Top 10 stag do ideas in the UK
Sep 27

Top 10 Unique Stag Do Ideas UK


At Party Houses, we believe that getting away for the weekend is one of the greatest ways to celebrate any occasion. Getting away for an action-packed weekend with your lads is one of the best ways to have a memorable stag party. Our list of ideas for stag parties is bound to have something in it that works for your group. From paintball to pampering, this list of unique stag do ideas for the  UK leaves no rock unturned in the pursuit of a perfect program. We understand the importance of making this an unforgettable experience. 


Party Houses for stag dos:

Weekend getaways are always welcome stag-do ideas UK. With several unique venues dotted throughout the UK, finding a perfect spot to host your stag do venue has never been easier. From unique setups like Canary Yacht in London to more classic, historical options such as Roaches Hall or Toft Estate. Booking a house for your group is a fantastic stag do idea UK. It also helps to make sure that everyone gets to spend some quality time together. A Party House provides space to sleep off your hangovers and have everyone together for easy organising when it’s activity time. Throw in a hot tub (with the house or hired in extra) and the most fundamental part of your adventure is sorted.  


Cater for your stag do weekend:

Catering for stag parties

While going away is fantastic, we would totally understand if cooking were the last thing you were up for. Organising a caterer is a fantastic idea for UK stags, that saves you a lot of time. From caterers to cocktail makers, there are a range of services that make life that much easier. Services such as My Event Concierge, chris the chef, and Feast It are just 3 of the many carting services that exist. Bringing in a caterer cuts out the need for any coordination on who’s cooking what. This means you get to eat a fresh English breakfast to restore yourself from a night of nonsense, without lifting a finger.  


Practice your aim with archery or clay pigeon shooting:

With catering sorted and a perfect place booked for the weekend, it’s time to venture out and have some fun. For those of you who enjoy a bit of a challenge and a little competition, why not practice your aim with some archery or clay pigeon shooting? This unique stag do idea UK is a great bonding experience that gives your lads an opportunity to show off their skills and have a lot of fun in the process. There are archery and clay-pigeon shooting organisers all over the UK, some of which even offer services at your accommodation.  


Get onto the battlefield with paintball or laser tag:

Stag party ideas UK

If you’re keen to show off your aim and get a bit more of an adrenaline rush, why not hit the battlefield for a round of laser tag or paintball? These two sports require teamwork and communication. They are an excellent way for the lads to bond, collecting flags from opposing teams. These activities are always popular, for players of a wide range of ages. Of all the unique stag do ideas UK, this one is always a win. Anyone who feels a little anxious at the prospect of paintball can opt for a game of laser tag instead. Laser tag is just as fun, minus the impact of a paintball. 


Silly sports sessions for stag do UK:

Silly sport for stag party

Instead of, or in addition to, options 2 and 3, why not try out some silly sports? Whether it’s bubble football, glow golf or segway polo, there are all sorts of silly sports adventures that would be perfect for any stag do. These games give you all the fun of playing sports, but add an additional, ridiculous aspect that will be sure to have everyone laughing. And there’s no denying that a group of people laughing joyfully is a welcome experience to all. This is a great UK stag idea, with several locations and party planners that help to make it happen.  


Stag do idea spa-day for the boys:

Stag do ideas 2023

So far, we’ve mostly looked at getting out and getting active. But what about those hungover mornings when all you want to do is remain curled in bed trying to recall the night before? Perhaps an unexpected twist, but why not treat your boys to a spa day? A session of true pampering soothes even the roughest soul. So put on some face masks and hop into the hot tub, possibly organise massages through a company like Glo Pamper! Spa sessions aren’t your typical stag do idea UK, but why should the ladies get all the special treatment? All that time spent running around, you can be quite sure that adding a spa session will be an unexpected, yet unforgettable addition to your stag do.  


Stag do idea – test your balance:

If you happen to be staying close by to a beach or lake, why not test your balance with some surfing or stand-up paddle-boarding? Always a welcome activity, renting out a SUP is a lot of fun. If you wanted to take it up a notch, you could add some element of difficulty, like trying to do yoga on your board, racing from one point to another, or having a ‘last-man-standing’ competition. Regardless of how you approach it, this unique stag do idea is always a lot of fun.  


Go-karting for the lads – a unique stag do idea:

Anyone who loves a bit of a rush will have a fantastic time go-karting. This unique stag do idea is possible at numerous places throughout the UK. Most people will have tried go-karting at least once in their life. This throwback to childhood birthday parties is a great way to get everyone laughing as you crash into one another and spin into the barricades. Naturally, go-karting has a competitive edge as well, making is a wonderful stag do idea for groups that like to best each other.  


Stag do games night:

Another fantastic stag do idea for the UK is a games night. With your Party House booked, your caterers arranged and your bartenders mixing up a collection of cocktails, why not play some games? A games night is a lovely way for everyone to connect. Whether you opt for something along the lines of a murder mystery, have a Fifa tournament in the Xbox snug, or set yourself up with poker and cigars, this is a great activity. Depending on your group, you could even provide a few options. Why not give the lads a chance to choose between the Xbox and a deck of cards? If you’re feeling extra adventurous, it’s even possible to bring in a professional poker teacher and perfect your poker faces. 


Adventure ideas for stag do games:

Adventure challenges are a great game for building connections. Split up the group for a bit and give them a fun sense of competition. Pair everyone into groups that are least familiar with each other, and send them out into a nearby town. Provide a list of people with specific attributes to photograph. For example, a photo with someone wearing a short sleeve t-shirt in the rain. A photo with someone whose hair is pink. A photo with someone who has more than 4 cats, etc. Create a list of ridiculous tasks either as a group or alone to dish out. Whichever team wins, gets to decide what’s for dinner. This stag do idea UK is particularly fun because you get to decide your own challenges. 


We trust that with this list of unique stag do ideas UK, you’ll be feeling a little more relaxed and excited by planning your party. A stag do is a great excuse for a lad’s weekend away! Take the opportunity to really treat yourselves and enjoy some time in a Party House together. There are so many fantastic venues throughout the UK, to suit any group. Whether you’re keen on a secluded house with a fantastic games room or dying to stay on a yacht in the heart of London, Party Houses has something for everyone.