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Organising your bank holiday getaway in advance is the best way to avoid disappointment. On this page, you can find a curated selection of group accommodations available over all of this year’s bank holidays. In addition to having venues for every occasion, Party Houses venues are distributed throughout the UK. From houses outside of cities like Bristol to secluded homes in the Peak District, there are many options for a bank holiday break. If you are looking for accommodation over other holidays CLICK HERE for Christmas, or CLICK HERE for New Year’s Eve.

Please scroll down past August if you wish to see availability for May 2025

August Bank Holiday | 23rd - 26th August 2024

Ashley House

Sleeps: 16 – 18 | Bedrooms: 8 | South West

A 3 night stay for £3,262.50

Dandelion Manor

Sleeps: 14 | Bedrooms: 7 | Rhu

Up to a 7 night stay for £4,550

Firefly Estate

Newquay glamping carbon neutral

Sleeps: 63 | Bedrooms: 13 | Devon

A 3 night stay for around £7,500

Westbury Manor

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 7 | Westbury

A 3 night stay for £3,500

Rosemary House

Top 10 stag do ideas in the UK

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 8 | Cumbria

Up to a 7 night stay for £6,153

Roe Manor

COuntry houses in wales

Sleeps: 21 | Bedrooms: 10 | Wales

A 3 night stay for £7,200

Bluebay Townhouse

Sleeps: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 | Deal

A 3 night stay for £1,650

Water’s Edge House

Sleeps: 15 | Bedrooms: 6 | Itchenor

A 3 night stay for £4,600

Early May Bank Holiday | 2nd of May 2025 - 5th of May 2025

St Edmunds Courtyard

Sleeps: 18 – 23 | Bedrooms: 9 | East England

A 3 night stay for £3,762

Barley House

Sleeps: 14 – 18 | Bedrooms: 5 | Driffield

A 3 night stay for £3,450

Bell Boot Cottage

Sleeps: 16 – 18 | Bedrooms: 6 | Lambourn

A 3 night stay for £3,500

Rainbow Resort

Easter rentals UK

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 6 | South West

A 3 night stay for £2,900

Cedarwood Cabin

Sleeps: 18 | Bedrooms: 4 | Wick

A 3 night stay for £3,580

The Hoof House

Sleeps: 26 | Bedrooms: 10 | Lambourn

A 3 night stay for £4,700

Wye House

UK family friendly holiday rentals

Sleeps: 19 | Bedrooms: 9 | Midlands

A 3 night stay for £3,800

Bell View Manor

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 7 | South East

A 3 night stay for £6,200


Stag do venue UK

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 7 | Peak District

A 3 night stay for £2,600

Chels and Toft Barn

Big holiday houses Party HOuses UK

Sleeps: 24 | Bedrooms: 12 | Peak District

A 3 night stay for £4,200

Moonlight Manor

Sleeps: 18 | Bedrooms: 7 | South East

A 3 night stay for £5,800

Horse Shoe Barn

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 8 | East England

A 3 night stay for £4,785

Burrow Barn

Sleeps: 17 | Bedrooms: 7 | Somerset

A 3 night stay for £3,575

Primrose Manor

Devon party houses for rent

Sleeps: 13 – 15 | Bedrooms: 6 | Devon

A 3 night stay for £2,455

Heather House

Yoga venue UK Scotland

Sleeps: 24 | Bedrooms: 9 | Skelmorlie

A 3 night stay for £3,700

Cotswold Cottage

Sleeps: 18 | Bedrooms: 5 | South West

A 3 night stay for £3,630

Kingfisher Estate

Large group accommodation for 30 guests

Sleeps: 36 | Bedrooms: 18 | East England

A 3 night stay for £4,545

Thistle House

Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 5 | Skelmorlie

A 3 night stay for £2,530

Bryony Barn

Bryony House in Yorkshire Dales

Sleeps: 25 | Bedrooms: 8 | Sedbergh

A 3 night stay for £5,098

Greenwood Manor

Sleeps: 20 – 26 | Bedrooms: 8 | South East

A 3 night stay for £6,792

Greenwood Oast House

Party Houses

Sleeps: 12 | Bedrooms: 4 | South East

A 3 night stay for £3,311

Henry Manor

Sleeps: 14 | Bedrooms: 5 | Wales

A 3 night stay for £3,750

Glamour House

Sleeps: 24 | Bedrooms: 7 | South West

A 3 night stay for £2,950

Sunrise Cottage

Sleeps: 24 | Bedrooms: 10 | South West

A 3 night stay for £3,300

Pulborough Mill House

Sleeps: 15 | Bedrooms: 4 | Pulborough

A 3 night stay for £2,750

Pulborough Barn

Sleeps: 14 – 18 | Bedrooms: 4 | Pulborough

A 3 night stay for £2,750

Pulborough Hall

Accommodation for rent near London

Sleeps: 12 – 14 | Bedrooms: 4 | Pulborough

