8 Fantastic 40th Birthday Party Theme Ideas to Check Out

Christopher | Jan 05 2023

In the past, turning 40 was one of the most dreaded birthdays. Even though it’s still the Big 4-0, some people call it the New 30; this perspective offers some fantastic suggestions for 40th birthday parties. So many options are available, so choosing what to do for the occasion may be challenging. This guide can assist you in narrowing down your alternatives for a sizable event with a few party themes, along with where you can find party houses in Manchester.

Get An Exclusive Access To A Gorgeous Location

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Consider leasing a stunning, roomy home in a rural area of England. This is a fantastic way to spend a fun-filled weekend with your loved ones! It is possible to observe both a holiday and a celebration at once! You can look for a party house rental in the most beautiful setting. You might like constant seclusion and a completely private environment. Spending meaningful time with your loved ones will require more than a few hours.

Your 40th Birthday Party Should Have A Theme

Hosting a themed celebration is among the top 40th birthday ideas. Here are some creative ideas to try out:

Birthday Wine Tasting Party:

A wine-tasting party might be the ideal celebration for your 30th birthday. Many wine-tasting vendors at our event are motivated to make your visit extraordinary. This complements inventive appetisers well!

Great Gatsby Theme:

To create a spectacular 1920s-themed party, get out the pearls, hats, and flapper clothing. It is possible to employ glittery, gold decorations with scattered balloons and confetti. You might create a photo booth with 1920s-era decor and burlesque-inspired centrepieces.

Formal Occasion:

Ask your guests to arrive at your 40th birthday party dressed to the nines if you want to put on a super-stylish celebration. It’s difficult to mess up a black-tie birthday event with champagne and passed snacks. Of course, you’ll hire a photographer or rent a photo booth to capture how gorgeous everyone is.

Over-the-Moon Celebration:

Use a lunar theme for this significant birthday if you admire the night’s mystique. Have an Overthe-Moon celebration outside, if possible, on the full moon closest to your birthday. Pay attention to light colours like white, silver, and others that will reflect or glow in the moonlight.

High Tea Moment:

Host a high tea party to make your 40th birthday celebration exceptional. It is a perfect replacement for the conventional birthday party theme because of its refinement. Consider employing tea-infused beverages, floral centrepieces, lovely tablecloths, attractive cupcakes, and tea-themed party gifts to make your celebration exceptional.

Pink-Themed Party:

For a party with a “beautiful in pink” theme, go all out and decorate your Party House in pink. Add pink drinkware, dessert cart, and dinnerware to your event! Make sure the boys also don pink!

Live Performance:

Why not take in a live musical performance on your 40th birthday? For example, attend a concert or get a band to play in your backyard. There are several choices to consider, including swing bands and tribute bands.

Game-Filled Party:

On your 40th birthday, think of playing party games like charades, tests, or Pictionary. You might even want to check into some things that are a little bit more specialised, like a murder mystery, video games, or even an interactive game show, if you and your pals take gaming seriously.



Planning a 40th birthday party doesn’t have to be a daunting task. You can create a special and treasured moment that your loved one will remember with a few creative additions. From hiring a house party for rent to organising a themed party, there are endless options to ensure that your 40th birthday celebration is extra special. You can also play interactive games, have a special dinner, and create a photo booth for guests to capture memories. With creativity, you can make your 40th birthday one to remember. Party Houses provides distinctive group lodging in the UK for celebrations, vacations, and group outings. We specialise in large group accommodations and have a variety of excellent vacation homes built for larger parties, many of which are located in picturesque areas. Search party houses in Manchester today!