Top 5 Bars You Should Visit When Dropping by Liverpool

Christopher | Feb 10 2023

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If you’re looking for a night out in the city of Liverpool, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a huge selection of bars to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something chilled, lively, or a little bit of everything, you’ll find the perfect bar to suit your taste.


Today, let’s delve into the top bars you should consider visiting should you drop by Liverpool.


  1. The Florist


The Florist in Liverpool is a must-visit for photographers and foodies alike. This unique bar is housed in a former school for the blind and features an array of floral delights. From gorgeous flower walls to fragrant cocktails and a fabulous food menu featuring brunch and a scrumptious Sunday Roast, this is an Instagrammer’s dream come true.


  1. The Revolucion De Cuba


Revolucion De Cuba is a two-storey bar with outdoor seating right on the Albert Dock. The perfect spot to catch some rays and sip on a delicious tiki-style cocktail. Enjoy a Cuba Libre made with Bacardi Carta Oro rum, lime and Coca-Cola, or the Fruit Salad Teapot, perfect for sharing with friends. With Latin-inspired Cantina and Cuban classics, you won’t want to leave!


  1. The Pen Factory


The Pen Factory is a great spot for a casual lunch with friends, offering a selection of drinks such as cask ales, continental lagers, wine, cocktails, and Prosecco. The interior is decorated with a cool, industrial style, and there is also a cosy outdoor area with twinkling lights. Though the name implies pens, you’ll find board games instead.


  1. The Alchemist


If you’re looking for a truly unique experience with your cocktails, The Alchemist is the place. Located near Castle Street, it’s housed in a beautiful old building and offers some truly amazing drinks. From bubbling potions in test tubes to flaming concoctions, you’ll be sure to find something extraordinary to enjoy.


  1. The One O’Clock Gun


Situated on the historic Royal Albert Dock, The One O’Clock Gun is a pub that provides a perfect combination of traditional hospitality, an amazing range of drinks and scrumptious pub grub. The pub offers a house Pale Ale that was crafted in collaboration with Liverpool’s Carnival Brewery, as well as a range of draught beers, locally brewed craft beers, and even non-alcoholic beers.


What to Know Before Visiting These Bars and Any Other


Before visiting any place, it’s important to check ahead to see if they are open and if they have any special booking processes in place. Additionally, please be respectful of other visitors and follow any social distancing guidelines the venue has in place. Liverpool is a very friendly city, so make sure to keep that spirit alive!




Overall, these are some of the best bars you can’t go wrong visiting in Liverpool. Of course, there are many other bars out there, so don’t be afraid to give them a go. They’re all unique in their own ways, and they all serve up incredible drinks. Regardless of which one you go to, we promise you will have nothing short of a good time!


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