Family Friendly Holidays in the UK

There is something very special about getting out of town with your family. Whether it’s a family weekend away in a nearby town, or a grand reunion over Christmas, these are memories that last a lifetime. Not only do family holidays give you a chance to relax and unwind in a new location, but they also offer a unique opportunity. Taking your children on holiday teaches them about different places. It exposes them to new environments and allows them to grow as individuals. You could be conquering mountains for the first time in the Peak District, or discovering fossils along the Jurassic coast. No matter what, family holidays provide a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in your surroundings.

One of the best parts of a family holiday in the UK is the incredible wealth of options around the destination. The UK is full of fascinating history, breathtaking natural beauty, and all manner of parks and museums to explore. Depending on your children’s age group, you might find certain locations and destinations more appealing. Very young children might enjoy a countryside holiday, counting the lambs and sheep in the fields beyond your Party House. Slightly older children might love a trip to a water park, aquarium, or historical attraction they may have learned about in school. Regardless of where you go, you can be sure of one thing. Both you and your family will have a memorable adventure and see something they hadn’t seen before. Party Houses have family holiday houses throughout the UK, which means you can plan your holiday according to your family’s interests. Additionally, our venues can accommodate large groups, making them perfect for family party or family celebration weekends. You could embrace your inner explorer, or sunbathe by the pool. Either way, we’ll help you find the perfect spot for your family weekend away.

Family-friendly Party Houses

Child-friendly party houses

Family friendly party houses

Family Holiday UK | Party House Features

Locations aside, one of the best parts of booking your holiday with Party Houses is the incredible list features offered at our houses. Your family weekend away could be a trip to a 17th-century manor house in an ancient market town. It could be a seaside retreat, with evenings reserved for relaxing in the hot tub. Our houses offer all sorts of luxuries… hot tubs, games rooms, swimming pools and more. You could book a house with a cinema room and cosy up around the fireplace to share your favourite childhood movies with your kids. Some venues even offer story-nooks, equipped with an impressive selection of storybooks.

It could be a cosy cottage overlooking a national park. It could be a farmland manor set in green pastures with lazy lambs. Either way, you won’t be compromising on features. Our houses are all beautifully designed in their own unique styles and offer all sorts of incredible facilities. We have houses with slides for staircases, houses with jungle gyms and tennis quarts, houses with swimming pools and houses without. It really doesn’t matter where you end up staying. You can be sure that the many features of your Party House will both relax and entertain throughout your family weekend away.


In most of our Party Houses, you will find games rooms ranging from table tennis to table football, and darts a wide variety of board games. You will also find Xbox snugs, swimming pools, and outdoor play areas and gardens


Many of our houses provide you with that serene countryside glee and all of them come with access to several of England’s attractions like castles, museums, historic sights like battlefields and also theme parks


All of our houses are homey, and take the role of a home away from home. Each house has a comforting environment thanks to facilities like fire burning stoves, fully-equipped kitchens, comfy sofas, and much more

Pet friendly accommodation UK

Family Party with the Pets:

At Party Houses, we understand that pets are a part of the family. A family holiday just isn’t the same unless everyone is there. Thankfully, many of our venues are pet-friendly, making them perfect for the whole family. This not only makes your destination feel like a home away from home but eliminates a world of unnecessary stress. Planning a holiday is a wonderful thing to do, but it can involve a little admin. Booking a pet-friendly Party House not only makes it a real family holiday but also eliminates the need to arrange pet sitters or kennels. This makes it possible for you to really enjoy your holiday, without worrying whether the pet sitter has remembered to fill the water bowl. It also means that your furry friends get a little holiday of their own, with space to run around and enjoy the countryside. This way, your family weekend away can be enjoyed by everyone.

Lots to Experience:

What better way to get your family together than hiring a Party House, and spending a quality weekend with all your loved ones? Party Houses offer a great range of large, self-catering family venues around the UK. Simply find your favorite house, and let us help you with the rest.

With so much to do in the local areas of our houses, there is ample entertainment for guests of all ages. Why not explore the local area, participate in a pottery class, or test your balance on a SUP? One of the best parts about family holidays in the UK is that anything is possible if you’re up for a short drive.

