Party game ideas for the UK
Oct 02

Family Friendly Games at Your Party House


Whether it’s due to rainy weather or simply a desire to spend an afternoon with your loved ones, indoor activities are always a great way to spend time with your family and friends. Be it board games, a play, baking activities or a treasure hunt, make sure that your next holiday will be remembered for its fun and laughter.


Before Arrival – Play games on your way

Let the games begin at the very beginning of your trip. Whether travelling by car, aeroplane or train, there is always a perfect game to entertain you and your dearest on your way! Don’t we all remember those all-time favourites: I Spy, road trip bingo, license plate game, tic tac toe, I’m going on a picnic, 20 questions, connect the dots etc? It’s time to come up with something new and enjoyable for members of all ages!


Games to play on a road trip


Have you ever heard of the game “While you were sleeping”? The way this game plays out is to have fun with the person who just fell asleep. Awake passengers make up a story of what happened while the passenger was sleeping. Once the passenger wakes up, all of you should make him believe the story. If somebody goes off script, he/she loses points. If you successfully fool the person, each storyteller wins three points. If the sleeping passenger fools everybody in the car and joins their story correctly, they steal their current point total. The one with the most points at the destination wins.


Start Simple – Board Games

There are many board games, but probably the all-time all-age favourite is Monopoly. Make sure to bring it on your trip! Distribute your bills for each player to have 1500£ divided as follows: 2 each of £500’s, £100’s and £50’s; 6 $20’s; 5 each of £10’s, £5’s and £1’s. Select a banker, who can play a role of a good Auctioneer. The only rule that you won’t find on the package is that your kids or friends may rob the bank while you are not looking, or even come up with their own rules. Isn’t tricking your team members, the best part of the game?


Board games to play with the family


 Complicate it – Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items at your Party House that can be easily or not so easily found within a certain time limit. Make sure the list is long enough depending on the size of your family. It can be anything from a toothpick, pen to a vase, bowl, and rocks in the garden. Maybe make it more complicated and puzzle your loved ones with not writing down the actual name of the object but only the description of it. This way the winner will be not only the one who brings most of the objects from the list, but also, the one who guessed it right.


Step it up – Mummy Game

All you need is a toilet paper and equal number of players. Let one payer stay still and the other one cover him/her in like a mummy. The pair who covers entire body of the partner faster – wins. Make sure you leave some space for breathing!


Mummy costume ideas


Change the location – Kitchen Game!

Every Party House accommodates its guests with a fully equipped kitchen, with some of them even having a couple of kitchens per house! So, why not organise a tournament in making the best pizza? Get pizza dough (or create it from scratch), all your favourite ingredients, and start creating! Let your kids cut their own cheese, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Be creative, divide your pizzas into separate pieces, and give each piece a different taste. Then enjoy your tasty pizza all together! Don’t forget to wash your hands and clean up all together, as the cleaning up is also part of the game! Want to step it up? If your kids would like to continue playing, ask your family members to sit down at the dining room and play the pizza restaurant game.


Go professional about your activities – hire an actor.

If you want to try something new and be part of the experience of a show, Party Houses collaborate with many actors and activities makers that will create a fun atmosphere bringing your family together. Be it a Murder Mystery night, Clay Pigeon Shooting or an Archery Event, this holiday is sure to be remembered by all!


There are many games and activities for you to do at your Party House. Find out about the features of the house and plan ahead. Many of our houses offer a snooker table, swimming pool, and even an arcade. With all these games in “your pocket”, you and your guests are sure to have a fantastic holiday!