Corporate Team-Building Ideas for Your Retreat

Corporate team-building increases several skills in employees such as problem-solving, planning, communicating, and leads to increased workplace collaboration. Additionally, in any corporate body, when the team has a connection with one another, they enjoy many benefits. They communicate more efficiently, work strategically and share ideas more openly.  This makes them more innovative merely because they are comfortable around each other. They are motivated to come up with ideas that impress their fellow coworkers. The team performance, in general, becomes much more organised. Moreover, the motivation in employees increases when they celebrate and have fun with each other. Communication is key for any company to function with an edge above its competitors, and corporate retreats enhance just that.

If you are planning a corporate retreat you’ll be happy to see that we have assembled 8 fantastic ideas with various activities which our previous Party Houses guests really enjoyed in the past. We understand that a corporate team-building can be a big investment and we want you to get the best outcome so take a look below and get some inspiration.

Various sporting activities

1. Clay Pigeon Shooting or Archery is an effective way to lift up team spirits and cooperation amongst your employees in small and big companies. Firstly, being in the countryside will add the ‘feel good’ factor. They are away from their daily work life and leave their behaviour and roles behind. In addition, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery is something that does not require exceptional athletic skills and anyone can do it. The result of this could be anything from a reward for motivation or if you need to merge departments. Most of all, it is a team activity that adds an element of trust, goal setting, setting targets, efficient procedures, and communication skills.

2. Bodyzorb football is another, extremely fun activity which is sure to serve as an icebreaker and take employees out of their comfort zones. Apart from being different, this activity does not require any special skills, and the jock won’t necessarily do better. Additionally, it is affordable and this team activity will need you to work together and come up with a strategy to win.

3. Visit an activity centre, where you’ll have everything set up for you and your group to have fun doing some splendid outdoor activities. You can try Paintball, Climbing, Mountain Biking, Zorbing, Segway Tours, learn key survival skills and more. The best part is that these centres will be prepared for your group and their team ready to give yours a fantastic time.

To get some extra inspiration take a look at all the activities Active Centres have to offer.

Corporate team building

cocktail making team building

Learn Something New

4. Cocktail making is a very fun group activity that is sure to bring your employees closer to one another. It helps them loosen up, and learn much more about each other while establishing strong bonds. This helps greatly while in their working environment. This engaging activity increases the quality of teamwork and trust, and the friendships created will generate better outcomes in the workplace.

5. How about cooking a delicious meal with your coworkers and then enjoying it together? Cooking workshops are a fun way to take advantage of your venue during your corporate retreat and are suitable for everyone regardless of their age or level of fitness. It involves everyone and the entire team would be bonding without being aware that they are. However, at the end of it, they will be smiling more and will feel more connected to each other and will be open to each other’s ideas as they feel more comfortable after working together to produce a great dish!

If these ideas sound fun, make sure to read about other activities which will teach you and your team something new.

Murder Mystery & Escape

6. Murder Mystery activities enable employees to get to know one another and step out of the comfort zone. As they will need to work in teams, this activity is sure to break the ice and make your team more relaxed and comfortable with each other. They will need to work together towards a common goal and thus come up with strategies together. Therefore, Murder Mystery events lead to increased organisational, communication and interpersonal skills, not to mention a fantastic conversational piece for years to come.

7. Escape Room team activities are deemed to be one of the most effective team-building activities out there. The teams will need to work together, and therefore increase their dedication, trust each other, and work together to achieve their goal. The more efficient they get the more fun they’ll have. Additionally, they will need to work under pressure to meet their deadline and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses to win.

You might also enjoy similar activities such as a Casino Night, Haunted Weekend, or have a Magician whom your group will enjoy in awe.

Murder mystery

Teambuilding treasure hunt

Treasure hunts

8. Treasure Hunts are another great opportunity for you and your team to bond. They’ll require you to work in teams in order to solve clues. Employees get to know each other while enhancing communication and leadership skills. Furthermore, the craftiest team wins, which improves business and planning skills. Your employees are compelled to think ‘outside the box’ and be creative. Lastly, but most importantly, it is a super fun activity.

Make your UK corporate retreat worth it and enjoy the variety of team-building activities Party House offers to create a team bond in a super fun way!

Make things fun with Excel Activity Group

Add a team challenge to your stay at any Party House to make things more fun. Excel Activity Group can bring team activities and games to you on-site including:

  • Archery Tag
  • Bubble Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Nerf Wars
  • Inflatable Dartboard
  • Goggle Football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Pub Olympics
  • Crazy Games
  • Inflatable Hungry Hippo
  • Inflatable Bungee Run
  • Mega Mix

excel activity group

Some of our top team-building venues

Hamps Hall & Barn

Corporate events venue

Sleeps: 40 | Bedrooms: 18 | Peak District

Chepstow Manor

venues for conferences

Sleeps: 22-28| Bedrooms: 7 | Wales

Puzzle Party House

team building venues

Sleeps: 16-22 | Bedrooms: 11 | South East

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