6 Significant Tips for Planning a 60th Birthday Party

Christopher | Jan 19 2023

60th birthday party ideas

Turning sixty is a momentous occasion, and it deserves to be celebrated with a memorable birthday party. Whether you’re hosting the party for yourself or for a loved one, there are many things to consider when planning a special event. From deciding on a theme to picking the perfect venue, a successful 60th birthday party doesn’t just happen overnight.

Options include hosting an outdoors party, a more formal sit-down dinner, or a casual gathering of friends and family. The type of celebration should be tailored to the guest of honour, as this will help to make the day comfortable and special for them.

Continue reading to pick up a couple more tips for planning a 60th birthday party.


1) Have a Creative Theme


A creative theme can help to set the tone for your 60th birthday party, adding excitement and fun to the event. Consider the personality and interests of the guest of honour when selecting a theme. For example, you could have a “Rockin’ 60s” themed party if they love music. Meanwhile, if they enjoy the outdoors, an “Outdoor Adventure” theme could be fun.


2) Get a Party House Rental


If you’re looking to throw a large party, you may consider renting a house for the event. This can be a great way to ensure enough space for all of your guests and keep the party contained. This can also help to keep the noise level down and make it easier to clean up afterwards. Rent other items to help create a festive atmosphere for the event.


3) Start to Set the Scene


Once you’ve chosen your theme, start to set the scene and create a memorable experience for the guest of honour and their guests. For example, hang some banners and signs with special messages for the guest of honour. If you’re having a live band or DJ, set up the stage and sound equipment. Don’t forget about food as well.


4) Add Some Nice Decor


It’s important to decorate the space for the 60th birthday party with balloons and streamers to make it as lively as possible. Consider providing party favours such as hats, whistles, and noisemakers as well. For a more personal touch, you can use photos of the guest of honour throughout their life. Just try to gauge what kind of decorations would be enjoyed.


5) Put in the Finishing Touches


Once you have the basic setup for the party, add some personal touches. For instance, create a photo area for guests to take pictures to commemorate the occasion. Have a period for a special toast for the guest of honour, and make sure there are plenty of drinks for everyone. Lastly, ensure a playlist of the guest of honour’s favourite songs to create a festive atmosphere.


6) Consider the Post-Party Plan


Once the party is over, you can send out thank-you notes to guests and share photos from the evening. Be sure to consider hosting an online get-together with those who could not attend in person or even plan a virtual celebration. Don’t forget to collect the decorations and dispose of the waste properly.




Once all of the plans are in place, sit back and enjoy the party. With a little bit of careful planning and the right place to go to, a 60th birthday party can be a rather unforgettable celebration for both the celebrant and their guests.


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