May 30

The Benefits of a Corporate Retreat


Whether you want to admit it or not, the business world is changing. There has been a shift in people wishing to work in big corporations with (supposedly) more security, to wanting to work in smaller companies or even building their own businesses. This mental shift also comes across in company culture. By recognising the benefits of co-working environments, smaller and bigger companies are moving towards a more collective way of thinking and working, including incorporating training, events, and retreats in the workflow of the company. There are lots of benefits to regularly organising corporate events. Here are the ten best reasons why corporate retreats are not only necessary but also extremely beneficial for your company.


1. Improving interpersonal interaction
Team building will help your employees to get to know each other on a more personal level. It can help build relationships between colleagues that are not just based on work but also on enjoyment.


2. Rewarding your employees
A well organised and thought out corporate get-away can be a real treat for the team. Show them your gratitude for the work they do and the value they bring as individuals.


3. Building morale
Team-buildings are proven to build up corporate morale. Your employees are your most important stakeholders. If and when your team feels valued and appreciated, it will not only be more aligned to your company but will also represent it in a better capacity.


4. Finding common issues and returning to the common goal
Every company has their own twitches that the employees have to deal with. When you have the entire personnel from different departments in one place, the issues can be resolved much faster, resulting in a smoother workflow within the company.


5. Overcoming fear and exposing hidden talents
After some time it’s easy for employees to be set in their ways. Therefore, encouraging them to break out of their comfort zone can empower them and maybe even expose their hidden talents.


6. Skill building and education
Corporate retreats are also a great time for your team to learn something new. Perhaps you’re trying out a new software that your employees should know. Or maybe you’re changing your business strategy and you need your employees to understand the new approaches that the company is planning to take. Or perhaps you think that organising a class on leadership and teamwork might be useful for your team. No matter what you choose, this time is a wonderful opportunity to develop the skill set of your employees.


7. Comfort that breeds creativity
As a consequence of your employees getting more comfortable with each other, expressing their out-of-the-box ideas will become easier. You never know, perhaps this team building is exactly what this company needed to progress.


8. Staff recruiting
You can also consider using the company retreat as a way of recruiting new personnel. The sooner you make new employees feel like part of the company, the sooner you can expect them to do great work for you.


9. Attracting new talent
There are lots of companies (think of Google, Houzz, or Mindvalley) that use their company culture to attract the best talent out there. It’s a great strategy, so why not got give it a shot?


10. Shared goals – stronger team
Last but not least, team building, training and corporate retreats will make your team stronger and more capable of working together towards the company’s goal. Take advantage of this time and aim to inspire your employees, ignite their passion for the work that they do, and make them feel fortunate to say they work for you.


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