dog friendly
Jun 23

Celebrations and Pets? Easy!  


The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to spend time with your loved ones. A trip to a Party House is exciting for all family members, but sooner or later a question arises: what to do with the animal member of the family?  Luckily, many of our accommodations are pet-friendly and you no longer need to say bye bye to your pets, not even for a week.

Between the packing of your summer dresses and new books, think about doing something special for them too! It’s time to wrap a present for your pet and come up with fun activities that the entire family can enjoy. Animals, just like humans, have a need for mental activities.

Borning daily routines make us all crazy! Take advantage of this time and stir things up for you and your entire family!


Swimming with your pet


Just like us, animals love visiting new places! Now that it’s finally summer time, there’s no need to hide inside under a cosy blanket. Explore the area around your dog-friendly house by going on long and picturesque walks. Since the temperature in the countryside is cooler than in the city, you can really take advantage of the climate and the surrounding environment by having long play sessions. Unfortunately many pets do not have enough space at home to roam around freely. So take this opportunity and explore the surroundings of the pet-friendly holiday house to burn off their excess energy.


dog friendly accomodation


Don’t forget to bring their favorite toys to keep them busy while you enjoy your grill, hot tub, or some long conversations with your favourite people in the cosy living room. If you know that some of your friends have pets, invite them as well! What’s better than a pet party? Your pets will enjoy the company and you could even make them a buffet with all the different treats and cookies that have been brought along. 

Pets are also the perfect reason to get your kids out of the house. Instead of staying inside all day playing video games, you will find the entire family playing in the garden.


Spending time with your dog


Finally, leaving your pets at a shelter or with friends may cause stress to your pet, and even possible issues with other pets (cats and alpha dogs in particular). Luckily, when hiring a venue with Party Houses, this is not something you need to worry about. Simply bring them with you and enjoy your family time together, from dusk to dawn! Your children will love it!