Win A treasure hunt!
Jul 11

Win a Treasure Hunt in the Peak District!


Do you want an adventurous corporate team building activity organised in a magical place? If so, this month’s competition is sure to put a smile on your face. PeaksGo is offering you an opportunity to experience an extremely fun treasure hunt in the Peak District. 

PeaksGo are a unique activity company offering an ideal retreat from the hectic city lifestyle. They specialise in fun outdoor activities that will not only give you a breath of fresh air but also plenty of opportunity for you and the people in your group to connect and enjoy their time together by creating new memories. Moreover, a treasure hunt in the Peak District will be out of your working environment. This will serve as an effective icebreaker and you can enjoy a fun outdoor activity to facilitate corporate team building.


Treasure hunt in the Peak District


This Peak District activity provider is known for their good old fun treasure hunts which will awaken your spirit of adventure by encouraging you to explore the local area and discover something new. PeaksGo will organise your corporate team building so that your team is required to work closely together to achieve a common goal. Alternatively, you can split up your team into two groups and have them compete against each other for some extra fun competition.

In the age of smartphones and the internet, a treasure hunt in the Peak District sounds blissful. You can explore the magical area away from your daily distractions and at the same time alleviating stress. Not only will it spur the adventurous side in you, but you will return with a greater sense of togetherness. This will result in a healthy cooperate team building activity, mainly because it is so different. When your team finds the treasure, they will be proud because of their achievement. Additionally, the memories filled with laughter will give everyone something to talk about even during lunch breaks in the future! 

Why not have a whole weekend getaway instead of merely a daytime activity? Plan a corporate team building in one of our Party Houses, and our partner, PeaksGo, will organise a legendary treasure hunt in the Peak District. Enjoy every inch of this super fun activity, and return to one of our comfortable houses for a good nights sleep. The next morning during breakfast, relive the memories while bonding with your coworkers! In addition, many of our Party Houses have facilities like swimming pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, meeting rooms, spas, etc. which can be utilised to relax, socialise or party the next day.


Treasure hunt in the Peak District


The PeaksGo team will be happy to organise a tailor-made event for you and your team. They will also adapt it to your preferences, preferred intensity level, and budget. You’ll love the bespoke and hand-drawn treasure maps, exploring the area to find your treasure and the friendly team who will be with you throughout to provide support to your team. With some bright minds and quick feet, we’re sure you’ll find your treasure after which you’ll receive a team photo or a certificate to confirm your achievement. You can finish your treasure hunt in a tea room or a local pub and share some laughs over the lovely challenge that your team experienced.

In addition to the treasure hunts, PeaksGo also offer a number of other events such as Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, or they can help you with the Accommodation, Catering, Transportation and more.


What are the optional extras? 


Catering once the treasure hunt is finished

Professional video and photography of your day

Mountain biking/Rock climbing/Canoeing and many more

Transportation/Accommodation/Evening meals

Motivational and other speakers


Treasure hunt in the Peak District

What do I win and how?

PeaksGo are offering a free treasure hunt for 20 people which is usually worth £500-£700. All you have to do to win is feed in your details below and sign up. Do not miss out on this super easy win! Grasp this wonderful opportunity to enhance the relationship between you and your colleagues. Whatever you require we will ensure that your Treasure Hunt is one to remember!


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