Catering at your party house
Jul 21

Self-Catered vs. Catered Party Houses


Vacation time is one of the most exciting times of the year! It’s time to gather your family members and friends and organise the perfect get-away that will give you tones to talk about for years to come! Now, when everyone agrees that renting out a large party house is a great idea, a new question arises: to cook or not to cook? Going with a self-catered or catered accommodation? Hopefully this article will help answer your question! Start of by exploring our fun infographic bellow and let’s find the best decision for you and your guests!


self-catered vs. catered infographic


Do you have any allergies or are you a fussy eater?

Here we’re referring to those who are allergic to certain foods, have religious restraints, or are just specific about the food that they like to eat, like vegetarians, vegans, and others who are careful about their diets. For guests with specific food requirements self-catering may be a preferable option, as you’ll be able to enjoy your usual and favourite meals even on your holidays. Still, cooking is not your only option, as there are plenty of catering services that cater to those with special food requirements. If you like to experiment with the food tell it to your chef, but make sure to also give them a list ingredients that you enjoy.


Will there be over 15 people in your accommodation?

In the decision making of choosing between self-catering or catering accommodation the number of guests can play a big role. Most of the time it’s easier to enjoy cooking together when you are a smaller group. Having too many people in the kitchen (even if you have a spacious kitchen) can create a mess. When catering to a large group of guests, we recommend taking turns, this way the guests who like to cook will have their glory time to show off their skills in the kitchen while others can simply enjoy tasting different kinds of cuisine. Or simply enjoy a big old barbecue! Check some of our favourite barbecue recipes here. If you don’t know how to please everyone, order a caterer and you and your guests will be able to enjoy magnificent meals without any effort of preparing or cleaning up.


Do you like your meals at exact times?

Many people like their meals at a certain time, from having breakfast at 8 am every morning, to having dinner at exactly 7:30 pm. However, some other people prefer to sleep in on certain days and wake up early on others. How to please everyone? Probably the best thing to do in this case is that the organiser decides whether the best thing for your group is having set meal times or making them vary depending on your planned activities. However, keep the breakfast flexible. No one wants to miss “the most important meal of the day”, but let’s say that the night before some of you stayed a little later while enjoying a hot-tub and listening to Jazz, maybe 8 am wake time to eat breakfast is not ideal. At the end of the day, it’s your holidays, and you deserve to take your time. Don’t rush!


Do you like trying new food? Do you like to cook?

ALERT! Having a self-catering Party House with the spacious fully equipped kitchen may cause an increased interest in cooking and baking experiments. Make sure you involve all interested members of the family, especially the youngest ones. Spend time cooking and bonding by sharing your funny cooking stories. We all have one! And for those guests who really do not enjoy cooking, there are always catering services available.




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