May 21

Fun Hen Party Ideas For Everyone


All you need to throw a fantastic hen party is a great group of friends and a very excited bride-to-be. But there’s always room for an extra special activity. ? As the honour of being bridesmaid, you’ve already helped with plenty of wedding plans. You helped choose the perfect venue, tried the tastiest cakes, have gone to bridal fittings and now you have one major task left – the hen party!! No matter who is in your bridal party, there’s always an activity for each one will enjoy.  Check out some of the super fun hen party ideas everyone will love.


Mix in a Cocktail Master Class

Create the perfect Instagram drink with a cocktail master class. You and the girls can shake-it and sip along the way, as you learn the recipe to your favourite drinks! We know you always order that one cocktail with the exoctic name and fun garnishing… but what’s really in it? Now your chance to find out! Try out a class at Dandelion Events, or  Savva Bars and Catering Co. And finally, become the best Bartender at Home .


Unwind with a Spa Weekend

Even if you weren’t stressed we could use a spa weekend! Relax and unwind with your favourite group of gals while you soak in a salt bath, get massages, admire a new pedicure and take care of yourself before the big day. Make sure you’re prepped and set, looking your best for aaaalll the photos to come. Why go to a spa when you can bring one home? Our friends at Glo Pamper will give you a perfect luxury spa day in the comfort of your own home (or at one of our awesome venues!) This is a fun hen party idea- no one can resist.


Indulge in the Best of Afternoon Tea

Relive your childhood dreams and host the tea party of a lifetime. Prepare some delicious cakes, snacks, and treats and set up your backyard that even Alice would be jealous of. The mad hatter has nothing on your decorating skills. Host a little tea tasting event, while you sniff and sip some yummy herbs and leaves. Or, bring out the competition. The best pastry or cake on the 3 tier cake stand- wins! (Bride gets to decide, of course). If you’re on a crunch for time, no worries. Savva Bars and Catering Co. will help you throw the perfect tea party and bring you a delicious variety of snacks and treats.


Try your Hand at a Cookery Class

Nothing brings more smiles and happy bellies than a tasty cookery class. Learn new recipes and maybe learn a little more about each other as you fry up some tasty treats. We love the cooking workshops with Lerato Umah-Shaylor as she teaches you contemporary African inspired recipes and her famous brownie recipes. They are mouthwatering just to look at! You all will spend time with each other laughing and learning and making unforgettable memories for your hen party.


Hire a Photographer for the Day

A hen party is a time you’ll never forget, but make sure it lasts forever! Hire a photographer for the day and capture every special moment with the bride to be and her closest friends. Plan a theme around the photoshoot or seek out some beautiful landscapes to capture the beauty of the area and your smiles.


Glamping. Camping, but for the Girls. 

Glamping, or “glamorous camping”,  is basically like the sex in the city movie when Carrie and the girls spend a night in the desert in Morroco. While most of us have fond memories of camping stories and sharing smores under the stars we also remember wishing we had a proper bed and better food. Now is your chance to have all the nostalgia of camping with all the luxury of hotel living. Spend a night in the open air and under the stars with the crème de la crème of outdoor living. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed, indoor heating, and actual furniture. 


Get Moving with A Dance class

Plan a super special surprise at the reception with a dance number! Why not take a dance class with the hens? Get everyone in the party mode and have fun together. What better way to start off a great hen weekend than with a bit of energy. Choose super fun themes such as Beyonce, Burlesque, hip hop dance and more! Try out some of the amazing classes with EpicME and A.Y. Dance. After taking a class, remember to practice and show off your performance together! All the guests will love to watch as the girls shimmy down on the dance floor.


Practice for the Big Day with a Makeup Master Class

We all know the feeling. Years of watching Youtube tutorials on how to perfect the smokey eye or get a natural bronzey contour and we STILL get raccoon eyes.  How does one actually get a perfect eyeliner?? Only the great makeup gurus might ever know… Not to fret though, why not give yourselves a little bit more practice before the wedding and take a makeup master class together? Learn all about how to perfectly blend in your eyeshadow, pick a lipstick shade for you and gently brush on a little rouge for the finishing touch. The best part of the class? You have a perfectly finished face ready for …. you guessed it… Instagram pics! Snap away the selfies and show off your new skills. xx



Refine your Taste Buds with Wine Tasting

We think a perfect synonym for a fun hen party idea has to be wine tasting. Nothing goes better then hens and wine. It’s like bread and butter, only better. And tastier. And maybe more fun. Learn something new about roses, whites, and reds with a curated wine tasting event.  Peak Wine and Wine Tube Map Social offer amazing at home wine tasting parties right within your home. Swirl around some burgundy wine and take a sniff. What that you smell? Oak? Cherry? The smell of a great time with lots of wine laughs? Yep, that’s definitely it.



Release the Stress with a Yoga Class

A wedding is an amazing time and filled with fun and excitement. But with all the planning things can get a little stressful with the bride-to-be and the hens. Just breathe it all out with a group yoga class! Stretch out the tension as you move into downward dog and inhale the good energy. Why go to a yoga studio when the studio can come to you? Venues such as Victorian Rectory, and Sunningdale Estate have incredible built-in yoga studios so you don’t have to interrupt your vacation with a drive. For those who want to be a little more in touch with nature, why not host a yoga class outdoors? Our houses such as Roaches Hall, Hamps Hall and Barn, and Barley House all have spectacular, spacious lawn areas for optimal stretching and meditation.



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