For more information on what to do for the perfect family holiday visit our ‘Experiences‘ page.

Accessible accommodation for family friendly holiday

Accessible to All:

We want to make sure you can invite the whole family. Hence, a number of our properties also cater to people with mobility limitations. Many of our venues can provide wheelchair ramps. Additionally, a large number of our venues feature downstairs bedrooms with accessible bathrooms and toilets. Many of our venues are close to wheelchair-accessible paths for the whole family to enjoy.

You could embrace the beauty of the Midlands & The Peak District, or breathe the sea air of the South West. You could get away from the city in the South East, or study the natural diversity of Wales. No matter what type of family holiday you’re organizing, we will be happy to help you find the right Party Houses for you! Our large group accommodations are perfectly designed for large family holidays in the UK.

Family Celebration Weekends:

Another great part of booking a UK family holiday through Party Houses is the size of our venues. We have large manor houses that are perfect for family celebrations. Whether it’s an 80th birthday or a baby shower, you’ll find something that works for everyone. A weekend away in the UK countryside is a fantastic way to celebrate with your loved ones. Family reunions can be tricky when you have a particularly large family. At Party Houses, we have venues that sleep over 40 guests which works perfectly even for very large families. Family celebration weekends are a real treat, and there’s no reason that hunting for accommodation should be a challenge. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect venue, get in touch. Our friendly agents are always happy to send over suggestions on where to host your family celebration weekend.

Family holiday hosue UK

hot tub

Family Party with All the Extras:

If you’re organizing a family party as part of your UK family holiday, why not organise some entertainment and catering? The lovely part about a family party is celebrating an occasion surrounded by people you know and love. But as is the nature of any event, they can take a lot of planning and organising. Party Houses work in connection with many service providers, that can organise everything you need for your family party. This way, you can relax while someone else tackles the food and entertainment. Depending on the occasion, you might want to organise some games and activities. You could have a family game of laser tag or participate in a dance lesson. Depending on your age range, it might work to organise a program of different activities to keep everyone entertained. Either way, a family celebration weekend is an opportunity to relax and kick back. Organising a caterer can free you up to spend time with your family. This way, you can be a part of your family party rather than a coordinator.

Best destinations for a family weekend away.

A family holiday, UK or elsewhere, is lots of fun… but where is the best place to go? With so many fascinating places to visit throughout the UK, there’s no need to hop onto an airplane to have a fantastic family weekend away. To help make the process easier, we have included a few suggestions for our favourite family-friendly activities in the UK. These suggestions are just a few of the many incredible things there are to see.

Jurassic coast:

With a name like Jurassic Coast, it is unsurprising that this incredible stretch of coast is worth a visit with the kids. Any child fascinated by dinosaurs will greatly love exploring this area. Between beautiful beaches, fascinating museums, and historic coastal walks, this area boasts an incredible selection of activities for those interested in earth’s history. One particularly attractive activity in this area is fossil hunting, an activity that really brings the textbook to life. This is something that can be exciting and fascinating for the whole family, and that can spark passion and curiosity in your children.

Peak District:

The first official national park in the UK, and an area of unequivocal serenity, the Peak District is a must-see for active families who enjoy getting out into nature. The Peak District is home to a wealth of hikes and caves to explore. It also features many market towns, activity centres, parks and museums. Many of our largest venues, such as Toft Hall and Hamps Hall and Barn are located in the Peak District. These venues can accommodate groups of 40 or more, making them ideal for large family reunions and gatherings. Guests looking for a relaxing countryside stay will find the Peak District equally appealing.


Wales is a particularly lovely area to visit, with plenty of natural beauty as well as a fine collection of entertaining activities. The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is perfect for nature lovers. There are many foraging courses available in which guests can learn to forage edible ingredients from the area. Those looking for some real adventure might enjoy a zip-line ride over the mountains with Zip World. Children of 5 and up can participate in this activity with adult supervision. If you’re looking for something a little more laid back, visiting the lions and giraffes at Folly Farm could be a nice alternative. Depending on where you end up staying, you could enjoy anything from pottery or chocolate making, to daring adventures through the Welsh countryside.

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