Top ideas for hen do uk
Jun 30

Ideas for Organising the Perfect Hen Party


Looking for ideas to create a perfect hen party? We got you covered!

A hen party is an excellent excuse to get all your girlfriends together under one roof, and for some, that even means finally getting everyone together in the same country! Many of us girls dream of a perfect wedding, walking down the aisle dressed like a princess from a Disney movie. The puffy dress, the big house, surrounded by family and friends… but what Disney didn’t mention is just how much fun a hen party with your girlfriends can be!

Doesn’t a luxurious weekend away sound fabulous? All of your girlfriends in a large Party House, with a swimming pool, hot tub, and extensive spa treatment? Add some bubbles, giggles and a lot of Champagne,  and you’re good to go! At Party Houses, we understand the importance of having an unforgettable bachelorette party. We have created this list, detailing some of our favourite activities and ideas for your hen do


Pampering, champagne, and bubbles! Spa treatments are always a great idea for any hen do.


Hen party houses for rent UK


How many times did you visit your perfect spa centre, only to have to step out of your bliss to get dressed and drive back home? At Party Houses, the spa comes to you! You’ll be welcomed by friendly therapists that will create a relaxing atmosphere for you and your guests. They will bring all equipment necessary to treat you to a fantastic massage. Then dive into a heated swimming pool and finish your perfect day with a glass of Champagne in your hot tub.


Is it hard for you to stay still? How about a dance class?


To burn off those calories before the BIG DAY, join one of the sports classes, including Bollywood and Zumba dance classes, yoga, or even pole dance. Stop! Could you imagine the reaction of your girlfriends when they realise that they will be learning how to pole dance? Dancing, no matter the style, is a really fun activity that will surely be remembered by all of you for years to come. Learn upbeat choreography with qualified trainers. Maybe you could even perform it all together on the wedding day?


Create it yourself with Party Pants!


Hen party pants decorating


“Stitch before they hitch” is a lesson in “knockout knicker decorating“. This mobile workshop will be fun for all ages, from youngest sisters to grandmothers. Qualified teachers will provide all the material starting from different-shaped knickers to ribbons, flowers, and silk laces. Add some delicious cupcakes and champagne and you’re sure to have a fantastic time. Be sure to take tons of photos!


Are Party Pants a bit too much? Then shoe decorating it is!


What can be better than the creation of something that you will be able to wear for the hen do night out or even for the wedding itself? Spend an evening decorating shoes, and allow your guests to get to know each other, catch up on the latest gossip and news, and come up with new ideas for the wedding after-party. 



We are not alcoholics, but we do like wine! Especially when someone teaches us how to taste it!


Amazing ideas for hen parties UK


Wine tasting is available at most of our venues. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional wine taster or you never know which one to pick, this activity is sure to be fun for all wine lovers out there. Let your girlfriends enjoy that Bordeaux at this dynamic event. A wine expert will come to your doorstep, and set up this fun and educational activity anywhere at any time. How about in the garden or by the pool?


Make your very own GLAMOUR or ELLE Photo Session.



How about hiring a photographer to come to your gorgeous party house, and transforming into models for a day (just like the ones on the pages of your favourite magazine)? All of our venues have beautiful interiors and surroundings, making them the perfect location for a professional photo- session. Ask your girlfriends to bring their make-up bags and favourite dresses, make this day GLAMOROUS! If you really want to do it properly, consider also hiring a makeup artist, a hairdresser, and a stylist. Take pictures by the pool, and in the spacious living room by the antique fireplace. Run around in the garden, be creative and have fun!


Make dinner all together in the spacious kitchen or simply hire catering services. Enjoy cocktails at the bar, or create them yourself by having some cocktail classes. Despite all these fun activities, don’t forget to also relax and enjoy your great Party House. Get some popcorn, chocolate, and a couple of your all-time favourite movies! Enjoy! 🙂