How to Promote Your Venue Efficiently

Christopher | Mar 05 2018

Do you own a property that you rent out or would like to but aren’t sure how to promote it and where to start? Getting a couple of bookings in during the summer is quite easy but how do you generate all year-round interest and create a steady income for yourself? This article will talk about just that – the benefits of using online resources to promote your venue and maximise interest in your property.


1. Create and manage your online presence


First things first, create a profile for your venue online. Whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, your own website or better yet, all of the above, the more online profiles you generate for your venue, the bigger the chances of being found by potential guests.

When creating an online profile, one of the most important things is posting regularly. With social media, this implies posting valuable content consistently, including high-quality images, videos and engaging captures. If you decide to have a website, you can do so quite easily by using Squarespace, Jimdo, Weebly or Wix, or simply hire a developer who can design a website for you. You’ll also want to feature a blog page on your website where you can post on a weekly basis. This will keep the search engines happy and your website fresh. Update your future guests about different events you’re hosting, parties you can help organise etc.

When publishing your content, you’ll also want to be conscious of the language and keywords you use. You’ll want to ensure your profile is optimised for different types of web searches (ie. UK wedding venue, party house to rent, large group accommodation…). If you’d like to learn more about this topic, you might want to take a look at the best SEO practices for wedding venues.

2. List with an agency


Agencies are a great way to get your venue seen by more potential guests. They have designated staff for SEO optimisation and promotion, strong social media presence, and a big number of people they reach on a regular basis. Agencies usually have strong domain names and optimised websites, enabling them to be at the top of Google searches. Even better, they have a range of returning guests. Guests, who are always looking for the next best party house to visit.

There are two main types of agencies, ones with a yearly fee and ones which are commission-based. Agencies with a yearly fee usually charge a sign-up fee to cover the fee of creating a profile and provide a platform where your venue can be featured. More often then not these types of agencies then work as a database of venues, simply forwarding enquiries. They also tend to streamline particular venues that tend to generate more interest and push those that don’t further behind.

On the other hand, commission-based venues usually have no signup fee but earn money on bookings that they generate for your property. Therefore, these agencies put a great emphasis on marketing efforts and customer care. Commission-based agencies tend to have a more personal approach with the guests and venue owners in order to create extra value for both.

Although listing with an agency requires a fair degree of consideration, signing up with an agency has a number of benefits. Agents answer the incoming enquiries with further information about your venue, forward you relevant enquiries, and recommend your venue to potential guests. Furthermore, they can create a lot of promotion by utilising their audience. This includes social media posts, featuring your special offers, and broadcasting your venue through a widespread newsletter list and more.


3. Start getting bookings


We can all agree that the UK market has become quite saturated with venues and venue representatives. So much so, that it has become very difficult to get your venue’s name out there and gain the exposure you need without using third-party resources. This does not, however, mean that you’ll lose that personal touch with your customers. Listing your venue with a smaller agency will ensure that all of the agents know your venue inside out and can provide the added value to your potential guests. Not to mention how much nicer it will be to discuss your venue with agents that you know personally.

Although good venues always see returning guests, nowadays it has become quite difficult to get a venue booked year-round.  This is why affiliating your venue with valuable partners can be very profitable. Not to mention how many wonderful moments your new guests will be able to have at your special property.

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