Sten party house with swimming pool
Jan 19

Theme Party Ideas


Everybody loves a good party. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, an event, celebration, or you’re throwing a party just because, a good theme could bring it to a whole new level. Bring your guests on a journey by asking them to dress up and spice up the event with music, finger foods and dance moves that fit the party theme. Here are some great ideas for your next theme party!


The Great Gatsby Theme Party

Whether you’ve read the book, watched the movie or most probably both, everyone knows what a Great Gatsby theme party means. It’s time to bring our fancy outfits – ladies in long, sleeveless, and shapeless dresses in pastel colours with long pearl necklaces, headbands, feather fans, and silk shawls. Men can get their fancy tuxedos out, or they can spice up their outfits with some striped suits, flashy neckties, Homburg hats and classic walking sticks. For music, play upbeat jazz and serve finger food such as caviar, oysters, smoked salmon. Fill up and set coupe champagne glasses into a pyramid and party like it’s 1920!


What’s Your Spirit Animal?

Bring in the child out of your guests and organise a spirit animal party! What does that even mean? Challenge your guests to dress up as their favourite animal. Not only will you put a smile on everyone’s faces but you’ll also ensure that there’s no awkward silence at your party as starting a conversation has never been easier than when seeing a guy dressed up as a horse or a girl as a flamingo and asking them why they decided to go for their costume. Make colourful cocktails, and put a “Please feed the animals” sign on the serving table.


007 Murder Mystery Party

Who doesn’t love a classic James Bond movie? Black and white attire, roulette and poker tables, and martinis for all your guests are sure to bring class to your party. This time around you can even add a twist and make it a murder mystery party entertaining your guests throughout the evening. If you like the idea, consider hiring a team of actors to come and organise your murder mystery.



Speed lightning! Turn the clock back and meet your friends in 1950. Big dresses, pink milkshakes, and sleek cars, it’s time to twist like there’s no tomorrow! Decorate your venue in pink and black, hang gramophone records and streamers from the ceiling, and serve freshly made caramel popcorn. Guys can wear jeans with leather or letterman jackets, while ladies can do the big over-the-knee dresses or leather pants and a pink jacket. Karaoke anyone?




Arabian Nights

Transport your party to another continent and make it seem like you’re in downtown Marrakesh. Fill the room with tapestries, pillows, and Casbah lanterns. Then, put a twist to the Moroccan mint tea by adding some white rum. Also, make sure to have a perfect playlist ready. We love this Arabian nights playlist because it features traditional Moroccan music as well as some well-known pop songs to keep your guests on their feet. Ladies can turn into belly dancers for a night while gentlemen can enjoy wearing long flowing robes or balloon pants, comfort guaranteed.


Slumber Party

Slumber parties don’t have to be reserved for children only. Who doesn’t enjoy staying in their PJs all day? This is your chance! Put mattresses, duvets and pillows around the party room, and organise a pillow fight. Finish the evening with a good old classic movie which will make everyone feel nostalgic and warm.

If you need any more ideas, you could consider the green-yellow-purple Mardi Gras, Wild Wild West, a Masquerade Ball, Hawaiian Luau, Safari, dance to Madonna hits all night at your 1980s Party, chill out at a Flower Power and Hippie party, always simple Toga Party, Cinco de Mayo etc. You could also have a trivia or a games night…  Finally, thank your guests for coming with some nice gift bags and you’re sure to have your guests talking about your party for years to come!

No matter what party you decide to go for also consider hiring a jukebox, a magic mirror, or have a venue dressing company take care of the decor. Lastly, don’t forget hiring an excellent caterer to put the icing on the cake. Finally, if you need somewhere to host your party we’re here for you!