5 of the Best Pubs You Should Go to When Visiting Manchester

Christopher | Feb 02 2023

Manchester bars

England is a country full of wonders, and its history is full of rich stories and tales. From ancient Stonehenge to the bustling city of London, England has something to offer everyone. Of course, the nightlife is also something to experience, mainly because English pubs are known for their cosy atmospheres and the wide selection of beers, ales, and ciders. While most English cities are known for this, few can compare to the ones in Manchester.


Manchester is a city that is home to some of the most vibrant nightlife in England. Manchester’s eclectic mix of pubs, clubs, and live music venues is for enjoying evening entertainment, especially if you are out with friends. However, not all pubs in Manchester are created equal, and some stand out from the rest.


If you are visiting Manchester and want to experience the nightlife, here are some of the best places to visit:


#1 – Cottonopolis


Cottonopolis is a hidden gem in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, right off Piccadilly. It is an exclusive venue featuring crafty cocktails, delectable bites and some of the area’s top DJs. Their Japanese-inspired menu is available daily from noon to midnight, Monday to Wednesday, and 2 AM Friday and Saturday.


The pub is notable for its craft ales, including Krusovice Tank beer. For the uninitiated, tank beer is like drinking beer straight from the brewery, so the experience is unique. Otherwise, there are many Sakes, Japanese gins, and whiskeys if you want something more exotic. Of course, the menu offers various Japanese bar food, such as squid and chicken.


#2 – Science and Industry


This hidden bar is known for combining traditional and modern techniques to make cocktails. The decor includes wallpaper with a Manchester worker bee theme, decorative lights, and custom furniture.


The lab has come up with some new, inventive cocktails. They have created an edible perfume that they spray on the edges of glasses. They have also been doing workshops with the Manchester University chemistry department, where they have been taught about distillation, filtration, and crystallisation. If you want to learn a thing or two, cocktail masterclasses are available, and the place is open from 6 PM until 2 AM daily and 3 AM at weekends.


#3 – The Pen and Pencil


If you want something more American, the Pen and Pencil is the place for you, just on the corner of Hilton and Tariff Street. The Pen and Pencil is where Manchester’s artistic minds come together, relax, brainstorm, and experience delectable cuisine and drinks. Taking its name and origin from a famous New York bar in the 1950s that hosted newspaper journalists and advertisers, The Pen & Pencil is the place for Manchester’s creative souls.


They specialise in breakfast, brunch, lunch, vegan and vegetarian items and offer top-notch coffee and smoothies. Brunch at this establishment offers a variety of breakfast options. Guests can choose from American pancakes with their desired toppings, Eggs Pen and Pencil, Steak and Eggs or The Vegetarian Breakfast. The Vegetarian Breakfast includes Fried halloumi, black bean patties, beans, poached eggs, hash browns, grilled tomato, flat cap mushroom and toasted sourdough. The Pen & Pencil is available to customers every day of the week, starting at 10 AM.


#4 – The Wharf


The Wharf is an attractive, modern bar and restaurant built in 1998. It was named Jackson’s Wharf and operated until 2005 when Brunning & Price took it over and gave it a makeover. Since its re-opening in 2012, it has become a popular spot to enjoy good food and drinks while taking in the historic warehouses nearby.


The Wharf exudes a quaint and cosy atmosphere, like a traditional countryside pub. At its centre is a bar with a wide selection of cask ales, an extensive wine list of 50 wines, and 50 varieties of malt whiskey. Its large size is deceiving; inside, you can find a variety of spaces, from cosy and intimate rooms to lively, energetic areas.


#5 – Twenty Twenty Two


Twenty Twenty Two is an extraordinary entertainment venue in the Northern Quarter with a twist. It features a bar, table tennis room, hidden darts club, and a late-night party atmosphere on the weekends. It offers an alternative to the typical bar scene, with all-night ping pong and a lively environment for enjoying a memorable evening.


The venue is a space that is constantly evolving and adapting to the culture of the city. It provides a place for artists to express themselves and create art directly influenced by the city. The venue also serves as a rental space for the music, art and cultural sectors and provides Wi-Fi and disabled access. It is open 7 days a week, but only until 4 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.




Manchester is a thriving, vibrant city with a wide range of entertainment and culture. Because there are many choices available, it is only a matter of knowing where to look. This way, you can find the best venues to enjoy an unforgettable night out.


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