Event ideas for party hosues
Sep 27

Four easy steps to plan your vacation at Party Houses


Planning a vacation, but not sure how to plan your days to fit everyone’s needs? As we want you to have a great stay, we came up with four easy steps that are suitable for all ages, genders, and passions to make your stay unforgettable!




Start your vacation by letting your guests know the address, arrival date, and time of your stay at your Party House. How to do it? Consider going old school! Write up and send post cards straight to your guests’ doorstep. If you are feeling extra creative, consider making the invitations yourself!! Once you know the number of people, cut up some beautiful paper and make individualised cards. Decorate it with something unique, maybe attach a picture of yourself cooking an apple pie? Or if you prefer designing a digital invitation, there are many websites that will help you create very special and unique cards for your party (try Canva or Paperless Post). It won’t be only a physical proof of the approaching vacation, well-deserved retreat, and unlimited fun, but also a great way to remind your loved ones how excited you are to spend your vacation with them.


Event ideas for party hosues




Step number two – examine what your event venue has to offer. Many of our Party Houses come with a hot tub, games room and big gardens. If your big house for rent comes with a swimming pool, make sure to reserve a day solely for relaxation and recharging your batteries. You can forget about cooking and simply treat yourself. Hire professional spa services, who will set up all the equipment at your event venue and make sure you receive the best services possible. By hiring professional chefs to cater your big house, all of your guests will be fed while you just relax and receive your well-deserved massage.


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All of our Party Houses offer beautiful grounds and big gardens perfect for a walk or some sports activities. Bring badminton rackets and spend the day outside enjoying your family’s company. Since most of our event venues are dog-friendly, do not forget your little friends at home, as they also want to explore the new property. Organize a picnic outside and spend some quality time chatting with your guests. For those of you who would like to have something even more memorable, consider hiring activities like falconry, clay pigeon shooting, or archery.




What could be better than an afternoon with your loved ones by the fireplace, enjoying warm conversations and lots of laughter. Bring a board game with you or organize a snooker tournament, taking advantage of the snooker table located in the games room. For all of you, who like mystery and challenging yourselves, set up a Murder Mystery Evening at your Party House. A team of professional actors will join you and your guests and take you on a ride of murderous intrigue. Professionals will reveal secrets of your Party House, making it a night to remember!


vacation Party House


There are many fun things to do at your Party House, so use your imagination and we hope this four easy steps inspired you to come up with special activities for your upcoming vacation with your loved ones.