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Party Venue Rental for the Day

If you are looking for party hire places for any private event in the middle of the week, our Party Houses might just be what you are looking for. Nestled in the stunning UK countryside, our party venue rentals provide you with breathtaking views, luscious greenery, and unimaginable backdrops. With uniquely designed, spacious reception rooms, and a blend of traditional and modern characteristics, your guests will be mesmerised. Moreover, all our houses can be adapted to the ambience you desire to create an unbeatable setting for your private event.

With so many party venue rentals, we have full confidence that you will find a location that suits your event. If you are looking for party hire places, you may also be interested in our catering partners, who can provide you with delicious food, be it bowl food, canapés or a luxurious fine dining experience. Whether you’re searching for party hire places with views of the stunning Peak District, or coastal event venues, Party Houses has party hire venues to suit the requirements of any event. 

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Event Venues for Hire

Those in need of party venue rentals for the day will be spoilt for choice by the vast selection of party hire places we have on offer. From conferences to fashion photoshoots with exceptional backdrops, our private event venues are suited to all manner of events. Furthermore, if you are looking for a spectacular mansion to film a music video or a film, our Party Houses have excellent interiors that will give your production a real edge.

Private party places are ideal for events like product launches or grand soirees. Our large reception rooms, elegant and spacious dining rooms, and grand decor will create the most suitable environment.

The best parts about our party rental venues for the day are the stunning surroundings that you will be able to enjoy. Party Houses offers even venues throughout the UK, in all sorts of settings. From seaside manor houses to secluded cottages with expansive private grounds, there is no shortage of party venue rentals. If you’re looking for party hire places and are having trouble deciding, reach out! The Party Houses team is always happy to help you find your perfect location. 

Party Hire Places

If you are thinking of asking your beloved partner for their hand in marriage, our private party hire places are magical and enchanting. You can take full advantage of the serene countryside with romantic strolls in the parklands. Party Houses offers venues in every corner of the UK, and thanks to our dedicated team, finding the perfect location is easy. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a birthday party or a product launch, one of our party venue rentals should work for you.

If you’re hoping to mix things up a little, a murder mystery party is always a fun choice. The historic architecture and quiet nature of many of our party hire places will create the most ideal setting for a murder mystery. From murder mysteries for friends’ birthdays to fairytale weddings by the sea, Party Houses won’t disappoint. 

Private event venues

Event Venues for Corporate Events

If you happen to be hosting a corporate event, you will be pleased to know that all our day hire event venues feature expansive grounds, perfect for a fun-filled team-building event such as a treasure hunt or archery lesson. Furthermore, if you’re hosting a conference or meeting, our houses offer large meeting rooms perfect for brainstorming. Most of our properties are conveniently situated and easy to access by train or car. If you would like some indoor team building, an escape event or cooking class are also good options. Please check out our Experience page for more information. You can also host a networking event as all our reception rooms are perfect for socialising.