Aug 18

Five Easy Steps for Having a Great Stag-do


The recipe for organising any great party is to start planning it early. We at Party Houses realise how important it is to organise an awesome stag-do and so we compiled this list bellow full of useful tips to help you through the process. Don’t leave your party to a coincidence, rather check out these five easy steps to your unforgettable stag do!


1. Who Should I Invite?

So, do you want your stag-do to be the best? Then invite the best men! Consider creating a WhatsApp or Messenger group and start brainstorming all together. Be open to ideas, because no matter what you and your friends will end up doing, it will surely be a lot of fun!




2. Where Should I Have My Stag-do?

Didn’t we all watch “The Hangover” movie, and think that our stag-do should totally be in Vegas? The slogan “what happens on tour, stays on tour” might be the biggest motivation for you to take the flight abroad. There are many fun European alternatives to Vegas like Barcelona or Amsterdam. But why go far if your country has so much to offer?! Hit the road with your friends and make road trip around the UK! There are many large Party Houses for rent all over the country. What’s better, many of our Party Houses allow a stag-do.


3. Hotel vs. Self- catering

Keeping a big group in a hotel may be challenging while a self- catering accommodation means all the lads are safely under one roof. Don’t spend your time wondering around looking for everyone only to gather them in one small room, but rather go with one big venue that will provide you with plenty of space for everyone to enjoy themselves. Having your own self-catering house also means complete privacy with no need to worry about other guests, as your self–catering house will only belong to you and your party. And isn’t it all about the little things like having a beer while preparing that perfect steak for dinner? After delicious food consider taking advantage of the games room or relax and enjoy your hot tub until the stars come out. After you’re full, relaxed, and happy it might just be time to hit the local pubs.



4. Create a Plan

Once you know the location of your amazing stag-do, create a plan of action. Many of Party Houses for rent have a hot tub and a BBQ. What’s next? Ask the host about onsite or offsite activities close to the house. We at Party Houses have you covered, and we’ve uploaded entire list of activities, from which to choose from. For those who like to cook or eat, all BBQ areas are equipped with everything you need to make delicious burgers! Be it a beer tasting experience , golfing, climbingpaintballing, there’s plenty of things to do near your Party House! For active friends and adrenaline seekers, try some fun activities like climbing or mountain biking in the Peak District area. Finally, check out some local bars in the nearby towns and PARTEEY!


5. Don’t Forget the Outfit!

Definitely, one of the most important things for a stag-do is to pick the right costume! All these “Unicorns”, “Where is Wally Waldo?” and “Star Wars soldiers” are bound to make your party unforgettable!

There are many websites in the UK where you could buy your stag party outfit. However, if you still have enough time, save some money by buying in bulk in one of the Alibaba websites. Bear in mind that you would probably have to wait a while for them to arrive to your house. Do not worry about the costume being too big, or too small, the wrong size will make it funnier anyway.  So, choose your favourite character and enjoy!!


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