Christmas decoartion checklist
Dec 18

Wonderful Christmas DIYs for Extra Special Holidays


Christmas is just around the corner. And while some people have already put their decorations up at the beginning of the month, some of us are still in the party-planning process. This year we decided to get creative and make our very own Christmas decorations. After many hours of research and trying out different internet suggestions, we managed to create some really great ornaments. So in the Christmas spirit of sharing and caring, we wanted to inspire you with some wonderful DIYs to spice up and personalize of this year’s holidays. Some of them are so cute and simple that even your kids can join you in the crafting process.


Make your very own Christmas Wreath

A Christmas Wreath is a perfect decoration for your front door. Doing it yourself is not only inexpensive but also fast and a lot of fun. The only things you need is floral wire, craft glue, greenery, sewing thread and work gloves. First of all, double the floral wire, so that the structure can be sturdier and that the greenery can be added on easily. As you’re adding greenery to the form, you want to wrap the thread tightly around a few times and then just continue adding the bundles in the same direction until the circle is complete. In the end, leave some wire to make a hanger, make a loop and twist it around itself. If you’d like you can then use some white spray to make the ends white to give it a winter feel. Then simply add on ornaments, flowers, bows, pine cobs, etc. If you’d prefer to use it indoors, consider adding candles, cinnamon and dried orange slices to give it that Christmassy smell.


Christmas DIYs


Make a banner for your fireplace or home entrance

If a wreath seems like a bit of a stretch, you can simplify your DIY and make a banner instead. All you need is a thick string, some cute small wooden clippers and paper in different colours. Then draw the letters and shapes you need, cut them out and attach them to a different coloured square piece of paper and simply clip those to the string and hang it up.


Christmas decoration ideas


Homemade Christmas tree ornaments

Why buy Christmas tree ornaments when you can create your own with your friends, partner, or kids? Imagine how much fun would the process be, not to mention who excited will the craftsmen be to see the ornament that they made on the Christmas tree. You can take advantage of what nature has to offer and use pine cones, assemble them using glue and add some glitter to give it the bling-bling factor! Second, you can use no longer-needed books and newspapers, rip off the pages and make them into a ball using glue. Remember to add a string, then add some color and glitter and you have your very own Christmas ornaments. This is perfect there are little children in your family as the ornaments will not break if they accidentally fall to the floor.


How to decorate a Christmas tree


Mason Candle Jars

Another great and easy DIY is to make your own candles using mason jars. All you need is a burning string, wax, different coloured spray cans, and mason jars, which you don’t even need to buy as you can even use the pickle jars which you’d throw away otherwise. You can also add some etheric oils to give the wax a nice smell. First of all, create the jars you want. Cut out a shape you want on the jar using sticky paper, such as a Christmas tree, writing of Merry Christmas, a snowman, a church, or anything else that gives you that Christmas feeling. Then spray the jars and once it’s dry, peel off the paper. Finally, warm up the wax by putting the jar of wax into boiling water and waiting till it gets liquid. Add a few drops of the etheric oil of your choice, and pour in into a mason jar. Make sure to give it a few hours for the wax to harden, and you’re done. You can also simplify the process by skipping the wax and simply using already-made tea-light candles. This is not only a great DIY for your home but also a great Christmas gift for your loved ones.


Christmas candles


Finally, holidays are also the perfect time for you and your loved ones to schedule your next family time together.  So make sure to look at our selection of wonderful Party Houses which are bound to make your next holidays or getaways extra special.

P.S. Don’t forget to scatter cookies around your home and blast up your favourite Christmas songs.