A 3 night stay for £2,750

Christmas & New Year's

One of the greatest parts of booking a holiday house through Party Houses is being able to fit everyone under one roof. Inviting the whole family for lunch on Christmas day is such fun, but going on holiday together is better. Party Houses have group accommodations suitable even for large groups. This makes many of our venues ideal for family reunions. Those lucky enough to get a bank holiday break could turn it into a workation!

Christmas at home with the family can be magical. But if you’re thinking of mixing things up this year, a Christmas stay at one of our Party House rentals might interest you. Our Party Houses are designed to make your Christmas celebrations as magical as possible and offer ample comfort and entertainment for the whole family. For Christmas availabilities, CLICK HERE. If you happen to be searching for New Year’s Eve venues, CLICK HERE.

Bank Holiday Breaks in every location

Your path to planning perfect bank holidays starts here. It is undeniable that holidays are a welcome treat, and getting out of town makes them more exciting. But what do you do when all your loved ones are on holiday too? Well, you come here, of course, to our Party Houses page of Bank Holiday Breaks! Party Houses offers a wide range of outstanding group accommodations throughout the UK. Our listings cover everything from countryside estates to London townhouses and can sleep up to as many as 63 guests. We have venues for weddings, hen and stag parties, birthday parties, family reunions, and corporate events… there’s something for every occasion.

With so many bank holidays, there are multiple opportunities to organise a bank holiday break. Whether it’s a specific occasion or a celebration of spring, a long weekend is a grand excuse for a getaway.

This page is designed to assist you in finding the best locations for any bank holiday. We will update it as venues are booked up and as new ones become available. There’s nothing better than Monday being a day off. Whether it’s May or August, a Monday off is excellent. Using the extra day to get out of town is such a treat. So celebrate all the bank holiday breaks that the year has to offer. Every bank holiday is an opportunity to spend an extra day out in the countryside without getting the Monday Blues.

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Glocouster stag weekend venue

Book A Bank Holiday Escape

The best way to maximise your holidays is to plan around bank holidays. A long weekend can make the difference between a 9-day holiday, and a short 6-day break. Knowing when you’ll have time off makes it possible to plan proper getaways. They provide an opportunity for a quick, weekend getaway with time to ease into the week with a Monday off. They give you a bit of a breather in a busy month.

Whether you use your bank holidays together with holiday days, or embrace a short weekend getaway, they’re worth being aware of. Knowing when you have time off gives you an opportunity to plan ahead. Planning ahead helps you to avoid disappointment and get the house you want.

Plan the perfect bank holiday

Use this page to find the best accommodation for your bank holiday breaks. We have an ideal venue for every bank holiday the year has to offer. The venues have been arranged according to the relevant month and subdivided according to the holiday. Months with more than one holiday will be grouped together with specific dates. The pricing below is based on assumed holiday dates, but it is possible to book to stay for longer- simply enquire. You could, for example, arrive on Friday and stay until Tuesday, or possibly check in on a Saturday. Take a look at your calendar to find a day that suits you best. Starting in January, the list will move through to April, following over to May, and through to December.

If you’re unsure whether you can leave work early, give us a call to discuss check-in times to see what we can arrange. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are happy to help you find the perfect Party Houses. From New Year’s Day through to Christmas in December, there are many opportunities to turn public holidays into bank holiday breaks.

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