Escape to a Meditation or Yoga Retreat Venue UK

It’s no surprise that yoga retreats and meditation retreats are growing in popularity throughout the UK. Our fast-paced lifestyles and chaotic surroundings make it increasingly difficult to disconnect. An afternoon yoga session doesn’t provide us sufficient time to unwind and tune into our bodies and minds. A single hour in an otherwise frantic week does wonders, but it is not the same as getting out of town. Sometimes, it is necessary to go a step further, escaping into the countryside for a yoga or meditation retreat. Imagine hosting a meditation retreat in a secluded area where you can truly feel the silence and tranquillity… Our UK yoga and meditation retreats create a unique opportunity to take a break from city life. Take some time to tune into yourself in the company of friends, colleagues or family.

Taking some time out not only changes your outlook on life but also helps give you a sense of direction by clearing your mind. You could opt for a yoga retreat or meditation retreat, or choose to focus on both body and mind by combining the two. Party Houses have a number of stunning, secluded venues that would be just right for the occasion. Our yoga retreat venues in the UK provide an uninterrupted opportunity to recharge your batteries and reconnect with yourself. Treat yourself. Spend some time with like-minded people, eating delicious healthy food and rediscovering what it means to be you. 

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Why Book a Yoga Retreat UK With Party Houses?

You are probably very aware that yoga and meditation are particularly good for the mind, body and soul. In addition to helping you fit, improving flexibility and strengthening your joints, yoga has also been proven to aid with stress. Shallow breathing is a typical stress reaction, with shortness of breath being a persistent symptom of anxiety for some. The deep breathing practised in yoga and meditation helps to combat this issue, reducing cortisol levels through deep, diaphragmatic breathing. This changes the physical processes associated with stress. In turn, this alleviates many of the more challenging symptoms of anxiety, such as sleeplessness and low self-esteem. In this day and age, we spend a lot of time overexposed to a wide range of stimuli. From technology to noisy traffic, construction, and work responsibilities. All of these factors can lead to immense stress… but there’s an easy solution.

Taking time off is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself and take a step back from the chaos of life today. Yoga and meditation retreats in the UK are constantly gaining in popularity, and this comes as no surprise. Who wouldn’t want to spend a week out in the countryside? Connecting to your body and mind while lazy sheep graze around in the nearby fields? Party houses have yoga retreat venues and mediation retreat venues throughout the UK. Form secluded estates with views of the Peak District, to seaside manors along the Jurassic Coast, we have something for just you.

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Meditation Retreats UK & Yoga Retreat UK for Wellness weekends

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When you book a space for a yoga or meditation retreat, you want more than just a holiday house. A wellness weekend is all about reconnecting with nature and tuning into your body and mind. At Party Houses, our long list of meditation and yoga retreat venues in the UK boasts a host of features that are particularly unbeatable. From sun-kissed orangeries to historic ballrooms, many of our venues feature unbeatable areas for hosting yoga and meditation sessions.

These incredible spaces are complimented and completed with comfortable bedrooms, and in some cases, even hot tubs and steam rooms. Regardless of your desired location or the size of your group, you’re bound to find something. One of the most magical parts of a wellness weekend is having an opportunity to truly reconnect with nature. The majority of our venues are dotted along the English countryside, making them ideal for wellness weekends.

Many of our venues even come equipped with official yoga studios. The large reception rooms and picturesque settings make all of our yoga retreats throughout the UK particularly appealing. In addition to unbeatable reception rooms, most of our parties can have services delivered to your door. From massages and facials to guided forest bathing sessions, the possibilities at your Party House are endless.

Irresistible Party Packages for your Yoga & Meditation retreat UK

Party Houses works with a range of caterers to provide our guests will all the extras and add-ons that their hearts desire. We work in close connection with renowned events planning company, My Event Concierge. This reputable company takes care of everything and anything you may need, from instructors for yoga classes to pedicures and top-quality catering. A wellness weekend, yoga retreat or meditation retreat is all about disconnecting.

Organising a caterer and some relaxing massage treatments is a surefire way to ensure that you and all your guests get to truly unwind. If you’d like to organise some extras at your yoga retreat or meditation retreat, take a look through some of our extras and add-ons. There is bound to be something that addresses your needs. Party Houses works with several service providers to provide all kinds of services, from forest bathing to vegetarian catering and more.

