Nov 24

Who’s Counting Down the Days Until Christmas?


November is coming to an end, but this means that the Christmas joy and festivities are only just beginning. Sometimes it can be hard to get into that Christmas mood, but doing a little something to remind you of that the special day is coming, can put a smile on your face everyday. 

First things first.



So we suggest either doing one of these things (or both – if you have all the time in the world). No matter how old you are, buying a chocolate countdown calendar can remind you of all the fond memories of when you were a child – AND, who doesn’t like chocolate? It is especially exciting for the children; opening a small chocolate surprise everyday until the big day, is a fun activity to do. That sense of surprise of what chocolate character you will get on what day, gives you that exact excitement you need to feel the joy and happiness for Christmas Day.

You can also create your own Christmas Countdown Calendar. Everyday starting from December 1st, 2016 – December 25th 2016, you can do a little special something to get yourself in the mood. For example, some creative ideas can be wrapping a new christmas book to read to your children; go Christmas caroling, go to Sunday mass with Christmas themed, make some homemade hot cocoa, and so many other great ideas that I am sure you and your family can think of to get you into just the right joyous christmas spirit!



It’s hard to get into the Christmas mood if your house is not decorated in one way or another before the special day. Some people put their Christmas tree up and decorations on Christmas Eve, while other families set it all up the first week of December. Do what your typical family tradition is, because Christmas is also about family traditions and surrounding yourself with the ones you cherish the most. We suggest you start setting up the decorations the first week of December. At Party Houses we make sure to decorate our venues from mid December on, so that our guests can enjoy the christmas spirit. 

Put up those Christmas cards and set up that beautiful christmas tree. Additional ideas for decorating can be cutting out snowflakes, just with paper and scissors. You can have them stick them up on the window. This can be a great and fun activity for the kids to do and have them decorate with something they created and designed.



Why do you see so many people in the gym after January? Because everyone made it their New Year’s Resolution to start the year off with getting fit for the summer after eating all of the cookies, cakes and delicious baked goods during Christmas time. What other time is it really excusable to indulge into the delightful baking, that Christmas brings? Yes, you do have Birthdays and so forth, but it would be considered a tad weird to bake 30+ cookies, cupcakes, and cakes and other such goodies. Christmas is the time to fully indulge in all the baking your little heart desires. In one of our previous blog posts we posted about our special family recipes that we use for that Christmas dinner/party with the entire family, so feel free to check that out if you need some baking ideas. 

For those guests that are coming to us over the christmas period, don’t forget that you have the opportunity to bring in a fantastic caterer who can cook a delicious meal for your and your family. Take a look at this link to see caterers that have been recommended to us.

Hope you enjoyed our tactics about getting excited about Christmas. If you have any additional thoughts or tactics that you and your family have been using for generations, don’t hesitate to comment here below, we would love to hear them!