Our Party Houses for 20 guests

Are you on the hunt for Party Houses for groups of 20 guests? With houses dotted throughout the UK, we’re bound to have a large group accommodation that caters to your needs. To help you in your search for the perfect holiday, we’ve compiled this list of Party Houses that sleep 20 guests. Happy hunting!

Hamps Hall

Party Houses

9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Games room | Pet-friendly | Hot tub

Hamps Barn

9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | BBQ

Chels & Toft Barn

Large group accommodation UK

12 Bedrooms | Sleeps 24 | Hen & stag friendly | Hot tub | Pet-friendly | BBQ

Toft Hall

Peak district accommodation

10 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Hot tu | Games room | BBQ | Pet-friendly

Sparrow House

Farmland holiday UK8 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Pet-friendly | Hen & stag friendly

Westbury Manor

Party Houses7 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20-22 | Pool table | Bar area

The Secret Escape

Party Houses for 20 guests13 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20-26 | Pet-friendly | Hot tubs | Games room | Dance floor

Forager’s Den

Glamping venues UK 5 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Hot tubs | Pet-friendly | Hen & stag friendly | Glamping

Apricot Lodge

pet-friendly log cabinSleeps 20 | 2 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Hot tub

Greenwood Manor

Holiday Homes in the UK 8 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20-26 | Hen & stag friendly | Games room | Shared swimming pool

Rainbow Resort

Easter rentals UK6 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Hot tub | Games room | Cinema room

Chandelier Hall 

7 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Hot tub | Games room | Hen & stag friendly

Redwood House

large holiday home ukSleeps 20 | 4 Bedrooms | Hen & stag friendly | BBQ | Hot tub

Hambury Hideaway

Party Houses10 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Cinema room | Swimming pool | Games room

Springfield Farmhouse

Party Houses for 20 guests9 Bedrooms | Sleeps 21 | Hen & stag friendly | Pet-friendly | Hot tub hire

Ash Willow House

5 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20 | Games room | Hot tub | Pet-friendly | Hen & stag friendly

Juniper House

Party HousesSleeps 23| 6 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | BBQ | Hot tub | Hen & stag friendly

Horse Shoe Barn

pet-friendly log cabin8 Bedrooms | Sleeps 22 | Pet-friendly | Hot tub | Games room

Mahogany Manor

Party Houses

7 Bedrooms | Sleeps 20-23 | Games room | Hot tub | Pet-friendly

Flamingo Hall

UK holiday rentals easter

7 Bedrooms | Sleeps 22 | Cinema room | Hot tub | Swimming pool

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Other ways to find a venue


If you haven’t managed to find the perfect venue yet, there’s a few further steps you can take. Firstly, you can use the search bar the Party Houses Home Page to search for venues according to the number of guests, desired features, location, and required dates! Alternatively, you can send in an enquiry, or give us a call! We have Party Houses for groups of 20 guests all over the UK, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one. Finally, if you haven’t found a Party House for 20 people, why not take a look at some of our larger venues? We have venues that sleep 30+ and in some cases even 40+, so you’re bound to find something that suits your group.

An ideal venue for any event


In addition to being spacious enough to accommodate groups of 20 guests, our venues are well-suited to all manner of occasions! We have venues for hen and stag do’s, birthday parties and weddings, family reunions and corporate events. Moreover, most of our venues boast an incredible selection of luxurious features, such as hot tubs, cinema rooms, games rooms, swimming pools, indoor slides and more. On top of this, we also have pet-friendly venues for 20 guests, which saves you the hassle of finding pet sitters or kennels. That way, everything is just a little bit easier to coordinate! Organising a getaway for 20+ people is a lot easier without adding more to the list of things to do.

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