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May 07

Fantastically Unique Wedding Ideas


Wedding days are incredibly special moments in time. Imagine all of our favourite people gathered in one spot to celebrate love and commitment. Although the traditional ceremonies are beautiful and eye-watering, giving your wedding reception a modern twist is always fun. Prepare a surprise or two for your guests by going for out-of-the-box wedding ideas that will keep your guests talking about your special day for years to come.

As we love to inspire our guests, we came up with a list of interesting wedding ideas. These ideas are not just wedding appropriate as most of them would also work great for a big birthday party, anniversary or any other big celebration.


Wedding website

Beautiful websites are so easy to make nowadays. Take advantage of the different website providers with templates (ie. Squarespace, Jimdo, Wix…) to create something quick and beautiful. Not only can you send out an invitation in a special way but you will also be able to upload all of your wonderful photos and videos on it so all of your guests will be able to get their hand on their favourite wedding moments.


Unique wedding ideas


Locally-produced food

Get to know the area where you’re marrying and choose the food accordingly. Not only will you be able to provide your guests with extremely fresh food, but they’ll also be able to try out different local delicacies that might pleasantly surprise their taste buds. If you’re looking to get married in the Peak District, we have a couple of great providers to recommend, Sauced Here and Peak District Deli, both local companies offering a big range of various local and fresh goodies.


Wedding ideas: catering


Unlimited champagne?

Have you ever heard of Fizz & Flute? This innovative company offers cute converted Italian vans with taps of unlimited delicious fizz. Their mobile fizz bar service is perfect for any big celebration or special event. Their team will be happy to stay during your event and cater your guests or if you prefer, rent it out on a self-serve basis. If you want to spice it up, even more, ask the team for some nice fizz cocktail ideas.

Wedding dessert a bit differently

Although wedding cakes seem such a staple piece in traditional weddings, many people are not actually big fans of cake. So why not go for a mountain of cupcakes, or a net of doughnuts instead? You can even hire a special pastry chef to prepare different little deserts in front of your guests’ eyes. Check out some more wedding dessert ideas.

Wedding pictures with a twist

Have you heard of magic mirror photo booth? It’s an interactive photo booth that will enable your guests to take fun individualised photos and print them out as they go. The magic mirror photo booths are extremely customisable, so you can even attach your wedding signatures to one of the corners of all the photos and leave your mark. The guests will be able to take some photographs with them while leaving some others for the wedding album. If you’re looking to hire one, check out the Escape Games Events.


Late night karaoke

After the ceremony and a couple of drinks, the ice has been broken and it’s time to bring out the microphones and your favourite tunes! Karaoke is sure to make everyone laugh. Grab your uncles and your aunts and ask them to sing their favourite song in a duo. You can even set up some props so your guests can feel like real pop/rock stars.
Choreograph a dance or even a musical number together with your best friends or funniest family members. It will get everyone laughing and dancing to the beats. And then all you need to do is to invite everyone to join you on the dance floor!


Turn your Wedding Day into a Wedding Weekend

Why celebrate for just one day when you can turn your wedding party into a weekend of fun, laughter and bonding between both sides of the family. Another great wedding idea is to rent out a big self-catering and private Party House for a weekend which will provide the perfect set up for your celebration. You can set up a marquee for everyone to dine together, a bouncy castle for the youngest members of your group, a couple of hot tubs for your guests to relax in, and so much more. We would suggest taking at look at the spacious Hamps Hall and Barn for 40 guests located in the stunning Peak District, or our Charnwood Forest Estate for 40 guests for a traditional manor with a modern twist.


wedding ideas


If you’d like to help us find perfect wedding ideas for your special day, just give us a call! Our agents know the industry well and would be very happy to provide you personal help with finding the right venue, activity providers, and other valuable suggestion.