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Reconnect with Nature on your Yoga retreat UK

Many of our venues are located in particularly beautiful areas, out in the countryside, next to the sea, or bordering nature reserves. Taking a walk in nature is known to reduce stress levels and elevate mood. Reconnecting with nature should always form part of a wellness weekend. Take a moment to experience natural beauty by getting out on a hiking trip or taking a daring dip in the sea.

Regardless of which accommodation you choose, your group will be sure to enjoy the tranquillity of a secluded retreat. We have venues in the Peak District with views of Roaches Rocks. We have venues that border with the Pembrokeshire National Park, and venues with their own private beaches. Depending on your preferences, you might choose your venue based on its surroundings.

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Choosing a venue for your meditation or yoga retreat UK

There are a number of factors to consider when booking a venue. Hosting a yoga retreat or meditation retreat in the UK is a fantastic way to help you and your group disconnect from daily stress. While you may be feeling spoiled for choice between our many venues, there’s no need to worry. At Party Houses, we are happy to help! Our dedicated team are familiar with all of our venues and are happy to help you find the perfect one for you.

Below is a collection of our favourite venues for yoga retreats and meditation retreats in the UK. Take a look at what we have on offer- we are confident that you will find something. In the event that you find a gorgeous spot, but it’s missing certain features that you’d like- get in touch. It is possible to hire hot tubs, bring in caterers to cook delicious meals, and much more. We trust that you will have a restorative stay, and return feeling rested and rejuvenated. Vegetarian groups can organise some vegetarian catering!

South East & South West


Pulborough Estate

Sleeps: 41-63

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The uniquely designed bedrooms, the fact that it can accommodate big yoga groups, spacious reception rooms, big outdoor grounds

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Victorian Rectory

Sleeps: 14-20

Bedrooms: 8

Reception rooms: 2

What we likeThe zen atmosphere in the yoga studio and infrared sauna.

Verdant Manor

Sleeps: 12

Bedrooms: 6

Reception rooms: 2

What we like: The large yoga room and spa and wellness centre facilities on site 

Midlands & Peak District

yoga at hamps hall and barn


Hamps Hall & Barn

Sleeps: 40

Bedrooms: 18

Reception rooms: 4

What we likeThe spacious reception room and gardens for yoga practices.


Roaches Hall

Sleeps: 30

Bedrooms: 13

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The walk between the beautiful Roaches rocks, the beautiful views and the spacious reception rooms.


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Barley House

Sleeps: 14-18

Bedrooms: 5

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The rustic location and the yoga package offered with over 5 hours of activities per day along with delicious food.

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Bradshaw Hall

Sleeps: 26-30

Bedrooms: 9

Reception rooms: 1

What we likeThe massive reception room with ample space to fit everyone, the relaxing spa with hot tub.


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Tenby Manor

Sleeps: 28-30

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 5

What we likeThe private beach where you can practice yoga listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore which automatically relaxes you.


Lullaby Lodge

Sleeps: 20

Bedrooms: 7

Reception rooms: 4

What we like: We love the private studio available to guests as well as the great football pitch, perfect for exercise during summer.

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Forager’s Den

Sleeps: 20 

Bedrooms: 5

Additional features: Outdoor picnic tables and hot tubs

What we likeThe lights out after 10 PM policy that lets you see the stars, the many outside spaces for yoga and meditation, and the privacy.

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Pembrokeshire Estate

Sleeps: 24

Bedrooms: 10

Reception Rooms: 4

What we like: Pembrokeshire Estate offers guests a variety of amenities. With two hot tubs, this is the perfect place to wind town and escape the busy pace of life.


deer lodge for yoga retreats


Deer Lodge

Sleeps: 22-25

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 2

What we likeTwo massive reception rooms plus an option to add the grand ballroom providing you with plenty of space for yoga, exercise and meditation.

Yoga venue UK Scotland


Heather House 

Sleeps: 29

Bedrooms: 9

Features: Hot tub & sauna

What we like: Seaside setting- this venue would be well suited to a wellness weekend focused on pampering and spa treatments. The grounds in front of the house could work for an outdoor yoga class.