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There is no disputing the fact that London is a lively, bustling and enticing city to visit. Whether you are staying in the heart of the city at one of the many party apartments London has to offer, or just dropping in for a day trip, the list of things to do is endless. With over 2000 years of history, London is home to a multitude of museums and cultural hubs which are sure to intrigue and inspire. Many visitors enjoy staying in a nearby town and heading to London for a day trip. This provides an exhilarating day of adventure and discovery among an otherwise peaceful and relaxing countryside holiday near London.

Anyone lucky enough to find their dream location among the many party apartments London has to offer, will be enthralled by a nightlife of comedy, clubs and inviting bars. For those visiting for a day trip, a slightly different approach might be more suitable. Either way, whether you’re staying in the heart of London or travelling in from a majestic spot like Puzzle Party House, this list of things to do in London should help to steer you in the right direction for an unforgettable trip.  

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History & Museums: 

If you’ve rented yourself a party apartment in London, you’re in for a treat if you happen to have a great love for history. Originally a Roman city, London is known as the first urban centre to appear in England. From as far back as 1065, London has maintained steady and continuous growth. Its first historical attraction, The Tower of London, was constructed under the reign of William the Conqueror. Today, London boasts an impressive list of historical buildings and museums to visit. There are more than 60 exhibition spaces on offer at the British museum. Travellers on a budget will be pleased to know entry to the standard exhibits is free!

While museums do still charge for special exhibitions, there is more than enough to explore without needing to buy tickets. Outside of the museums, there are several famous attractions such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Parties travelling with children will enjoy watching the change of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Occurring at 11 AM each day, this routine has existed since Queen Victoria moved to Buckingham Palace in 1937. It remains very much part of the daily scene in London. For curious souls with a love for history and culture, London is brimming with things to learn and see.  

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Camden Market:

Since its opening in 1974, Camden Market has served as a centre for social and cultural change. Once a small arts and crafts market, Camden evolved into an artistic and cultural melting pot. To this day, this area is known as the place to pick up affordable second-hand clothing, ripped Levi’s and worn Dr Martens. In 1973, the rundown Camden packaging warehouse was transformed into the Dingwalls Dance Hall. At the time, it had the longest bar in all of London. Dingwalls revolutionised nightlife in London, staying open until 2AM rather than 11PM which was standard at the time. Quickly, Dingwalls became a well-known venue for rising stars such as Blondie, the Clash and the Sex Pistols.

These days, visitors are spoilt for choice with the many restaurants, shops, bars, and live music venues. The Jazz Café is a great option for people who prefer a gentler, jazzy scene. The Underworld still hosts alternative and rock performances. Still a massive hub today, the Camden market continues to thrive as a centre for alternative and punk fashion. Camden has made and maintained its mark on British history, and remains a place to buy creative, affordable, and second-hand things.  

London Nightlife:

Dingwalls may have paved the way for a new generation of nightlife, but since then, it has grown and evolved into the vibrant scene that exists today. Live music, night clubs, bars to name a few. Whether you’re living it up from your party apartment in London or coming in from out of town for a night’s adventuring, there are a few places famous for their different atmospheres. For those looking for something a little classier than the grungy streets of Camden, there are several up-market establishments. A great place to visit is the stretch of river from South Kensington to Putnet Bridge in West London. Maggy’s Club, The White Horse and Harbour Bar are just a few of the many bars worth visiting along this stretch.

Finally, for the hipsters, Shoreditch is known for its trendy bars and underground music venues. Spots such as The Hoxton Pony and the Village Underground are definitely worth investigating. If you’re hoping to spend a lot of time exploring the London nightlife, we suggest staying at one of our favourite party apartments in London. Our carefully curated list of private party apartment rentals London have been chosen for their unique characteristics that really set them apart.  

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Party apartments London – The London Villa:

For groups that cannot quite fit into the Canary Yacht, fear not! Located just a little outside of the centre of London, The London Villa is a fantastic private party apartment rental in London for groups of up to 24 people. This gorgeous, 10-bedroom townhouse is not only well-positioned for exploring London, but also boasts its own garden and hot tub! When it comes to party apartments in London, the London Villa really is worth considering. Suitable for hen and stag do’s, this gorgeous villa is even pet friendly.

The London Villa provides a vastly different atmosphere to Canary Yacht. Truly an unbeatable party apartment in London, this accommodation works for groups that would also like to spend some time relaxing in between adventures.  Being situated in a residentially zoned area, The London Villa is also well suited to groups with children. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, hen or stag do, family reunion or just a trip to London with some friends, The London Villa is a lovely space that’s close to the action, but not right on top of it. 

Outside of London:

While the thought of a private party apartment rental in London might be tempting at first, a lot of people enjoy visiting London for an exhilarating day trip. Party Houses has several gorgeous country villas positioned in surrounding areas, which serve as great bases to explore from. Venues such as Catweazle Manor, Higham Manor, Rosegarden Manor and Pulborough Hall are examples of incredible country homes, from which it is relatively easy to get to London.

Planning your visit to London in this way gives you an opportunity to explore this vibrant city, whilst also having a relaxing getaway, far outside of the stresses of city life. Party apartments in London may be tempting, but they certainly are not the only way to spend time exploring London. Whether you decide to stay in the heart of London or come in from the countryside for a day or two, look through our accommodations in the surrounding areas. There is bound to be something that stands out.  

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