Perfect party houses for any event
Aug 25

Looking for a Party House for Your Next Celebration?


We could all use some inspiration when a special celebration or an important event comes around. One of the biggest decisions of party planning is choosing which venue to go for, whether it’s the location, budget, or features, we all have our own preferences. And so it is sometimes hard to organise a party that would be enjoyed by all members of the group. This is why we at Party Houses compiled a list of great tips of industry experts. We’ll tackle how to approach your upcoming event, the important things to take into consideration, and the stuff that you can simply stop worrying about and let go.


1. Location matters

When choosing the location of your future Party House, be it a wedding celebration or a simple family gathering with your loved ones, one of the most important things to take into consideration is the distance that your group would be traveling to reach the final destination. Think about what kind of natural surroundings you would like to have around the house for those sunny days that are just waiting for you to take advantage off. Are you looking for picturesque forest paths and wildlife of the unique Peak District and the Midlands? Perhaps you’re a mermaid by heart and would be interested in staying in some South West beach locations? Or maybe you’d prefer a nearby getaway from the busy life of London and Brighton?


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2. Royalty or a Homey Feel

What kind of house would you like to have? Would you like for your guests to feel like royalty and enjoy luxurious living spaces and labyrinth gardens or would you prefer a small, cosy house with a family touch? Many people think that the all-inclusive hotels are a great idea for a holiday getaway but, have you ever thought about all of the things you could do in a home away from home? It’s like going to your summer house, but having it be different each time, yet keeping its cosiness and beauty. You can be free as you would be at home, as there will be no one to judge you eating that birthday cake in the middle of the night or having breakfast at lunchtime. You can have a lazy day sunbathing next to the pool, spend the afternoon watching a movie snacking on sweet popcorn and for dinner enjoying some fantastic Indian food delivery. Best thing? You can do it in your unicorn onesie or Hello Kitty pyjamas.


3.  Catered or Self-catered

Another most important decision that comes right after booking your big party house is to decide on the food.  Will one of you cook, is it going to be a group activity, or will you order a caterer to treat you to some well deserved rest? Depending on the time, budget, and type of party this decision may be different for all of us. Even corporate events can be seen as both catered or not. In one hand, cooking a lunch all together can be a fun team building activity. However, when you are planning a number of seminars and there is hardly time to cook, hiring a professional chef would be a more practical decision. If you are going to a family holiday, think if you want to use the spacious kitchen and its equipment to experiment with new meals or would you prefer a relaxing weekend without any worries? All Party Houses have both fully equipped spacious kitchens, as well as a list of caterers to choose from.


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4. Child and Pet-friendly

Having a vacation with the youngest and liveliest members of the family always require special arrangements. As these are also very bellowed members of your group that you’d like to bring as well, make sure to choose family and pets friendly houses. We, at Party Houses take special care when it comes to children. All of houses are child-friendly meaning there will be cots available for your babies and toddlers. Some of our accommodations also provide different baby kits. From stairs gates at the top and bottom of flights of stairs, garden gates, bed guards, and microwaves for baby-milk, our Party Houses got you covered. Your children’s safety and comfort are important to us. However, not only children need allocated areas for playing, so do your favorite pets! Most of our Party Houses welcome dogs and cats! Discovering a new place and enjoying the countryside will be enjoyable for both the dog and the owner. Pets need a vacation too! Discovering new places will make them healthier and happier. Just like they make us!


5. Corporate Events

Tired of boring and outdated team building exercises? It is time to come up with something memorable, fun, and effective! Many of our Party Houses offer conference and seminar rooms for comfortable and brilliant presentations. Then go outside the house and enjoy the spacious gardens by organising some memorable team building exercises. Many of our suggested activities are company oriented. All you have to do is to choose which one will suit your company spirit better!

No matter what kind of the event you are planning, it is important to find the perfect venue for you and your guests. Be it a corporate or sports retreat, wedding or a special birthday celebration, friends or family get-together, we, at Party Houses will help you find the right place for it, so make sure to check out Our Party Houses. Moreover, we offer a range of event planners, caterers, and activity providers in order to ensure that your stay is one for the books!