Party Houses with Pools & Hot Tubs

The search for “private swimming pools near me” ends here. Party Houses with pools and hot tubs are a good choice when looking for a holiday home in the countryside. No matter what type of getaway you’re planning, lodges and cottages with hot tubs are a lovely way to relax. Swimming pools offer ample entertainment, and an opportunity to stay fit on holiday. Regardless of the reason for your holiday, a hot tub and pool are always great ways to keep your guests entertained. In addition to hot tubs and swimming pools, many of our venues are set in stunning locations. they also offer a host of different features, such as cinema and games rooms, expansive views and spacious gardens. We have venues that are suited to any time of the year. On this page, you’ll learn about some of the health benefits of swimming and hot tubs, and find a list of Party Houses venues that offer one or both of these features.

Lodges with hot tubs | Soak away the stress

Hot tub breaks are one of the best ways to relax and alleviate stress. Furthermore, hot tubs provide you with a comfortable and unique setting for enjoying fantastic conversations with your loved ones. They provide an opportunity to create precious memories. We all know there is nothing like getting into the warm comfort of a hot tub while it’s cold outside. From an outdoor hot tub, you’re able to stargaze while having a relaxation session with your family and friends. Party Houses offer numerous cottages with hot tubs and lodges with hot tubs, dotted throughout the UK. From gorgeous glamping venues in Wales to historic estates in the Peak District, finding cottages with hot tubs has never been easier.

Cottages with hot tubs near me

Outdoor private swimming pool near me

Houses with private swimming pools near me

Those who prefer to dive into a larger body of water may feel inclined to search for a “private swimming pool near me.” Summer holidays in cottages with swimming pools is fun for guests of all ages. From games of Marco-polo to swimming laps to stay in shape, a pool is a fantastic addition to any holiday. At Party Houses, we have a wide selection of houses with pools, some indoors, some outdoors, some heated and some not. You might even be lucky enough to find yourself in a house that features both a hot tub and a swimming pool! If you have the two in close proximity, you can leap between the two. Warm yourself up in the hot tub and then dive into the pool to cool off.

Benefits of Swimming

There are many impressive benefits to swimming. In addition to being loads of fun, swimming is an incredibly good exercise that is very forgiving on the joints. Individuals who have had an operation or injury are often encouraged to regain their strength through swimming. Swimming is low impact and works the entire body. It is an appropriate activity for those suffering from arthritis and injury, and anyone who cannot participate in high-impact exercise. This also bodes well for those who battle to sleep- exercise is a great way to improve sleep and boost one’s mood. Individuals who cannot exercise easily due to physical complications can benefit greatly from swimming. It gives people an opportunity to burn off excess energy, boost serotonin levels through physical activity, and is generally a fun thing to do.

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Glamping with hot tubs

Benefits of Hot Tubs

Swimming pools offer ample fun and low-impact exercise, but hot tubs have a few benefits of their own. It’s no surprise that hot tubs can also improve sleep. The warm water and water jet features in some of them create a relaxing atmosphere that helps to ease the tensions of the day. The warm water helps to ease muscle tension, which in turn reduces stress and helps to improve stress. In addition to these more intuitive benefits, a 2016 study found that hot tubs may benefit people with obesity and diabetes. The hypothesis was that exposure to warm water has an impact on insulin sensitivity, making it beneficial for managing diabetes. We can all agree that relaxing in a toasty hot tub is a pleasant experience that will set your holiday apart.

Finding private swimming pools near me

Private swimming pools near me is a great line to search for when planning the perfect getaway. To make it easier, we have assembled a list of venues that come with both or just one of the two features. We have grouped the venues according to region, allowing you to make a selection based on location. In the event that you are unsure which venue to choose, give us a call. The Party Houses team is always happy to assist with finding the perfect Party House for your next getaway.

