut up a map of the Peak District and use that as a background, if you are poetic or musical, write a ditty and record it . Just have fun!

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Inspiration by Lisa

For lovely handmade (but reasonably priced!) invitations we have sourced a couple of local suppliers (both called Lisa!) who can deliver to your Party House table plans or little gift boxes etc all to match lovely handmade invitations (don’t worry that many of their designs are for wedding – they can make invitations for any event) this Lisa can make cards to your specification and include photos of your Party House venue etc if you want to!