May 05

How to Organise a Party – Top Tips


Are you taking on the challenge of organising a party, but not sure on where to start? Are you in the search of some inspiration? Here’s a quick guide to help you with the process of event planning.



Picking a good date can be difficult so keep your guests in mind when deciding on one. Event planners usually suggest starting to think about the event about 8 – 12 weeks in advance in order to ensure you get the perfect venue and that all of your guests will be able to attend the party without having the event cross with the plans they’ve already made ages ago.



If you’d like to make this event more special than just going into a random bar, consider Party Houses, which offers stunning venues in the heart of the UK – the unique Peak District. With most of the houses being just an hour’s drive from London, they offer the perfect getaway from the busy city life into nature where you can grill, hike, rock climb, visit small villages, and party to your heart’s desire without bothering anyone.

The best part of renting a house through Party Houses is that when your guests don’t feel like partying anymore, they are literally just a few steps away from their comfortable beds and a goodnight’s rest.




This is your party! So invite only your favourite people, whether it’s your family members or a group of your closest friend, there’s no reason to invite your uncle that gets on everyone’s nerves or your friend whose no-too-attractive alter ego comes out of every time he gets drunk.

Get a bit creative with the invitations and consider using a software like Canva or Fotor that allows you to upload your favourite image (or browse through the ones that they offer), write in your invitation text (containing the theme of the party, location, and date), and send it through email.

Also, I suggest you create a Facebook Messenger or a Whatsapp group where you can all communicate on what should people bring, which games you could play, or activities you’d like to do.



This is, besides having an amazing venue, one of the biggest things about throwing a great party. You can either hire a caterer who will take care of your guest’s bellies or take the lead yourself. If it’s the latter, you can organise a potluck where everybody brings a dish, which you then all enjoy. Another great idea, especially with the warm season approaching is to have a barbeque! Don’t forget beer (you can even order a keg in advance and have it waiting at the venue when you arrive), wine, and soft drinks. If you’re thinking about a theme, you can have drinks that match the party theme you’re going for.




Take an advantage of Spotify, Deezer, or SoundCloud and create or find a few playlists that you know your guests will love. Don’t just choose one with the latest most popular songs, but also think about songs that remind you of your shared moments and fun times by choosing songs that will put a smile on your guest’s faces and make them sing their heart out!



Try games like React and Act, where each of you writes down funny situations, puts the paper in a hat or bag and you each take turns drawing an action out of the hat that you then have to act out (eg. biting into a hotdog, just to realise that the sausage is actually a human finger, meeting your biggest idol of all time, getting an F in class, catching your parents having sex and so on).

Another game would be to put people into random pairs and make them play the game of how well do they know each other. Ask some weird questions and there won’t be a single straight face in the room.

You can also try the artist game where the most courageous one poses and the rest have to draw him/her in 2 minutes. Unless you’re incredible artists, these pictures will without a doubt make everybody laugh.



Last but not least, don’t forget to take pictures of your party! As stupid as it might seem at the moment, you’ll love browsing through the pictures next morning and laughing about the memorable moments from the previous night. It will also make for some great memories for years ahead. Finally, to give you some fresh social media tips, use revenant hash tags and tag your location to get more exposure (you can also use the tag #partyhouses as we’re going through the tags regularly and are happy to repost amazing pictures and share some exposure).



Have fun!