Day Hire Venues

Mid-week venue for the day?

If you are looking for day hire venues for any private event in the middle of the week, our Party Houses might just be what you are looking for. Nestled in the stunning UK countryside, our properties provide you with breathtaking views, luscious greenery, and unimaginable backdrops. With uniquely designed and spacious reception rooms and a perfect blend of traditional and modern characteristics, these private event venues will surely leave your guests mesmerised. Moreover, all our houses can be adapted to the ambience you desire and create the perfect setting for your private event. If you are hosting any kind of event, we will also be happy to use our catering partners to provide you with delicious food, be it bowl food, canapés or a luxurious fine dining experience.

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Find a Party House for every event

If you need day hire venues for fashion photoshoots with exceptional backdrops both indoor and outdoor, our private event venues will definitely provide you with the wow-factor. Furthermore, if you are looking for a spectacular mansion to film a music video or a film, our Party Houses have excellent interiors that will surely give you a wonderful final product.

For private events like product launches or grand soirees, our large reception rooms, elegant and spacious dining rooms, and grand decor will create the most suitable environment.

The best part about our day hire venues is the stunning garden surroundings that you will be able to enjoy. You have the freedom to decorate as you like to make the place your paradise.

Enjoy Privacy and Serenity

If you are thinking of asking your beloved other half for her hand in marriage, our private event venues have magical views and will surely leave you enchanted. Moreover, you can take full advantage of the serene countryside and take romantic strolls in the parklands and eat some delicious food at restaurants that use fresh locally produced ingredients to prepare their meals.

How about hosting a party that is out-of-the-box to mix things up a bit? A murder mystery party is a great choice for this. The historic architecture and quiet nature of all our day hire venues will create the most ideal setting for a murder mystery and let you get really into it. Additionally, it is a perfect day or evening activity to make beautiful memories filled with happiness with your friends and family.

Private event venues

Perfect for corporate events

In case you are hosting a corporate event, you will be happy to know that all our day hire venues feature big grounds where you can have a fun-filled team building event such as a treasure hunt, clay pigeon shooting, archery, or bodyzorb football. Furthermore, if you’re hosting a conference or meeting, our houses offer large meeting rooms perfect for brainstorming. Most of our properties are conveniently situated and not difficult to get to by train or car. If you would like a team building indoors, you can also opt for an escape event, cocktail making, pottery making, or cooking classes. Please check out our Experience page for more information. You can also host a networking event as all our reception rooms are perfect for socialising.

A unique event on a yacht?

One of our most popular private event venues is the Canary Yacht located in central London. This venue will definitely provide you and your guests with a luxurious and memorable unique experience. This yacht is perfect if you want to impress your clients and organise an unforgettable event.

Many of our private event venues are of historic English heritage. So if you are exploring the countryside and would like to include a historic house to your tour, you’ll be glad to know that our Party Houses are available for day hire. Make a stop at one of our houses and recharge your batteries by having a healthy meal at the house. This not only works for walking tours but also cycling or hiking tours, and provides a great pit stop on your journey.

Day hire venues

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