Party Houses in Devon

Staycations are on the rise, and with good reason! The UK is a country beaming with hidden beauty, offering picturesque beaches, breathtaking national parks, and a wealth of captivating history. Devon alone boasts 4 Areas of Natural Beauty, including East Devon, the North Devon Coast, South Devon and Blackdown Hills. Additionally, the Dartmoor National National Park calls to nature lovers and history fanatics alike with magical walks through ‘enchanted’ valleys, historic quarries and 10th-century castles. The area is brimming with memorable things to do, so be sure to check out what activities are available near your Devon Party House. You could hunt for fossils on the Jurassic Coast, or take a hike through Lydford Gorge with a friendly alpaca to accompany you! Devon is a fantastic destination for a getaway, with lots to do, especially in the summer. Our Party Houses in Devon, however, are appealing all year round, so even if you’re planning a winter getaway, you’re in for an unforgettable stay.

Devon Party Houses

Party Houses in Devon

Discover our Party Houses in Devon

Primrose Retreat

Large group accommodation rentals in the UK 4 Bedrooms | Sleeps 8-10 | Hot tub | Games room | Shared swimming pool

Primrose Manor

Devon party houses for rent6 Bedrooms | Sleeps 13-16 | Games room | Hot tub

Primrose Cottage

Rent Primrose Cottage in Devon

3 Bedrooms | Sleeps 6 | BBQ | Tennis court

Primrose Garden House

Primrose Garden House Devon4 Bedrooms | Sleeps 8 | Fireplace | BBQ | Shared hot tub

Victorian Rectory

Party houses in Devon Sleeps 14-20 | 8 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | Swimming pool | Tennis court

Prince Hall

Sleeps 12 guests | 6 Bedrooms | Hot tub | Pet-friendly | Pizza oven

Rainbow Resort

Easter rentals UKSleeps 20 guests | 6 Bedrooms | Hot tub | Pet-friendly | Cinema room

Pheasant Hall

Devon Party HousesSleeps 6 | 3 Bedrooms | Pet-friendly | Cinema room | BBQ

Reasons to visit Devon

Breathtaking Beaches

Devon is famous for its many beaches. Additionally, the area boasts a relatively warm climate in comparison to the rest of the UK, making it an appealing option for summer staycations. Devon is also home to part of the famed Jurassic Coast, an area brimming with fossils! Fossil hunting can be a fantastic activity for children and adults alike, offering a tranquil day out in nature with the excitement of locating small pieces of history among the rocky shores. Interestingly enough, Devon also boasts its very own World Surfing Reserve, which is located in North Devon – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In fact, Devon (along with Cornwall) is commonly thought of as the home of UK surfing, boasting over 100 years of surfing history, so be sure to check that out! No trip to Devon is complete without a day at the seaside.

Party Houses in Devon

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Perfect Party Houses

When it comes to holidays, where you stay can be the make or break. A cosy bed for a good night’s sleep, a BBQ for seizing the summer, a hot tub for soaking up the stress of daily life… all of these are features that make your getaway to exactly what it should be – a brief respite from your usual routine, that leaves you refreshed and ready for another day. Our Party Houses in Devon have been specially curated to cater to a wide variety of groups. They are well-suited to everything from family holidays to hen parties, corporate retreats, and more. Moreover, many of our houses (our Devon Party Houses included) offer all sorts of irresistible amenities, including swimming pools, cinema rooms, and games rooms!