Glamping for Large Groups

If you’re hoping to go glamping in the UK countryside, you’ve come to the right place. This fantastic activity gives you the fun of camping, with all the luxuries you’d expect from a holiday house. It is a unique experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. At Party Houses, we specialise in large group accommodation. Our glamping venues are no exception and can accommodate groups of 10 or more. Many of our venues also offer dog-friendly glamping, as well as the irresistible treat of going glamping with hot tubs. One thing worth noting is that two of our glamping destinations double up as incredible wedding venues in stunning locations. No matter what reason you have for planning a getaway, glamping is a unique and memorable way to spend a holiday. On this page, you’ll find useful information about glamping- what it is and what to expect when glamping with Party Houses. You will also find detailed descriptions of our glamping venues and a few additional venue suggestions.

What is glamping?

Glamping really is a unique experience that acts as an attractive option for all sorts of events. The term is derived from the words, “glamourous camping” and was officially added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2018. Since then, it has grown increasingly in popularity. It’s no surprise that this unique style of holidaying is gaining traction in the world of relaxing getaways. Glamping gives you an opportunity to get away and embrace the great outdoors. It allows you to experience the joys of going camping, without the various tasks that come with it. No need to arrive before dark to pitch your tent or worry about it raining on the day you’re meant to leave. No broken tent poles or missing pegs. No mud and leaves finding their way into your sleeping bag, or mattresses deflating in the night! It’s true that these challenging moments of camping are part of the experience. But sometimes, it’s nice to enjoy all the good parts with a little extra luxury, and a little less work.

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The Glamping experience with Party Houses.

At Party Houses, we pride ourselves on offering our guests a relaxing and entertaining getaway. All of our venues, glamping or otherwise, come equipped with many impressive features. Our glamping destinations offer breathtaking natural beauty and unique sleeping quarters. Because glamping is somewhere between camping and staying in a holiday house, you can expect a unique and memorable experience, without compromising on your quality of sleep and comfort. One of the best parts of camping in general is stepping away from conventional infrastructure. The unique styles of accommodation in the world of glamping make it an exciting and fascinating activity that will be remembered by all. Another thing that should not be overlooked are the locations of our glamping destinations. Each one is set on beautiful grounds, in areas with plenty of things to do. Groups that are keen on getting out into nature might enjoy a trip to Honey Estate, the perfect base for exploring How Stean Gorge. If you’re more inclined towards foraging the Pembrokeshire Coast, a destination like Forager’s den might be right for you. Either way, one thing you can be sure of is that you’ll have a memorable stay.

Our Glamping venues

At Party Houses, we currently have 3 official glamping venues, as well as a number of neat lodges that share a similar appeal. Below, you can find our glamping venues, as well as our alternative venues. Glamping with hot tubs is a given at two of our main glamping venues, with the third offering the option to hire one. If you are planning a large event and need assistance in finding something that suits your need, send in an inquiry, or give us a call.

Forager’s Den

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Sleeps 4 per unit | 5 units | Hot tub | Pet-friendly

Honey Lodge

Glamping venue How Stean Gorge

Sleeps 10 per unit | 4 units | Pet-friendly | Hot tub |

Glamping Weddings

Glamping is a particularly good idea for weddings, and there are so many reasons why. For one, glamping is typically rather affordable by comparison to other forms of accommodation. Additionally, glamping is a unique experience that will surely be embraced by your guests. Our glamping wedding venues offer incredible reception areas, set on fairy-tale backdrops of forests and trees. These venues can accommodate large groups of people for wedding weekends away, without incurring fees for large groups of guests to stay in a hotel. They also give your wedding a unique and memorable edge that will not soon be forgotten. This can be a wonderful idea for couples who love nature and the great outdoors. Glamping is a lovely in-between, where guests can experience aspects of something you love, without committing to the full camping experience. If your guests happen to enjoy camping, some of our venues even offer campgrounds, where guests can pitch their own tents. Alternatively, you could use your hen or stag do as an opportunity to go glamping. If you’re planning a wedding and feel like doing something out of the ordinary, glamping is definitely something worth considering.

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Why go glamping?

There are many reasons to go glamping, and as it gains in popularity and the quality of these unique accommodations improves, the list of reasons increases. First and foremost, it is low impact. And not just on your bank account, but on the environment as well. Glamping venues are essentially fixed tents, that do not require large amounts of construction to build. For this reason, they have a significantly lower impact on the environment, both through the materials used, and the space they require. In addition to having a low impact on both your bank account and the environment, glamping can be very comfortable. Yurts and goedomes can be efficiently heated with a small log burner, and with a comfortable bed topped with cotton sheets, you won’t be compromising on comfort. This is one of the main things that sets glamping apart from camping. Glamping can truly be described as no more and no less than glamorous camping. It’s the fun and experience of camping, minus the work. The sensation of sleeping in a tent, with the comfort of a cosy bed and a fireplace. The sound of nature right outside, without the loud rustling of the tent blowing in the wind. Glamping is an experience, unlike a hotel or camping. It’s a beautiful in-between that merges the best parts of two different kinds of getaways. If you’d like a more detailed list of reasons to go glamping, check our article on the top 5 reasons to go glamping.