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Getting to know your spiritual side better is something that is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of us want to find a way to reconnect and gain more control over our mind. A weekend getaway into the undisturbed UK countryside solely aimed at rejuvenating and wellness seems like a great idea when you’re trapped in the fast pace of city life. Taking some time out for just yourself not only changes your outlook on life but also helps give you a sense of direction by clearing your mind. So how about a yoga or a meditation retreat in a secluded area where you can actually hear the silence? Our yoga retreat venues in the UK provide an ideal setting for the yogis to enjoy an uninterrupted session and return with their batteries recharged. Develop a healthy approach to meditation while meeting like-minded people and eating delicious healthy food. 

Yoga retreat venues

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Why practice yoga at Party Houses?

Yoga not only helps you stay in shape, but increases your immunity, strengthens your joints, helps you sleep, drastically alleviates anxiety, and also leads to an increase in self-esteem. With digital devices taking over our lives, a wellness weekend will help you focus on more important things in life.If you are looking for a wellbeing escape, you will appreciate our UK yoga retreat venues due to their relaxing vibes, pleasing decor, and the perfect combination of traditional and modern characteristics. In addition, our venues are nestled in the serenest of locations where nature and greenery will be a treat to your eyes. Our wellness weekend venues offer acres of lawns, gardens, or parks where you will also be able to practice outdoor yoga and meditation with the background sound of birds chirping. The breathtaking views and fresh countryside air will make you feel calm and centred.

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About our venues

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The reception rooms in our meditation getaway properties are spacious and will give each one of you ample space to carry out classes/practices. We have a number of lovely yoga venues with a yoga-designated room, however as most houses come with several reception rooms, you’ll always have the option to move furniture in any venue you decide to stay in. Both the reception rooms and bedrooms in all the wellbeing escape houses come with stunning views of either gardens, hills or lakes that will surely take your breath away.


Furthermore, many of our tranquil venues come with treatment suites, spas with hot tubs and infrared saunas, and spa pools. You can expect to have a comfortable stay with fluffy towels and cosy duvets.

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When you are not practising yoga, there are many activities you can indulge in during your getaway. You can connect with nature by going on plenty of walking, hiking, and cycling trails that start right at your doorstep. If you are looking for a spa treatment, this can also be arranged at any of our properties.


Additionally, you could relax in the hot tub while stargazing, take a few naps in your cosy bed, and meditate in the zen atmosphere we offer. If you want to cook a healthy meal for all, you will be happy to know that all of our UK yoga retreat venues feature fully-equipped kitchens and seating for all guests in the dining area. If you’d like to have healthy food with locally produced ingredients delivered to your Party House, Sauced Here is the perfect company to call if you’re staying in the Peak District. If you’d prefer to have a night when you and your guests are catered to and not have to worry about cooking or cleaning while indulging in some healthy and delicious food, we have a number of excellent caterers available.

South East & South West

Pulborough Estate

Sleeps: 39-42

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The uniquely designed bedrooms, the fact that it can accommodate big yoga groups, spacious reception rooms, big outdoor grounds

Victorian Rectory

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Sleeps: 24-28

Bedrooms: 12

Reception rooms: 2

What we likeThe zen atmosphere in the yoga studio and infrared sauna.

Midlands & Peak District

Hamps Hall and Barn

yoga at hamps hall and barnSleeps: 40

Bedrooms: 18

Reception rooms: 4

What we likeThe spacious reception room and gardens for yoga practices.

Roaches Hall

Sleeps: 30

Bedrooms: 13

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The walk between the beautiful Roaches rocks.


Barley House

yoga venue ukSleeps: 14-18

Bedrooms: 5

Reception rooms: 3

What we like: The rustic location and the yoga package offered with over 5 hours of activities per day along with delicious food.

Bradshaw Hall

yoga venueSleeps: 26-30

Bedrooms: 9

Reception rooms: 1

What we likeThe massive reception room with ample space to fit everyone, the relaxing spa with hot tub.


Tenby Manor

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Sleeps: 28-30

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 5

What we likeThe private beach where you can practice yoga listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore which automatically relaxes you.

Lullaby Lodge

Sleeps: 20

Bedrooms: 7

Reception rooms: 4

What we like: We love the private studio available to guests as well as the great football pitch, perfect for exercise during summer.

Tawelu Yoga Studio

Sleeps: 18

Bedrooms: 8

Reception rooms: 3

What we likeThe certified massage therapists to hire ensure that guests can reap all the benefits from a relaxing weekend away.

Pembrokeshire Estate

Sleeps: 24

Bedrooms: 10

Reception Rooms: 4

What we like: Pembrokeshire Estate offers guests a variety of amenities. With two hot tubs, this is the perfect place to wind town and escape the busy pace of life.


Deer Lodge

deer lodge for yoga retreatsSleeps: 22-25

Bedrooms: 11

Reception rooms: 2

What we likeTwo massive reception rooms plus an option to add the grand ballroom providing you with plenty of space for yoga, exercise and meditation.