birthday party planning
Jan 02

Celebrate Your Birthday at Party Houses


Is your birthday approaching but you still don’t have a clue on how to organise it? Have this a read and we’re sure you’ll find the answers following these easy steps!


Number of guests

Step one, decide on who to invite. Here, choose between two options: either invite everyone you know and like hanging out with or make an intimate birthday party with only your closest family members and best friends. Our Party Houses are used to hosting day-guests, which means that you can make a day-long party, and later continue the weekend only with a handful of your favourite people. Once you decide on the number of people, it is time to choose your favourite Party House.


Choose the location of your Party House

Birthday party in a Party House sure sounds like a lot of fun, however not all of your guests will be able or willing to travel long distance. Therefore, make a priority list, do you prefer a house to be very close to where all of your friends and family live or are you interested in exploring a completely new area of the UK like Scotland, Wales, Midlands or maybe you prefer the sea-bound Somerset / Devon area or staying close to London? No matter what location you choose, our Party Houses got you covered with many stunning venues all over the UK.



Study the house

Every house offers different unique features, so make sure to inquire about what you can do onsite. Is there a large garden or a swimming pool? Most of our Party Houses have a special outside area where you can have a barbecue and or enjoy a cosy evening on your private terrace. Once you know the surroundings, you can choose between dozens of fun activities that will be enjoyable for everyone.


Decoration matters

What do you want the theme of your party to be? Are you feeling adventurous and want this party to be in a Hawaiian luau-style, or do you feel like a glamorous Great Gatsby style is the way to go? Take a look at our Party Houses, perhaps their unique style might just be the right inspiration for your birthday party theme. Either way, your options are limitless. When in doubt go with a black and white dress code, make it classy and elegant. Turn up some jazz and blues, set up champagne and champagne glasses and make your guests will feel like movie stars.

Also, consider hiring a magic mirror photo booth, and your guests will be able to remember this party for years to come! Bring fun accessories like hats, glasses and fake noses. Ask your guests to take photos and on them write their special birthday wish for you, put the pictures in a special album and have it as memorabilia of your amazing birthday party. Another great tip is to decorate your garden with small lamps to create a fairytale feeling and ensure your guests have lots of space to move around and have a wonderful time.


Party ideas for birthday


Keep your guests entertained

Keep this party upbeat and consider organising fun activities and tournaments. Make sure to have some funny presents prepared for all of your guests, brave enough to participate in the tournament. Many of our Party Houses come with a snooker, table tennis, or foosball table, perfect for a little friendly competition! You can even consider hosting a murder mystery or an escape room event. Don’t forget about social games like Charades and Pictionary.


Except the unexpected

We all want the party to be exactly as planned, however, there are some situations that cannot be exactly expected, like unannounced rain. Therefore, make sure you always have a plan B ready and some extra games planned.


Goodie bags

Yes, you heard it right! Who doesn’t love a nice little present? Keep the goodie bags light and fun. You can order some funny gifts from Aliexpress and think of a special task for each guest to do while at the party. No matter what you decide to put inside, the goody bags will set a fun mood for the entire party!