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Aug 26

Top 10 Unique Hen Do Ideas – Party Houses UK


So you’ve been given the task of throwing together a hen do for your best girlfriend. “What an honour,” you think to yourself. “I’m going to have lots of fun with this!” But later that night, the stars come out and reality begins to set in. Suddenly, you’re at a loss! “Where do I even begin?” you ask yourself. How do you find unique hen do ideas to make sure it’s more than something you’ve just checked off the to-do list? How do make sure there’s something for everyone? And most importantly, how do you make sure it’s an experience your girls will never forget?


At Party Houses, we understand both how important it is to get everything perfect when planning a hen do, and how difficult it can be to think of unique hen do ideas. These gatherings are about celebrating the end of a chapter in our lives. They mark an end to an old way of life, and warm us up for the big day! Naturally, it’s important that we make them memorable and enjoyable! That is why we have decided to compile this list of our top 10 unique hen do ideas for the UK to help you plan an unforgettable Hen Do! Our personal preference is to compile a program from the list below, to create a balanced weekend away that entertains whilst allowing time for relaxing and pampering. This way there really is something for everyone!


Entertainment services:


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Turn off the TV and bring in some real entertainment. And no ladies, we’re not talking about that sort of entertainer. From magicians to mixologists, all sorts of adventures can be brought right to your doorstep. Party Houses connects with a number of performers, entertainers, and party planners. Among the multitude of possible services are activities such as Party Pants’ knicker decorating and nude life drawing with Hen Party Artistry. From private dance classes to being dazzled by Witness the Magic, you can be sure that this unique hen do idea will be a hit.


Karaoke Night:


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Why not organise a karaoke night and melt each other’s hearts with your mellifluous voices? There’s no better bonding experience than signing teenage classics at the top of your lungs while everyone else battles away for the next song at the pinball table. Jukebox 45 offers a fantastic service where they provide a karaoke machine, along with a collection of giant games and even a pinball machine if you’re so inclined. This is a really great way to loosen everyone up and spend some time together connecting over classic songs that nobody remembers the lyrics to. If you’re keen on the games but know that your friends can’t sing in tune and prefer to skip the microphone, a jukebox offers a great alternative and is also an option in this case.


Spa Sessions:


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If all that loud noise seems like the last thing you and your girls are up for, sit back, relax, and treat yourself to a spa day. Perhaps not the most unique hen do idea, but only because it’s tried and tested, and sometimes we all need a little R&R. Planning a wedding is a lot of work, so you can be pretty certain that the bride-to-be will appreciate a little downtime before the big day. Companies such as Glo Pamper and the Love Pamper Company offer more than 30 different styles of spa treatments, and that’s not all! These stress-busting artists bring the spa to you, in the comfort of home. Pair this with a stunning group accommodation in the countryside and a decent bottle of wine and you can be sure that you’ll have a great experience.


Pottery Painting:



Do you prefer to hit snooze on the spa day and get creative instead? Painting pottery, a great activity to do with the girls, is definitely a unique and personal option to add to a hen do program. Not only will this be a unique experience for your whole group (unless they happen to be potters), but you will leave with something you made yourself to remember the experience. Pottery painting is an incredibly relaxing and therapeutic activity that gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves creatively. The Emma Bridgewater Pottery Factory is definitely a unique hen do idea for your UK hens. Emma offers pottery painting sessions of one and a half hours, where you and your girls get to paint the piece of your choice.


Wine Tasting & cocktail making:


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If pottery isn’t your cup of tea, why not organise some wine-tasting or a cocktail-making class? Both of these are fun activities that we are sure will be welcomed by everyone. There are a number of well-reviewed companies that bring the action to you, and between cocktails and tastings, at least one is sure to work for your group. Making cocktails is a really fun way to learn something new and is an activity that is inclusive of everyone- even those that can’t or don’t drink can learn to create virgin cocktails, which might be fun for any mums to be. Naked Cocktails and Mint provide fantastic cocktail-making classes while The WineTubeMap Social offers unique and personalised wine tastings that we think would be perfect for any hen party.


Horse riding:


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Horse riding is a great hen do idea for the UK. Whether you’re an experienced rider on the path to being a jockey, or someone who has never even seen a horse, going horse riding is an unforgettable experience that would make a magnificent addition to a hen do weekend. If you’ve found yourself a gorgeous spot to stay, out in the countryside and away from daily stress, take it one step further and really get out into nature on horseback. The UK has many stables that offer riding lessons and carriage driving to groups of all ages and levels, no matter how experienced you might be. This is a unique activity that will undoubtedly set your program apart.


Escape Rooms & Casino Nights:


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This is one of our favourite hen do ideas. If you feel like stirring things up or adding some stakes to the game, an escape room, murder mystery or casino night might be a good fit for your group. Imagine playing live-action Cluedo in a majestic, haunted manor, or winning big on your own, private game of roulette! You can’t deny that any one of these three will definitely appeal. Murder mysteries for the True Crime addicts and casinos for those who like to dance with Lady Luck, no matter which path you take, you’ll all be on the edge of your seat.


Hot Tub Hire & Holiday Hacks:


Hen party with a hot tub


Getting away for the weekend is always a welcome hen do idea and a relaxing experience, but it’s not without its stresses. Cooking, cleaning, buying groceries- all of these mundane tasks have the potential to break you out of the holiday spirit. If you know you’re someone who stresses about who is putting dinner on the table or deciding where to eat, Party Houses is connected with a number of service providers who can cater for your weekend away with delicious food. With all that extra time, you’ll surely want to spend a couple of hours steeping your stress away in a hot tub! Even if your accommodation doesn’t come with one, hot tubs can be hired and set up at whatever venue you decide to go for.


Building a Program:


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As we near the end of our top 10 unique hen do ideas, we would like to chat a little about setting up a bit of a program for your hen party. If you combine the ideas and experiences mentioned in points 1 to 8 into a weekend program, it will be jam-packed with fun and excitement, and enough time to rest, treat yourselves, and relax.

We believe that a lovely way to do this is by getting everyone away for the weekend and scheduling your activities according to your specific group. We generally suggest ordering a grocery box on your day of arrival so that you’ve got dinner and breakfast covered before you even arrive. Take the first night to settle in, relax in the hot tub, sip a glass of champagne. On day two, try piling in your action-packed adventures, ending in a karaoke or casino night, and use day three to recover from the weekend’s mischief with a relaxing spa day.


Accommodation for Hen Do’s:


While we definitely have some amazing hen do ideas, our strength really lies in pairing guests with the perfect group accommodations throughout the UK. While hen do’s all share the theme of sending off a bride-to-be into the next chapter of life, the similarities end there. Every individual is unique and has their own concept of luxury and entertainment. Houses such as Ashley House offer a luxurious stay in a historic setting, while other options such as Joy Cottage and Rainbow Resort have a more modern, vibrant and playful aesthetic. If you’re unsure where to look, take a browse through some of the hen party venues we have on offer! We’re always happy to advise if you’re having trouble deciding where to go.


With all of these hen do ideas bouncing around your head, we hope you’re feeling a little less overwhelmed by the task at hand. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you and your girls have a great time together and give the bride-to-be a send-off that she will never forget. While there is no right or wrong way to organise a hen do, getting out of town with your girlfriends and some pre-planned activities really does make life a little easier.