Midlands and the Peak District

Hollow Meadows Hall

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | Swimming Pool

Silvercoast Mansion

Sleeps: 21 | Bedrooms: 11 | Swimming Pool

South East

The Hoof House

venues with hot tubs

Sleeps: 26 | Bedrooms: 10 | Hot Tub

Goldfinch Lakeside Manor

estates with pools

Sleeps: 24-27 | Bedrooms: 12 | Shared Pool + Hot Tub

The London Villa

HOuse near london with hot tubSleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 10 | Hot Tub

Catweazle Manor

houses for rent with pool south east

Sleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 9 | Swimming Pool

Bradwell House

party houses with hot tubs near london

Sleeps: 27 | Bedrooms: 14 | Hot Tub

Puzzle Party House

INcredible party house with hot tubSleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 11 | Hot tub, spa & sauna

Greenwood Manor

Sleeps: 20 – 26 | Bedrooms: 8 | Swimming Pool

South West

Victorian Rectory 

Party Houses with swimming pools

Sleeps: 24-28 | Bedrooms: 12 | Pool + Hot Tub

Burrow Barn

Party Houses with hot tubs

Sleeps: 15-17 | Bedrooms: 7 | Hot Tub

Her Majesty’s House

Sleeps: 24 guests | Bedrooms: 9

Private Swimming Pool access

Primrose Retreat

venues with private hot tubs

Sleeps: 8-10 | Bedrooms: 4 | Private hot tub, shared indoor & outdoor pool, shared hot tub & sauna

Hambury Hideaway

Seaside accommodation with swimming pool UK Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 10 | Indoor swimming pool

Prince Hall

Uk holiday house with hot tubSleeps: 18 | Bedrooms: 9 | Private hot tub

Elmore Grove

House with pool & hot tub UKSleeps: 35 | Bedrooms: 9 | Private hot tub & indoor pool

Joy Cottage

hot tub rental accommodation UKSleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 10 | Hot tub

Rainbow Resort

Easter rentals UKSleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 6 | Private hot tub

Malthouse Cottage

Malthouse cottage for rent UKSleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 17 | Private hot tub

Hawthorn House

House to rent for easter ukSleeps: 16 | Bedrooms: 4 | Hot tub

Flamingo Hall 

UK holiday rentals easterSleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 7 | Hot tub & heated swimming pool


Barley House

houses for rent with hot tub

Sleeps: 14-18 | Bedrooms: 5 | Hot Tub

Hidden Manor

hidden manor with hot tub

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 6 | Hot Tub

Pennines Country House

large house to rent with hot tub

Sleeps: 15-30 | Bedrooms: 9 | Hot Tub + Swim spa

Southfield Farm

venues with pools

Sleeps: 18-24 | Bedrooms: 8 | Hot Tub

Martini Manor

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 6 | Hot Tub

Bryony Barn

Barn for rent UK

Sleeps: 35 | Bedrooms: 8 | Hot Tub

Pennies Country House

Hot tub house rentals UKSleeps: 30 | Bedrooms: 9 | Hot Tub

Ash Willow House

Hot tub party houses UK

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 5 | Hot Tub

Hunter’s Lodge

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 4 | Hot Tub

Wales & Scotland

Kenmore House

houses for rent in scotland with hot tub

Sleeps: 10 | Bedrooms: 5 | Lake view & easy access with beautiful scenery

Mapletree Farmhouse

party houses with swimming pools

Sleeps: 12-14 | Bedrooms: 6 | Private Swimming Pool

Dandelion Manor

Party House with hot tub

Sleeps 14 | Pet-friendly | Located in Rhu | Hot tub only

Pembrokeshire Estate

holiday homes with hot tubs uk

Sleeps: 24-28 | Bedrooms: 10 | Private hot tub

Forager’s Den

weekend away Wales

Sleeps: 20 | Bedrooms: 5 | Private hot tub with each dome

Island Manor

Hot tub housre

Sleeps 29 | Located in Isle of Bute | Pet-friendly | Hot tub

Tenby Manor

Party Houses with swimming pools

Sleeps: 28-30 | Bedrooms: 11 | Private Beach!

Aber Hall

Easter holiday rentals UK

Sleeps: 22 | Bedrooms: 8 | Hot tub & shared swimming pool

Heather House

Yoga venue UK Scotland

Sleeps 24 | Pet-friendly | Located in Skelmorlie | Hot tub