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Jun 30

5 Reasons for Staycations


If you’re looking for a memorable time with your loved ones but are lacking the time and finances to travel abroad, why not just opt for a fun staycation? This way, you can discover parts of the UK you’ve never visited and discover its hidden gems. With a diverse range of landscapes including unspoilt beaches, dramatic rocky cliffs, unique landscapes, snow-capped mountains and rolling green hills, the UK is an area of outstanding natural beauty.

No matter which one of our stunning Party Houses you choose, we’re sure it will be a time to remember. Whether you opt for a rural retreat in one of our countryside venues or choose to have a holiday in a different city, we assure you that you will save up on time and money while having the best time with your loved ones. From scenic destinations to disconnect in nature to adventure led holidays with on-site activities, our Party Houses have it all! Furthermore, staycations give you the option to enjoy a change in scenery while maintaining that warm and comforting feeling of your home country. 


1. It’s More Sustainable!


Over the last decade or so, more and more people are starting to realise the importance of leading a sustainable lifestyle. People are switching to eco-friendly brands, recycling products, and being more cautious about waste management. But did you know that you could contribute to environmental conservation by also opting for a more sustainable holiday?

Everyone loves a fun holiday, but we also love our planet, and opting for staycations instead of flying abroad can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.  The aviation industry is responsible for 2.4% of the global CO2 emissions and has much higher toxic emissions than any other means of transportation. Therefore, when you choose a road-trip over flying overseas, you are already significantly reducing your individual carbon footprint. This does not go to say that you should stop flying altogether, simply reducing it can already make a positive impact. So why not take time to discover the stunning UK?


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2. Great Value for Money


Staycations at one of our holiday rentals are definitely a more cost-effective option than flying abroad and staying in a hotel. You will be hiring a whole house to yourself with absolutely no disturbances. Once you’ve hired the house, you will have every facility exclusively at your disposal. All the on-site facilities like swimming pools, hot tubs, cinema rooms, games rooms, fitness centres, tennis courts and these are only to name a few, will be included in the amount you’ve paid! We also do not charge any additional corkage fees so you’re welcome to bring your own food and drinks to most of our venues, saving lots of money by catering for yourselves. Not to worry, we have plenty of lovely caterers who can still come on that special evening and make your stay special. 

You will not only be saving up on the cost of travels but also on commissions for currency exchange.  You can choose one of our luxury Party Houses and enjoy access to amenities much better than hotels. Furthermore, during your staycation, this house will become your home in which you will also be able to hire activities like spa treatments, gin/whiskey/wine tastings, cocktail making classes, and a lot more activities at great prices! 


3. Uninterrupted Privacy for You & Your Guests


While planning a getaway with your loved ones, isn’t it just great to have a venue exclusively hired for yourselves with no interruptions whatsoever? This is perfect for large groups as you will all be under the same roof. A staycation in the quintessential British countryside will allow you to spend quality time with your friends and family thanks to the secluded nature of most of our Party Houses. The children can lose themselves in the games rooms or Xbox snugs while the adults in the group can sip on some wine, chit-chat, or watch a film.

During the summer months, you and your crew can have a BBQ alfresco party in the gardens that most of our Party Houses offer along with far-reaching views of the bountiful parklands. You will be able to relax and unwind in the serene countryside so you can return with your batteries recharged. 


Sustainable holidays


4. Cook Your Favourite Meals


The best part about staycations is the change of scenery still combined with a homey feel. You will be in a stunning house, surrounded by your loved ones, and the talented home cooks in the group can prepare their signature dishes in the lovely kitchens our houses offer.  This would really help in saving up on meals and drinks. At all our party house rentals, we have fully-equipped kitchens and they are a delight to cook in. Additionally, after you’ve prepared your meals, you can have dinner parties with all your loved ones in our large yet intimate dining rooms with no interference.

If you prefer to have a catered stay, that is possible too!


5. Bring Your Pets!


Most of the homes we offer are dog-friendly, meaning you will be able to bring your pets to your staycation. You will not have to worry about kennels and dog-sitting and you can enjoy your getaway with your best friend stress-free. 



Child-friendly Party Houses staycations


So now that you’ve read why it’s a great idea to have staycations at one of our Party Houses, why don’t you give us a call on 01273271332? Our team will be happy to help find a house perfect for you!