Mam-Tor Midlands walks
Apr 13

Top Midlands Walks, Hikes and Sites


There’s plenty of things that the Midlands are famous for. The industrial revolution started right in Brighton where the brightest minds of the time gathered under the name The Lunar Society. This significant area was the home of famous figures such as J. J. R. Tolkien,  Sir Isaac Newton, Philip Larkin, William Shakespeare, the list goes on… Also, the Cadbury chocolate; we just can’t get enough of it!

But our real appreciation for the Midlands comes from its incredible and breathtaking nature. There are almost too many beautiful spots in this area, so we narrowed the list down, to give you our top suggestions on Midlands walks, sights and hikes in the local area.


The Roaches

The Roaches are interesting rock formations just above Leek, making it a popular destination for hikers and rock climbers. The most famous rock formations of the Roaches are the Ramshaw Roch, Hen Cloud, and the Winking Man. There’s also a pool of water called the Doxey Pool, and the legend has it that there’s a mermaid residing inside. Finish your trip by visiting the Lud’s Church, amazing moss-clad gritstone chasm.

Funny fact: Courtney Brocklehurst, Sir Philip Brocklehurst’s younger brother used to live in Roaches Hall and had its own exotic zoo. While Courtney tragically died in WWII, five Australian Wallabies escaped from the zoo and into nature. It’s believed that there is still a small colony of them around.


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Mam Tor

Another fantastic idea if you’re looking for one of the best Midlands walks is the Mam Tor, a stunning mountain tracing back to the Bronze Age. There is a stone surfaced footpath that will lead you to one of the most amazing views of the Peak District. You can explore the “mother hill” by taking a nice 3 miles long circular walking path. On average it usually takes 2 hours to walk, and can easily be taken with your children and dogs.


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Kinver Edge

This site is located on the border between Worcestershire and Staffordshire. The very top provides its hikers with a beautiful view of the surrounding area, but this is not exactly what makes the Kinver Edge famous. Bellow the summit and carved into the rocks you’ll find little houses. Keep your eyes out for Nanny’s Rock as you’ll be able to enjoy a great viewpoint of cave and rock dwellings, including the famous Holy Austin Rock, where you’ll be able to go inside and take a look at how the former residents lived inside the rocks.


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Sutton Park

If you’re looking for some beautiful nature without needing to hike, visit the Sutton Park. With its 2,400 acres, this place is considered to be one of the UK’s largest urban parks. Located just on the outskirts of Birmingham, its accessible to all as there is no entrance charge (although you might need to pay for parking in the summer). This park represents the perfect getaway out of the city. You’ll be able to enjoy several lakes, cafés and restaurants, and various activities such as a golf course, a donkey sanctuary, and a lovely children’s playground. Bring your dogs, kites, model aeroplanes, bikes or a picnic basket; you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time.


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Long Mynd

Long Mynd is a part of the Shropshire Hills located in West Midlands on the border with Wales. This 5 miles aka 3-hour walk is perfect for those looking for a bit more demanding hike. Your efforts won’t be for anything, as you will be rewarded with incredible views of Shropshire.

If you’re looking to just explore the area with the kids, go pond dipping, bird watching, wild swimming or simply bring your picnic basket and enjoy some fresh air and good vibes.


Peak district with the kids

Image taken from Jordan Mansfield Landscape Photography


If you’re also a fan of the Midlands and are looking to get away from the busy city life and stay in the local area, take a look at our Party Houses in the Midlands and the Peak District.