Jun 01

Win Fun Board Games for your Family


If you’re looking for some quality family time, board games are always a convenient option to have fun with your loved ones! Whether you’re at home or going away with Party Houses, board games are super interactive and bring families closer to one another. They can be the perfect distraction from a rainy day and provide you with an evening filled with laughter.

For this month’s competition, Drumond Park Games is here with a prize that will definitely keep you entertained. Drumond Park Games is one of the biggest games brands in the UK. Drumond Park Games has a very wide range of games – ones that will bring the entire family in one room, generate some healthy competition, and provide you with precious memories filled with laughter. The company has been providing Party Houses with best selling games for several years including the very popular Articulate, a fast-talking description game and the award-winning LOGO, fun and smart logo trivia game. Both of which are included in the Family Games Bundle.


Drumond Games


The prize for this competition is an absolute catch – the Family Games Bundle worth £114, comprising:

Articulate: a fast-talking description game.

LOGO: fun and smart logo trivia game.

Bang On!: frantic and fast-moving categories game.

Sshh! Don’t Wake Dad!: a tense and funny game which will make the grumpiest person smile.

All of these are very engaging and ensure you spend quality time with your loved ones. Moreover, this selection of games is suitable for the youngest to eldest members of the family!


Why Board Games?

  • In today’s world, a lot of families face a problem wherein all members are glued to their electronic devices. Board games are different and actually bring the family to communicate with each other and bond in a traditional, old-fashioned but yet very fun way.
  • Playing board games with your family and friends serves as a wonderful icebreaker. If you happen to have someone new in the group, games are also the perfect way to develop new bonds. Many of us have been in a situation where we have a distant cousin we haven’t seen in ages. Don’t let your family reunion get awkward and instead enjoy fun board games and share some laughs!
  • Board games develop social, learning and life skills for people of all ages.
  • Bond with your family and cherish your childhood memories!


Logo Board Game


How can I win?

To win this awesome family bundle, all you have to do is sign up below! Feed in your details and get ready to play and be the next champion of your favourite game!


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