Top 10 tips for advertising your holiday venue for corporate events

Christopher | Aug 23 2023

In the dynamic realm of corporate culture, the demand for exceptional venues to host retreats and corporate team-building events is on the rise. Long gone are the days of corporates wanting to stay at a bog standard hotels to host their retreats or meetings, but want to take their staff to a unique and interesting venue full of history. At Party Houses, we specialise in offering remarkable spaces for precisely these occasions, hosting some of the largest corporate names over and over again at our venues.

If you’re a holiday venue owner aiming to tap into this market (which we highly recommend as it fills mid-week space), we’re here to provide you with essential insights.  Here, you will learn how to transform your property into the ultimate venue for corporate retreats and team-building events across the UK. Our top 10 tips will help you tailor your venue to meet the needs of these events:


1. Prioritize Individual Comfort and Privacy :

In the world of corporate team-building events and retreats, individual comfort and privacy are of utmost importance. In addition, it is crucial to ensure that your chosen venue offers individual beds (maybe having your double beds zipped so they can come undone) to provide participants with their own personal space. Furthermore, this will allow them to get enough rest for the day’s activities. You’ll often find corporate guests are comfortable enough to share a bedroom, but not beds, so the more individual beds, the better.


2. Empower Culinary Excellence:

Corporate retreats and team-building events, naturally, require intense brainstorming sessions and collaborative activities. Consequently, a well-equipped kitchen is indispensable. Moreover, having a professional kitchen will allow groups to bring in chefs. By doing this, they can create culinary experiences that delight the senses and foster camaraderie.


3. Curate Nearby Activities:

How to advertsie your corporate venue

Beyond the structured agenda, participants seek leisure and team-building activities. Compile an enticing list of local attractions and team-building experiences to offer a well-rounded experience. This way, guests can truly combine work and play. It is worth noting that Party Houses work closely with My Event Concierge, an events management company. My Event Concierge collaborates with venues throughout the UK to offer a host of corporate-friendly services and activities


4. Foster Creativity and Collaboration:

To create an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, it is crucial to ensure that your chosen venue offers the necessary amenities. First and foremost, make sure the venue is equipped with flip boards, presentation facilities, and comfortable seating arrangements. Having multiple rooms for breakout sessions is always a huge benefit for guests. These amenities facilitate productive discussions and ideation. Furthermore, providing workspaces for guests is important, especially in the case of ‘workations’.


5. Embrace the Great Outdoors:

Corporate team-building venue Wales

The charm of outdoor areas is hard to ignore. As a result, it’s important to show off the natural beauty of your place. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to talk about any big gardens or fields you have. These open spaces are great for team activities, meetings outside, and sessions focused on wellness. Plus, being outside lets people connect with nature again.


6. Prioritize Accessibility and Parking:

Seamless accessibility and ample parking are vital considerations for successful corporate events. Does your venue offer convenient parking and proximity to train stations? If so, it is important to communicate that with potential guests. These factors ensure hassle-free travel for attendees coming from various locations.


7. Cutting-Edge Technology:

How to set your venue up for corporate team-building

In today’s world, having good Wi-Fi is really important. Additionally, if you want to do launches or big meetings, it might be a good idea to get a projector. Also, don’t forget, having places for guests to work is a must, especially if they’re combining work with vacation.


8. Versatility for Diverse Needs:

Being flexible is truly essential. Naturally, it’s important to have various ways to arrange rooms that can be modified. By doing this, you’ll be able to meet the needs of all types of events. Furthermore, it’s advisable to be prepared for both intimate, private discussions and grand meetings and conferences.


9. Personalized Concierge Services:

By incorporating My Event Concierge, you can enhance the entire experience by providing them with special assistance. The easiest way to achieve this is by partnering with My Event Concierge, as they operate throughout the UK. Not only will a concierge aid individuals in arranging things like transportation, reserving dining venues, and other pragmatic particulars, but it will also guarantee they feel at ease and thoroughly looked after.


10. Sustainability and Well-Being:

With more and more companies focusing on being eco-friendly and caring for their employees, it’s important to share the environmentally friendly qualities of your venue. Not only that, but it’s also crucial to talk about energy-saving things, recycling efforts, and ways you support health that match modern business values. We also recommend to install EV’s. You’ll find a lot of corporates cars are electric these days.

By incorporating these elements into your holiday spot, you can make it a top choice for business trips and team-building in the UK. After all, it’s not just about meetings – it’s about helping people grow, work together, and feel inspired with truly memorable experiences.

If you’re looking to put your unique large group accommodation on the market for corporate events. Give us a call today and we can advise the best way.