Party Themes

The trick to Party Themes is to make them interesting but easy so everyone can join in
without too much expense, hassle or embarrassment!

So, for example, a ‘60’s theme’ is great fun, but quite hard to dress up to unless your guests
happen to have a wardrobe with original pieces in, a lot of time to trawl charity or vintage
clothing shops or lots of money to order new items. And not all guests are comfortable with complex dressing up!

In contrast a theme such as ‘film titles’ is much more flexible. If you have guests that want to go the whole hog they can hire Star Wars suits, but for those who are more creative but on a limited budget how about:-

A necklace made of string, with toy plastic exotic animals and a toilet roll attached = Zulu
Real Chilli peppers attached to earrings and a gorgeous party dress = Some Like it Hot

It also makes it great fun guessing what others have come as!

Other themes could include:


Eg. All White on the Night, Black & White, Red Hot, etc


Turn of the Century, 20’s, 70’s, The Stone Age, A Moment in History, etc


Black Tie, Ballgowns, Tiaras, etc

Fancy Dress

Song Titles, Wild West, Hollywood, Vegas Casino, Space Travel, Tropical Beach, Disco, Pirates

Party Dates

Or link your Party Theme to one of these worldwide celebrations:-

25th January – Burns Night
26th January – Australia Day
End of Jan/Beginning of February – Chinese New Year
Mardi Gras

14th February – St Valentine’s Day

17th March – St Patricks Day
Mothering Sunday (2 weeks before Easter)
23rd April – St Georges Day

8th May – VE Day
3rd Sunday in June – Fathers Day

July/ August
4th July – USA Independence Day

Oktoberfest Beer Festival
2nd Monday in October – Canadian Thanksgiving
31st October – Halloween

4th Thursday in November – USA Thanksgiving
30th November – St Andrews Day

25th December – Christmas Day
31st December – New Years Day
can provide menus/place cards/co-ordinating favour boxes, etc to decorate your tables with your party theme!